Jul 10

PICTURE: Happy-looking Nasri on Arsenal coach

Nasri is pictured alongside team-mates and close friends Armand Traore, Alex Song and Marouane Chamakh.

Samir Nasri was all smiles on the Arsenal coach today as he prepared to board the plane to Malaysia ahead of the Gunners’ much-anticipated Asia pre-season tour.

The Frenchman, who has twelve months left on his existing contract, is yet to sign a new deal although talks are still rumoured to be ongoing between the 24-year-old’s representatives and Gunners’ officials.

Arsenal’s 23-man squad doesn’t include Cesc Fabregas (hamstring) or Nicklas Bendtner and Manuel Almunia who are in negotiations with unnamed clubs over moves away from the Emirates.

Arsene Wenger’s side will play a Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday (kick-off 8.45pm local time) and then fly to Hangzhou in China to play Hangzhou Greentown on Saturday evening (kick-off 7.30pm local time).


50 Responses to “PICTURE: Happy-looking Nasri on Arsenal coach”

  1. james says:

    dont wanna ruin the fact hes happy but ofcourse he would smile in the picture still dont mean he doesnt wanna leave

  2. mario says:

    agreed james.

  3. joni goonah says:

    wat is armand traore still doing on arsenal’s payroll.. wow.. arsene.. sort the sht out dude!! too many deadwoods in the club!!!

  4. benjy says:

    arsenal will fail in 2011/12

  5. dave says:

    headline got me thinking there, i thought he was on arsene wenger… lol…..

  6. jide says:

    Nasri is not going anywhere, he will sign d new £110k/week on his table but wat he needs is how wenger is gonna be active in d market.

  7. Gunner38 says:

    He is thinking about the £185000 a week he will get at Citeh + a massive signing on fee. He is a greedy twat!

  8. Boss says:

    @benjy: you sir, are a t w at

  9. bradguns says:

    his twitter he said not to listen to media, and if anything was going down he’d say something

  10. femi akeju rowland says:

    This pics will make player haters …feel so bad..nasri is going nowhere fabregas can go for all..i wish..nasri will take the playmaker role…and he will excel..too

  11. 49Unbeaten says:

    He looks like a “special kid” with that cap on pmsl….

  12. mic says:

    Even though his smiles might not be an indication of what is on his mind,it could mean he is happy with the players around him. This could be positive in making him sign. Just being optimistic!

  13. chabiya says:

    fabregas can go, i dont care but we really need nasri. He can even be the gunners warlack.

  14. Bob says:

    Has any one translated fabregas’s last tweet about “states soon”? What does that mean? Is he goin to the states with Barcelona for pre season?

  15. wakyo says:

    iiwish this cd be true that the smile is from da tha heart an not f the sake of group,…….Nasri stay on.kenyans arsnal fans trust u

  16. GunnerMacedonia says:

    HELLOOO why is everyone commenting on the picture? who makes a moody face on a picture ffs. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS IS THAT ALMUNIA AND BENTNER ARE IN NEGOTIATIONS FOR A NEW CLUB! FREAKING NICE!!!

  17. jude says:

    fabregas can go but arsenal nasri pls dont let him go pls

  18. Steve says:

    @Bob: It’s Real Madrid that are off to the States for pre season not Barca. Barca play a game in Croatia and a few games at Camp Nu one being a pre season game against Manu

  19. frq gooner says:

    Only wish denilson was off plane too.. Dont gv a dem abt fab

  20. iplayedforarsenal says:

    LOL traore thinks he’s a badman

  21. The Brussels Boys says:

    Shush! It’s a new Arsene ploy ! It’s a slow coach to China with no agents aboard. By the time Sami gets back next year he will have forgotten about United & City and be ready to sign any Arsenal contract as long as he doesn’t have to do a summer tour again ! Arsene you are brilliant ! We just need a side to keep us in 4th position while the rest are away : Nicky, Manu & Manu ? Anyone else free to play ?

  22. DC Gunner says:

    @Steve: Barca better be coming to the states, or I want my money back. I have a ticket to see them play Manure here in DC in a couple weeks!

  23. don mimson says:

    @joni goonah:
    Got to agree with your comments….denilson,eboue,diaby,sqidgy,kossa……..get rid of ’em,save £250,000 /week.When will the boss learn ……you need a bit of british in your team to compete!!Too many mediocre players on too good a contract..we must be the only club who never sell a shit player, just let em run their contracts down..HAVE A GOOD CLEAROUT ARSENE YOU ARROGANT TWAT!!

  24. alx nsa says:

    nasri pls u hav to stay cuz need n love u..

  25. Bob says:

    @Steve Barcelona play man u at fed ex field July 30th! In Washington dc!

