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"Arsenal move would be a dream for me", admits Alvarez

Written by Chris Wheatley


Argentine attacking midfielder Ricky Alvarez has revealed on Twitter tonight that signing for Arsenal would be a dream for him, and he ‘prays to God’ that recent rumours linking him with a move to Emirates Stadium ‘become true’.

The Gunners were believed to be closing in on the acquisition of the highly-rated 23-year-old after Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini last week claimed that the Argentine had snubbed a move to the Serie A side as he had already agreed to join Arsene Wenger’s side.

However, those claims were quickly quashed by the player himself on Twitter last week, when he promised to tell his fans that they would be the first to know’ if he genuniely signed for a new club.

“I would love to play for Arsenal, it would be a dream for me! I pray to God that this becomes true”, Alvarez said on Twitter.

Doubts over the legibility of Alvarez’ Twitter account were also rebuffed by respected Argentine journalist Gustavo Cima earlier in the week when he confirmed that it belongs to Velez Sarsfield star. Arsenal are yet to make a formal offer for Alvarez.

Transfer movement is expected to begin for Arsene Wenger’s men when the window formally opens on Friday, with Gervinho already being touted as the first major signing of the summer.

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twitter rape? aha. must be said, this is awfully odd.


His twitter seems genuine. Players from his team have said its him and he also has pics of himself on it.



family enclosure man

Gotta say he’s very unwise to state this publicly, especially if it is true that AFC haven’t lodged a formal bid. If there’s nothing to the rumours then he’s gone and blurted out to Velez’s fans that he wants to leave. Bad PR.


no harm done if the player only has eyes for us…

if he will only agree to come to arsenal, velez vave to do business with us.

i hope he comes. looks classy.


this guy is classy, ‘kaka’ style player, left foot, can get past players….. can replace rosicky, good player to have if cesc/nasri go….

we should get – cahill/samba, chamberlain, alvarez, gervinho

cesc is gone – can’t keep him after this….. give rvp the arm band, if nas stays put him in the middle, if he goes – wilshere and ramsey!



Maybe we can bend over again when Barca fancy him in a few years.

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna
Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Hard to separate the wheat from the chaff here. Will AW spend 18-20M Euro on him…not likely. Does he fit the Arsenal mould, yes and no. He lacks EPL experience and plays ina much weaker league, plus he is injury-prone, however he is classy, moves very well and can finish with either foot. Will he add something to the team’s combative success….. very likely. If Aw can get him for 12-14M then it might be a good deal.


looks a classy player…if we can get him on board at a good price then why not…12-15 million might me a good deal…anymore then that considering he’s injury prone then i’m not to sure…but like i always say…i never get excited till a transfer’s fully confirmed…if we get Alvarez then roll on with it i say…

Any word on Nasri situation. Surley if we let him and cesc leave then wenger has to go. If u c Nasri in a manure shirt then frankly I give up on us. Can the hairs be so out.of touch that they think wed accept a ligue 1 average striker and an Argentine injury prone midfielder- the fact we still have nor signed any new players after last season shows the lack of ambition- no doubt wel make 60 mill on cesc and Nasri spend 30 on replacements and end up 4 th again but the board will have a… Read more »

we can get players in, but we need to shift some out too. For instance, Rosicky, Almunia, clichy, squillaci, eboue, denilson, bendtner. It would reduce our wage size by quite a bit. The problem with our wage structure is not that we are paying players enormous amount of money, it is we have too many players. I agreed with Wenger when he released some of the fringe players like Randall at the end of the season.



You mentioned there are too many players but did not Arsenal lost games because of injuries to players. Remember how Arsenal lost 1st and 2nd choice goalkeeper at the same time? When RVP was injured, Arsenal lost the striking force. When Vermalean was injured what happened to the defence?

You are right of rigid wage struture. This policy happened in the era of George Graham! Penny wise pound foolish Arsenal will end up another trophyless next season if the shareholders only care of their pockets and not the trophy cabinet.


lol well said, them bast***s wont leave sesc alone, we shud just let him go and cash in on him for the right price and strngthen our team.

GUNNERS neva DIE we Just multiply


WE GOONERS on twitter were the people who made him twitted this… So proud


To claim Alvarez is injury prone is the same as claiming Aaron Ramsey is injury prone because of his Shawcross injury. Ricky had 1 long term injury & 1 minor injury after that.


Nasri and Fabregas should not leave..otherwise laughter europe..AW Wake-up call and do something! out:Almunia,Denilson,Squillaci,maybe Bendtner.. in Gervinho,Cahill and.. Next question:Gael-replacement for him?


He put up a photo last night of him in the car. It looks to me that he is in a right hand drive car? I think he might be in London already! Prob be announce today/tomorrow.

Marty Price

Clichey, Fabregas, Nassri…three senior players leaving! Where is management on this. It clearly shows they no longer believe in WEnger!


so, wenger saying all new signings will come in the end of july … why not wait till 31 august and sign them all in one day, it`s not like they should get used to our team in pre season… ffs aw, be faster pls


just cannot stand the shear principle of being manchester-fucking-cities feeding club. JESUS WEPT, just to think of that makes me feel ill. What has become of us.. football just makes me sick now, so much greed, no loyalty, disgusting billionaires coming into shitty small clubs and spending millions on classless mercenaries.. disillusioned!

@chris Maybe we shouldnt have sold Toure at that time, however it was between Gallas and Toure, and at that time Gallas was the better defender. Adebeyor was a damm good business, overall he is a flop there. Clichy, 7m for a LB in the last year of his contract is reasonable. Clichy is poor in defense and I would want a member of the back 4 to be at least good at it. Good move again, Man city will suffer if they play him and if they dont, clichy will suffer like Adebeyor. Just make sure Nasri doesnt go… Read more »
Shubham Goel

Last year we had signed Chamakh and Kosc till July 1st. And they both performed well. And we all know about Squillaci.
I’m quite dissapointed we haven’t bought anyone this summer.Even gervinho doesn’t look a huge improvement to me.
Here are some of the most memorable Arsenal matches: