Jun 25

Arsenal hold ‘positive’ talks with Lille over Gervinho

Arsenal have entered another round of negotiations with Ligue 1 champions Lille over the signing of Gervinho, in hope of announcing a deal for the Ivorian on July 1st.

The 24-year-old is keen to move to the Premier League and has been linked with several clubs, including Manchester City, Newcastle and north London rivals Tottenham.

However, Gooner Talk understands that Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis held ‘positive’ discussions with Lille general director Frederic Paquet earlier this week while a fee in excess of £10.5 million gets ‘closer’ to being agreed on.

Ivory coast international Gervinho played a key role for Les Dogues last year, as they won the French league and cup double, scoring 15 goals and having 10 assists in the league alone.

Meanwhile, Daily Mirror journalist Darren Lewis revealed this morning that Arsenal will welcome two other big signings to the club next Friday — Ricardo Alvarez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


35 Responses to “Arsenal hold ‘positive’ talks with Lille over Gervinho”

  1. athlon says:

    Good news Chris, I still fear that we will lose out on Gervinho despite being in advanced talks.

  2. GunnerPete says:

    Only Arsenal can still be talking after months of correspondence. How difficult is it to say ‘how much’..then ‘too muc’ then ‘how about you take Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Eboue, plus £5 mill’ ?? It shows no class from our so called elite management, and also that no one wants players like the above who Arsene said were good enough to win the lot!!??

  3. Parco says:

    Hope so

  4. Sparkyinhighbury says:

    Gerviniho!!!? Not a player that will add anything to arsenals locker, we have van persie and Chamakh plus Walcott who should be played through the middle as an out and out striker. Wenger needs to buy a goal scorer, Benzema, Augero etc etc. I’ve never heard of Gerviniho, he’ll end up being another Money grabbing Adebayor!! Not what we need!!! We could of done with Phil jones from Blackburn, a great young ENGLISH talent who has a desire to win plus he’s well over 6 foot. Well worth 16 million considering he’s still young and a great investment. Joe hart 2 years ago wenger refused to pay 8million form him, Joe is now the best keeper in the premier league, young, ENGLISH and will be a great keeper for another 20+ years!!! Joe is now worth 25-30million, I just wish Wenger would for once buy players that we need and stop sulking when clubs add another 2-3 mill on their valuation, pay up get the player we want and need andwin us many many trophies!!! ” RANT OVER SORRY GUYS IM JUST A LITTLE WOUND UP AS WE NEVER SEAL ANY DEALS EARLY”

  5. Mar says:

    I heard the rumours of Gervinho to Arsenal almost a month ago and yet nothing has conclude until today. Sigh.

  6. H0D01986 says:

    I would much rather Wenger signs some defenders before looking at other positions on the field. Gervinho does looks good though and I welcome him if he signs

  7. Charlie says:

    LMAO GunnerPete has it all worked out. Seems that transfer dealing is actually just like it is on football manager. You should be a hostage negotiator with those skills Pete.

  8. musad says:

    Why is it that whenever arsenal are interested in signing new players,the negotiation always drag on for weeks and even months.Strike this deal now and allow this marksman of a guy to get down to business.I am hungry for trophies and glories not millions in excess of pounds as profits.

  9. Southerngooner says:

    @GunnerPete You play too much Football Manager, Pete. You throw money around like its monopoly money.

  10. Abdul aziz says:

    What about defenders our team is full of problems we hv 2 build it all

  11. We need to sign a CB before Wenger claims he does not have anymore money to spend. Gervinho, Alvarez, and Chamberlame can come afterwards.

  12. seyi uche says:

    wenger pls make a good offer now the gay would be a good plus for our team…

  13. Songeby says:

    I’d much rather be ripped off like Liverpool over Carroll and Henderson than negotiate over players. After all we are loaded and should splash the cash!

  14. George-Greece says:

    With those players you can’t win the PL…

    And a CB is not the only thing we need…

    We need: GK, 2 CBs, LB, 2 or 3 CMFs, LWF, 2 STs

  15. Charlie says:

    The trick to buying players is not paying twice what they’re worth on players who are average at best, what a ridiculous comment. The trick is to discover the talent before anyone else does and get as much as possible for the money that you have. There’s a reason why England don’t win anything, our players aren’t that good, don’t get caught in all the hype about buying English players for stupid money and who says Hart is the best keeper in the EPL, that’s simply not true and he made some stupid blunders last season.

