No 'formal' offers for Nasri

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal have yet to receive a formal offer for midfielder Samir Nasri following Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea’s respective enquiries.

Nasri, 24, returned to pre-season training today and was expected to resume contract talks with the club after they previously broke down despite the offer of a new five-year deal worth £90,000 a week.

The tricky attacker is in the final twelve months of his contract, meaning that he could be available for free next summer.

However, Sky Sports News’ Bryan Swanson reported earlier this afternoon that despite a whole host of interest from England’s ‘top three’, Arsenal have yet to receive a ‘formal offer’ for the former Marseille man.

Nasri is expected to fly with the rest of the Arsenal squad to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, ahead of their Asia pre-season tour.

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Marty Price
If the manager is serious he needs to go on an offer 100-110 minimun, if he expects to tie him down to a long term contract. Arsenal needs to re-evaluate their wage structure and I do not need ot hear about the future “fair play” rules. Here in the states we have all that crap and the big clubs in every sport find creative ways around this factor. This is the 21st century these kids for the most part do not come from wealth and know they only have a few years to maximize what they earn, and when theier… Read more »
Eric Oje augustine

Let we the gunners be. We need no pressure. Nas better remain a gunner


yes i agree with u wenger should give him 100 a week so he can stay and get him will prepare for the new coming season


@Marty Price: the problem is not wages, it is not signing world class names who can win the tittle and challenge in europe. trust me, if wenger signs eto, casillas, sneijder, pepe(which we can only dream of signing them), nasri will pen a new deal without doubt

Nasri has not stated that he wants to leave AFC. For me I think there are other reasons(beside money too). There is too much emphasis placed on Cesc by AFC, and he is getting preferential treatment as far as I (and the other players) can see. This would not even be so bad if he was PERFORMING, but to top it all off, he has DEDICATED his heart to another team. I really think that Nasri has no desire to be in this situation for another season. He has shown us what he can do. Time to get the team… Read more »

not sure if he is worth 100K a week..he can take or leave the 90K. he can kiss our arses! what wenger needs to do is strengthen in a CB, DM, GK and another ST and sell the deadwood in the squad. Oh yeah, if CESC wants to go..he should be sold for 40M and the money reinvested in the squad


a little sugestion for the CB situation: it appears that per mertesacker(the guy we followed and loved to have around last year) has a year left on his contract and werder can not offer a new one. if in wenger`s view cahill is expensive, why not turn out to this guy, buy him for 10 milions, and with him and samba our defence problem becoming solved?


I love my arsenal as I know we all do on here, but I’m sick of players holding our beloved club to ransom…. If Samir doesn’t like what we have offered then tough titty go elsewhere. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side, remember Hleb anyone?? I hate to read these reports where Wenger is going to splash the cash for this player or that player, look ppl Wenger is a cheapskate, a bargin bin shopper, he will bring in unheard of talent just like when he brought in Eduardo and everyone said who??


“It’s about half past we don’t give a damn whether Nasri or Fabregas or anybody stay or leave”….Am sick of Arsenal already!!


they can leave us but we are stil greats tim in england,certainly wenger need too bring big names in this summer,because we need trophies in ourshowcase!!!

patient gunner
there are sooo many rumours about arsenal at the moment whos coming an going, but who actualy makes these daft rumours. the reason nasri hasnt sorted a contract yet is because hes been on holiday like the rest of the players and he and wenger both stated they would not be speaking about it until they return, if im right in thinking nasri was back in training today and with no formal offers from these intrested clubs talks will have started between the two. fabregas also said yes he would like to play for barca one day but he also… Read more »
The Sky Is Not Falling
The Sky Is Not Falling
Nasri is not going anywhere. I imagine he will sign within weeks. Wenger has never spoken to the media about his strategies and the rumor mill is nothing more than a playground for the press to create sexy headlines and agents to try and up their commissions. Mark my words, Nasri stays, Wenger then locks up a defender, i.e. Cahill, Samba, or God willing, Mertesacker–none of which are out of the question. From there I am only hoping he will splash on Benzema. Fabregas is simply a mute, non-starter. If Bankruptlona want to mortgage for him, then fine. Otherwise he… Read more »

Juan Mata


Arsenal need to win trophys this season coming to asure that most of these class players re-new contracts or even decide whether to stay or go, Its true this arsenal squad has the talent to win the league and fa cup , champions league a few more years away but we need something for the players to stay and to keep the fans happy. i love the style of play its class but i dont like the trophy drought.