Jul 04

Clichy passes medical ahead of £7million City move

Gael Clichy has swapped north London for the north of England as he puts pen-to-paper on a four-year deal with Arsenal’s Premier League rivals Manchester City.

The Frenchman was pictured in Manchester on Sunday evening with agent Darren Dein and passed his medical earlier this afternoon at Bridgewater Hospital.

24-year-old Clichy, who had only a year left on his contract at the Emirates, has been linked with a move away from Arsenal all summer, with Liverpool and Roma actively interested in his services.

However, City moved ahead in the pecking order last week and are set to make the Frenchman their first signing of the summer. There have been suggestions that Nasri could also be a part of a double deal reportedly in the region of £27 million.

Clichy was the second longest serving player at Arsenal as of last season and the only one to have claimed a Premier League winner’s medal.


31 Responses to “Clichy passes medical ahead of £7million City move”

  1. chris says:

    great.. to be honest, a player who has been in decline for the last 2 seasons but may well give the wrong message to the other survivors. Why, players such as nasri and clichy are in the final year of their deals, with walcott and rvp apparently in the last 2 years as well, that we have been renewing all the terrible undeserving players such as denilson and bendtner contracts and now cant shift them!

  2. damstar says:

    your too late Chris, he already signed :)…wish him well

  3. Leandro Denmark says:

    This is not all that bad. He’s been making mistakes and sometimes is the reason the two centrebacks has gaps besteen them, because they dont trust in him.
    But the important thing is not to send the wrong message and start signing some players.
    And not ‘unheardof’ players, and please do it quick….

  4. Jeremy says:

    It sure doesn’t look like a good sign. We looks like we are losing most transfer battles. The Board does nothing to calm our nerves and that of unsettled players.

    I think if no big names comes in with the hike in season tickets, fans are sure going to kick some ass for sure. I think we have shown enough patience over the years with PHW and gang.

    Transfer dealing were never really so worrying with Dein around.

    It’s not that the fans being greedy but the club has to grow to justify the new stadium. I have a question for PHW, thought you always tell the whole world we have the money, so where now is the money when we need them???

    Please leave the club to smoke your cigar if you are not interested to handle things.

  5. ter says:

    Baiclly wenger has dimnatled every tema he builds, he dismantled the invivibles way to early, and because of he lack of activity in the trnasfer market anbringing in top quality players, we lose our top players year after year, and have to keep promotoing kids, that win us nothing, then if they become good, they want to leave after a couple of years as wel. Wenger has become a joke. instead f strengthening he has destoyed a team.

  6. mazadu says:

    that’s intresting.

  7. gunner786 says:

    From where i stand this is either going to make or break wenger as a
    manager of beloved club,im pretty sure he knows the fans are frustated and impatient with regards to transfers. Ima give him to the end of july to do something before i say how i feel at the moment. I think hes waiting for the saga of nasri and cecs to be over to get his head at his ass.

  8. gunner786 says:

    Clichy isnt a big deal in my eyes hes been great for us over the years but lacks the defensive positioning but thank you for your services is owed to him. I hope we will buy baines or enrique as a replacement and im eagerly looking forward to see who is on the plane to our asian tour

  9. Hardeylarjar says:

    Why is Arsene Wenger not active in market?ds players are not playing 4 money alone,arsene wenger should give them what they want & stop deceiving himself.All others are busy spending y he his just fooling around.I wish Clichy best of luck & others that are ready to follow his path.Up Gunners

  10. Walshott says:

    Good player, always been a good lad putting in effort, wish him the very best!

  11. Ayodele says:

    I know Clichy is full of mistake but i blame AW for his exit for the past few years when clichy play badly Wenger will defend him and always believed in him now clichy didn’t believed in Wenger anymore, am very sure Man City will never tolerate those mistake Wenger except Man City will quickly sign another player to replace him then he will know what Wenger has done for him

  12. oluwafemi says:

    Let him go.It is no big deal. Clichy is not a big player and not that important to the team. Just leave him and let him go wherever he wants.

  13. shane mitchley says:

    sad to se him go but at the same time he was making alot of mistakes, hopefully gibbs can step right in like clichy did cole. i think it was a mistake to sell him to city we should have cleared him off to roma!! 7mill is a bit disgraceful as well!!

    maybe wenger might go for leighton baines??

