Jun 24

‘Alvarez has already signed for Arsenal’, claims Palermo president

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has told an Italian radio station that Velez Sarsfield attacking midfielder Ricardo Alvarez has ‘signed for Arsenal’.

Alvarez, 23, is highly sought after by several European powerhouses after sparkling form in the Argentine Primera División last season.

Controversial figure Zamparini had previously told Corriere dello Sport that any move for Alvarez would be ‘difficult’ due to Arsenal and Malaga’s interest in the highly-rated attacker.

“We had a specific interest which we express as early as January. Unfortunately, a mistake on our part has happened and he has already signed for Arsenal,” Zamparini told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli

Alvarez has been a member of the Velez squad since 2008, although a cruciate ligament injury suffered in the same year stalled his breakthrough into the first team.

The 6ft 2in Argentine, who also holds an Italian passport, is known for his versatility, and can play across the midfield, as well as a second striker.


34 Responses to “‘Alvarez has already signed for Arsenal’, claims Palermo president”

  1. Emma jane says:

    Sounds pretty strange for me! Looks a good player but these things never happen to arsenal!!

  2. Rock says:

    Only seen him on youtube but looks to have excellent close control, pace and good strength. Wenger clearly adding height to the attacking mix if indeed this story is correct.

  3. Gunnersaurus says:

    Hes quality mate….all of wengers spots are. well done arsene once again. we will win league this year makr my words

  4. Peter Efe says:

    He probably means that the contract offered from palermo was not good enough, er since they did not qualify for the CL, that he will sign for Arsenal in the comming days

  5. damstar says:

    this might mean the end of either Arshavin or rosicky…

  6. chris says:

    hopefully a replacement for rosicky..although he was hardly a starter last year..hmmm. Although, as stated, the Palermo president is renowned for being a bit of a nutter so who knows

  7. athlon says:

    Chris, do you have good or bad news on Gervinho? I’m so curious.

  8. Arselicked says:

    Maybe he was talking about Arsenal de Sarandi of Argentina, not AFC.

  9. Patrick says:

    If true Rosicky is off and we may not need Gervinho, another French/African.

  10. this guy is a nice addition to the squard.. his left foot is very dangerous.looks like a natural left winger

  11. kharadonha says:

    I warned you guys that Arsene has signed 4 players and you know how we operate as Arsena. we never went public about our new signings and that we always do things the Arsenal way. Now, lets give Wenger the respect he deserves so that he can concentrate on getting the boys to do the job next season. the only thing I want from you, is to support Arsenal and voice your concerns in these blogs so that we can have something to talk about as Arsenal supporters.

    I luv you all

    Enjoy you weekend though it is raining in Cape Town, South Africa

  12. Arselicked says:

    Sorry, i think we have a deal with Arsenal de Sarandi of Argentina, Wellington Silva and Nacer barazite have signed with them only to be pass on to other clubs ain loan deals or other.

    Check this out: http://www.soccerway.com/teams/argentina/arsenal-de-sarandi/

    So the story could be true!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Arselicked says:

    @ Kharandonha

    Who the other 3, i’m dying

  14. Lawrence says:

    Lol at all the ‘Awful’ comments.

  15. Jim says:

    knowing Arsene, this is probably our new Centre Half.

  16. Ricky says:

    Hope it is true

  17. abd says:

    we need players who play in the premier league

  18. genius says:

    Wenger should continuously convince cesc to keep around b’se anytime he’ll go atleast we all know that,otherwise definitely alvarez can only make a good player with time not as soon as now.And we need defensive measures more badly than attacking players

  19. Alex says:

    2 me I don’t blame Wenger 4not addin any player 2 d squad,its the board. One of Arsenal investor( Usman) or wat s it call? He said its bcos of the selfishness of those board dat s causing d prob ,they only care abt d profit they r earning while they don’t care abt the Fans n its trophy that will make d fans happy.
    I believe Arsene Wenger s jst trying 2 cover d board den wen he always says: I don’t need any player yet n I still hv players dat cn fill in d space. Well I’m happy nw,cos I cn perceive sum changes in d Team as Usman promise dat der will b a change n I Wish ARSENE and ARSENAL gud luck.
    Gunners 4 Life

  20. cuchio says:

    @Gunnersaurus: so good to hear somebody positive we will be champios again…gooner forever

  21. ozed says:

    Have seen highlights of Velez’s games this season, and Alvarez features not only in all the games, but in virtually all the highlights.
    Good buy if it finally comes through. that should see off Rosicky, Gervinho will play on the right, and Theo will move into the middle where he belongs.

  22. imam says:

    mr wenger stop deceiving urself by buyin non relevant and infant players am not yet convinced will so done signings

  23. ter says:


  24. Steven says:

    If this really true that Wenger as sighn this guy , that will be great and lovely and with that The other stars will be happy to stay and plkay for us, and i hope he still make it Possible to sighn Samba, Gervinho , Osaze, Cahil, if he can do this and also get the all afriican best …Eto we will win many things this season …and i greet all Arsenal Fans that never gave up on Arsenal…….UP GURNERS

  25. volnerman says:

    To all of you idiots saying he joined the Arsenal in Argentina and not the UK do some homework before making dumb comments. Alvarez plays for Velez Sarsfield who won the argentine primera division this past season. He’s not going to leave them to play for the Argentine Arsenal who is a mid table team in that same division. They couldnt even afford half of his transfer cost. He’s coming to the U.K. Arsenal for sure, and us gooners should be happy to have the next Kaka….

  26. Charlie says:

    According to Wiki his current club is listed as Arsenal, which doesn’t mean he’s signed but it’s funny. Know absolutely nothing about him but gotta love the way Wenger always grabs players out of nowhere. I refuse to listen to all these fans who say “we must spend our entire transfer budget on an established star player”. I’d rather admire the quote “At Arsenal we don’t buy superstars, we make them”.

  27. Charlie says:

    LMAO ter but Velez are a much bigger club in Argentina than their Arsenal so it’d be like Cesc going to Stoke.

  28. Frappboy says:

    Let me just say Ricky isn’t a one footed player, he’s just more left-sided.And secondly what happened was Arsenal beat Palermo in bidding war for this guy, so all he has to do is agree on the wages and blaa blaaa blaaaaa.(And guys he signed for EPL Arsenal not the Argentine Arsenal)check it out here http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12874_7003856,00.html

  29. George says:

    If he is a true left winger then its a great signing, i just hope that he is not a rosicky or arshavin who keeps wanting to play at the AMC position.
    And finally Fabregas looks like he is on his way. I think wenger knows all along he will go this season. He is delaying the move mainly because he wants to confirm the signings he wants first. If Wenger manager to sell Fabregas for say 30m-35m, the clubs will jack their prices up as they know we have the additional dough. In any case, Fabregas is a great player, but there is absolutely no upside in keeping an unhappy player.
    Sell Fabregas and reinvest the money, like what Liverpool did with selling Torres. And more importantly keep Nasri, he is the key. Tell Nasri: ”hey we are selling your pal Fab, but guess what you will replace him and take the playmaker position, like you always wanted. And this 35m we got from his sale, we will reinvest and buy players like gervinho, alvaraz, samba, cahill and maybe even a striker.” These will pretty much convince him to stay.

  30. George says:

    oh yah just to add, although 35m for Fabregas sounds reasonable (europe price not BPL price), i would rather much take Mascherano(he cant get games when there is no fab, what if there is fab?) plus 15m. Just my two cents.

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  32. GunnerMacedonia says:

    yes, i have been watching the videos on youtube, but my doubt is how will he fit in the premier league? i mean, he does have techique and shoot and everything, but i dont know the level of the defenders he was up against in the argentinian league. if anyone know it, write it down please 😀
    in the end, this guy has played 1 good season and now he is dubbed THE NEW KAKA. idk, i would rather go for someone who has been playing good for years, someone with experience and someone we will have no doubt about

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  34. Blessing Mkwanda says:

    @kharadonha: You can say that again….!


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