  16. damstar says:

    Goonerchris, this bounced tennis ball dat keeps popping up wen i visit this blog is annoying really….Pls i dnt mean to be rude or somthin.

  17. Alowmar says:

    I wonder why Arsene has refused to change his youth policy. Cant he remember the players that constitute Arsenal ‘invincible team’ then, so he should try nd sing old player like. Eto’o, drogba, david villa, even genvinho. Wenger should let fabregas go, because his mind is off arsenal, otherwise he may likely cause blunder.

  18. Gooner Chris says:

    It will be taken off by Monday, mate. Apologies for the inconvienience.

  19. simms21 says:

    Guys seriously where have some of you been. We don’t announce until the window is open and we don’t announce till they’ve come in and theyve signed and do the media shoot. All the complaining really helps no one and it makes it seem like you really don’t know what’s going on at all.

  20. damstar says:

    No problem…and thanks for been considerate. Great blog besides, i come here on a daily basis :)…cheers

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  22. mariam says:

    you are right

  23. mariam says:

    Sparkyinhighbury what you are saying is correct.

  24. tony gunner says:

    Hey guys, i think adding gervinho will benefit us a lot as he can play as a 10, winger and striker. To be honest up front i think we have the quality at the wings but we need a striker that was born to be a striker and just wait for the ball and score. chicharito style, have u ever seen him score goal by creativity effort dribble or take a shot and score? no ( or maybe very very rare)but he is always there to get the final touch which is the goal. I know RVP has scored many goals in the new year but RVP likes getting invloved in our beautiful passing game and i dont mind that because he has the skills and techniques to do that but when ever a cross come in the box there is no one there to win a header or a touch to score the goal. therefore i believe RVP should play behind the main striker (no 10) OR MR Wenger should change it to 4-4-2 or another formation that a striker will always be in the box waiting for that pass or cross to come towards him. Watching arsenal in the last years almost in every game i get fustrated because i always have a dejavu, balls crossing no one there. that really gets me angry cos this has been happening for the last few years and wenger hasnt done anything to fix this. just to let u peeps know i am 100% behind wenger but it gets on my nerves when i see the same mistakes being repeated every season.

  25. tony gunner says:


  26. larry says:

    I think wenger will start signing players when all fans stop going to watch matches at the emirate stadium there will be no profit making from us then he will realised number of fans he has lost due to his stupid economy logic …. Crazy man . Always look for cheap players and he promised to splash cash how many cash have ya splashed now while manU have secured players after there trouphy .I think we suppose to be the first club to sign player but we are still holding talk on a player till he changed his mind that he is not moving again …. These are rubbish news update

  27. Up gunner i will be happy if d deal goes well becoz wenger is sick of signing

  28. GunnerX says:

    Being a Gooner is tough at the moment, looks as if we’re still counting the pennies, whilst our main competitors are busy strengthening their squads with the pick of the available players out there. I guess its just a case of same ole same ole, we’ll probably make a few signing of obscure and unknown players, and pay the price in September. Sorry to sound pessimistic, but really, there’s not much good news out there.

    Added to that it appears that Farca can pick out any of our players, and determine how much they’re willing to pay. I do wish our club would grow a pair, and tell Farca exactly where to get off.

  29. GunnerPete says:

    Well Charlie if thats what playing ‘football manager’ is like then Im glad I never have. My logic is that having seen the failures listed in my previous offering , sitting in our medical centre and being paid huge sums for performing half a season…I am suggesting that instead of losing quality players for nowt at end of contract….get shot of all the failures at one go and (A) reduce the salary bill by an enormous sum and (B) allow better , fitter younger players to come through that are more reliable anyway ie; Frimpong, Lansbury, JET, Bartley, Miqel, Coquelin. Can anyone argue that the mob I liested are better than these lads? Economics is not just about paying out its also about stop paying out for sod all too! You lads go back to your games and I will use a brain of my own.

  30. Andy Mack says:

    GunnerPete, Thanks for the explanation. Can you also clarify how the ‘transfer window’ works and what will happen to AFC if they start announcing the signing of non-PL players before the window opens?

  31. GunnerMacedonia says:

    wasnt gervino and samba`s deals supposed to be finished by the end of the week? its fucking sunday and i cant see anyhting that implicates we are very close to signing them. i am really pissed

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  33. jimmy says:

    tx wenger but will need sanba pls infast pls sing for good player will need defender

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  35. Well Charlie if thats what playing ‘football manager’ is like then Im glad I never have.


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