  14. oluwafemi says:

    well I wish him best `of luck wherever he goes

  15. john says:

    what top players are these that everyone speaks off we have been losing year after year?
    hleb? wow we have missed him no?
    merida? yeah another one that was sorely missed, as he warms the bench at Atletico de Madrid.
    adebayor? yep another one.
    toure? yep he is sorely missed too!

    you people need to see that clichy was a liability, and we are lucky we got 2 pence for him!

    nasri is a half year wonder and cesc’s heart has not been in it since last year!

    everyone is replaceable!

    and please check the stats, we tied for fourth in the league with fulham for defensive efficiency with city, united and chelsea the only ones in front of us. and that with a first year player in the middle, a player coming back from a year lay off from injury and a total hole at LB. ANY addition we make will improve our squad there.

    cesc has only played in about 60% of league matches in the last 2 years, and nasri might as well not have played the last half of last year.

    one year wonders and dissapearing captains are the last thing we need.

    everyone needs to get a grip on reality!

    clichy is now all of a sudden an integral part of the team? the same people saying this now are the same ones that were criticizing him all of the last 2 years!!! haha some of us gonner fans are utterly gullible!

  16. GunnerMacedonia says:

    so, he goes to city in a 4 year contract 65.000 a week. WTF? how much did we offer him? it was reported that city offered him 90.000, and now this. it looks like he only left because he cant see ambition in the club. i dont blame him, i become bitter because of arsenal day by day!
    gervinho was supposed to join july the 1st, then today …NOTHING! WTF ARE WENGER AND HIS STAFF DOING? slow persons, ffs!

  17. gunner786 says:

    hey john.. the fact is cesc and nasri are our best players in our team and if we lost them wenger needs to replace him with match for match, it is a scary thought of losing em withought buyin replacement as wenger has done in the past so u cant blame fans for being angry

  18. Mank says:

    Anyone who has served arsenal for 8 years is a big player. Our defensive problems started from the fact that you sold Sol Campbell, Lauren and a great great defensive midfielder in the form of Gilberto silva. These players might have been in the decline but their experience outweighed anything anyone else could bring.

    It took wenger years to bring someone like Vermaelan to the table.

    I will sourly miss clichy’s runs and his efforts. Who the hell sells a player who is 24. Fine he might have had a bad season or two but he was 24!!!!

    I have followed arsenal since i was 7 years old. I am 27! now.

    So Mr Wenger! You are an effing idiot!


    Fan for 20 Years!

  19. bc says:

    Thats 4 ex Arsenal players warming the benches at Man City now, i wonder if we can tempt them into some more, Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Hoyte, Denilson, Diaby, Eastmond, Rosicky, Bendtner, Vela and Nasri. £65m for the lot!! or we could trade some of your unwanted’s like Milner, Boateng, Bellamy, Johnson, Onuhua.

  20. bc says:


    gunner786, That is your opinion, personally i think our best players are Wilshire Van Persie and Cesc. In fact Nasri would not even get in my first X1 and neither would Clichy. Lets face it, he was only a regular last season cos, Cesc was injured so much and Arshavin was off form. I honestly think that Wenger could pull a suprise next season and move Arshavin into Cesc’s position behind the striker or even Van Persie. With Walcott and Gervinho on the flanks.

  21. gunner786 says:

    at bc ….. its alot of arsenal fans opinion, wilshere a great player but he cant be the main player to carry us to win trophies he blossomed last season, nasri came alive for half the season with some great performances. nasri would always get picked in our first eleven team ahead of walcott who cant produce the end product.

  22. Elias says:

    Clichy was a decent lad. I wish him all the best at City. Of course he won’t be missed at Arsenal. He was mostly remembered for his mistakes in crucial games. Excellent speed but he rarely put it to good use. His crossing and defending were awful. City provided him with big money he couldn’t decline while in Arsenal he had the opportunity to play regularly and progress as a player. Time will tell if he made a wise decision. Anyways this is a Good opportunity for K Gibbs and hopefully Wenger would also use the money to make a better replacement.

  23. pastaface says:

    Thanks Clichy for the 8 years you served us, but NEXT!!

    As for Cesc, it’s time for him to leave, his heart is not in it plus because of this Thiago Alcantara who they think is the next Xavi, Cesc value may decrease as the Barca fans are already saying they don’t want Cesc as they have Thiago.

    Nasri – Let him go if he thinks he’s such a big man after playing well for 1/2 of the season.

    I am one of the few that thinks that Wilshire is a little bit overrated, however I would love another two of him to replace Cesc and Nasri because he is a fighter. He was the only one when we played against Barca that didn’t bottle it.

    Wenger buy some players with a bit of ‘cojones’!!!

  24. Daymee says:

    A massive step in the right direction IMO. Thanks Clichy for the long service but you’ve become a liability more than an asset. The moment a player becomes shit as Clichy became, it’s always time to sell. Even if he was 22. Good example was Aliadiere. No point wasting time on a deadwood. He can’t defend and Man United always takes advantage of him. I’ve watched the big games we’ve played in the last 2 seasons again just to look at Clichy’s defending. Waow, it was really bad. He can’t cut it at the top anymore and I hope we will get a better LB for that money plus a bit more. If Jose Mourinho came in to Arsenal today, the 1st thing he will do is sort out the defence. The 1st weak link in there is Clichy. If I was the manager I would have been looking to offload him before everyone else notices. Unfortunately, it is downhill from ManCity for him. Nor because he left. He didn’t leave. He was sold and def a correct decision. If a player is sold at 24 by Arsenal, be sure he is a deadwood. FACT

  25. bob jane says:



  26. ole says:

    The fact that clichy has left is really good for arsenal. We have now strenghten our defence alot already. Clichy is not a good defender, he is a half decent left winger. Hope Nasri is sold abroad and Cesc, well I have hoped for his departure for years, but we need more than 32mill 41 should be Ok.

  27. Foots says:

    Well, well, well. Here we are squabbling over our beloved Arsenal. We are all upset, we are all waiting and hoping who will we sign, will we sign anyone. God only knows what is going on in the backrooms of Arsenal right now. We hear rumour after rumour and are dissapointed. It’s all set up for some exciting stuff. Forget Eastenders. It’s all about the EPL transfers.
    Clichy is no big loss. He was no Ashley Cole was he? So who cares where he goes. Man City buy all our crap. If Fab goes and then Nasri. Bye bye. We are Arsenal. Fab is no Vieira. Nasri is no Henry. Fab wants his home and Nasri is angry as he was always in Fabs shadow no matter how hard he played whilst fab was injured and still got the praise.
    They can piss off if they want. It’s like asking your girlfriend to stay after she told you she’s shagged or wants to go out with your mate. Fabs Shagged Barca and Nasri fancies Manchester.
    We’ll stick with what we have and build. We’ll get rid of the dead weights as and when we can and build around Wilshere, Song, Vermalen, Van Persie, Sagna, Asharvin and Ramsey coming through. It will take 4 or 5 players in to create a buzz.
    Don’t worry too much. Sometimes things look bad as the dumb papers make it that way. Look at what they would do to get a story bug phones etc> If after this season there is no improvement we will form a movement and do something about it I promise you that. The fossils Gazardis, Wenger if they do not listen will not get away with killing our club. Through good times and bad through ups and downs we are the Arsenal and yes it’s frustrating to see all these lesser teams than us buying but it’s not for us to dictate or understand. We finished fourth which is embarrasing but we beat Barcelona. Not many teams have done that. So we have some things to be proud. Let’s just know that there is a plan. It may be a shit plan but there is a plan and the season is starting again so I’m backing my team 100% and not trying to unsettle them with things I or we know nothing about. I’m going to watch us win or lose and when the final game of the season is done and we have no trophies or haven’t even competed then I will call my red army and take action. But for now I am supporting the Arsenal and I believe there will be things going on and we will smile again. Red Army!! Red Army!!!

  28. arsenal blog says:

    Good bye Clichy…..not really sure how I feel like this

  29. GunnerMacedonia says:

    fabregas arrived today, but i didnt notice him on the pics of the players training. the final talks have began i guess, by the end of the week fabre will be gone

  30. icegooner says:

    where did you see these pics! and fabregas will eventually leave so why not get the most for him while we can and TRY to build the team up! If our coach can ever understand that he has to buy world class players to win something

  31. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @icegooner: on arsenal.com mate


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