  26. Abdullahi says:

    Only if press will stop pushing us arround with there speculative paper selling articles,we would all zero our minds and see what happens to our darling team,coz nothin as happen yet

  27. Tom says:

    Don’t know why they can’t act like professionals and just smile. Why the fingers? I hate the way our players, and in fact most players, look so chavvy. Remember who you are and who you play for.

  28. Patrick says:

    Its the French speaking clique, bonding together and pulling Arsenal down. I hate this picture. Its just confirm the rumour of a French-speaking cabal at the club.

  29. Danish Gooner says:

    I would be smiling to if i was about to leave Titanic.

  30. bc says:

    Get a grip they are young lads on the back of the coach. crikey when we sat up the back it was lines of gear cans of stella and arses out the window. fuck me its only fingers and it aint the press its one of their pals taking a photo.

  31. Davi says:

    @joni goonah: What the fuck do you know? He did well last time he was given a chance and he’s still only 21. Given Gibbs’ performances last season, I’m glad we have him around; it’s not clear who is the better of the two at the moment.

  32. pastaface says:


    That’s bad if that is what Fabregas meant, he should keep his mouth shut until it is a dun deal

  33. peter egere aka de pasenal says:

    not all you see is real, you dont expect him to frown in picture. Remembee salutation is not love. I pray he stay

  34. James says:

    Picture makes me cringe. Wenger has turned Arsenal into a holiday camp for overpaid dimwits.

  35. bill says:

    of course hes happy hes living the fucking dream ,young man,great footballer,being offered millions,women at his feet, going on a tour with his mates, the time of his life!

  36. Jay says:

    You know, last night i was thinking about it..
    Nasri wants to win trophies(thats why he wants to leave the arsenal)
    why doesn’t wenger sell cesc, bring in mata and play nasri in the middle where he loves it and for sure where he is going to be successful?
    then maybe sort out the defence by bringing in a partner for TommyV or play tommyV at left back, get a good medical team and for sure we winning stuff next season!
    It is as simple as that!
    Imagine this
    Wojo – Sagna, Kozzer, New signing, TommyV – Song, Wilshere, Nasri – Mata, Walcott, RvP
    Bench – Fabianski – Jenkinson, Djourou, Gibbs – Eboue, Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky – Gervinho, Vela, Chamakh
    and if most of these guys can stay injury free then no manure or manshitty or liverfools or chelshit can stop us!
    It is as simple as that Wenger, and you will also make a net gain on the transfers assuming Bendty, Denilson, Almunia and Squillaci can all join Cesc out of the door!

  37. nujim says:

    ,support Arsenal hate Sp***….

  38. Omoboye kayode talent says:

    It’s nt a bird of roses supporting arsenal,gunners affairs is 4 beta 4 worse. Pls zero ur mind against any castrating or assassinating article/comment. Trophyless,useless,childish,selling,stingy and ambitionless cub, let them say anything. Surely beta days are at hand. Keep d faith.

  39. icegooner says:

    Gervinho signed! (confirmed by skysports!) and nasri will stay for the season 😀

  40. GunnerMacedonia says:

    would anyone consider releasing squillaci if he finds a new club? just like liverpool told jovanovic. good for both parts, i would not like to see him next season, it will be hurtfull watching him not getting a game because of vermaelen, kos, samba, djourou and cahill 😀

  41. gunner786 says:

    So gervinho has been sealed, it was good to hear wenger on samir and cesc, i still dont believe him one hundred percent on cesc more on sami tho that he will be here next season. I Think Wenger is standing frim on the price of our captain cesc and all these reports on our players leaving is really ticking me off… Good news ot begin the week tho :d

  42. gunner786 says:

    dont mind my spelling mistakes.. i just woke up

  43. makenzi says:

    nasri can’t take playmaker’s role becoz he is selfish. look at his assists last season compare with fabregas

  44. dave says:

    hasn’t armand traore retired yet, good god he’s becoming part of the furniture now isn’t he.

  45. tunde says:

    good to hear nasri aint going nowhere!!!

  46. tg says:

    Traore is faster than walcott and ready to make the step up now. He’s able to play left midfield as well so plenty of reasons why he is a good choice.

  47. Moha says:

    @dave yes he is he doesnt know any about football

  48. chuck says:

    here’s what i think Barca are just making a whole lot of noise about Fabregas like they always do those “disrespectful cunts”, but in all honesty they do not the money to pay for Fabregas anyway plus their main priority seems to be Alexis Sanchez so we are going to be stuck with fabregas and he is probably going to have an okay season like he did last time so i am very much hoping Ramsey will come good this season and as for Nasri he is not going anywhere though we myt run the risk of losing him on a free transfer next season, but i think we need a very imposing figure at the back coz Spuillaci just doesn’t cut it and possibly a holding mid Samba and Cahill is not gona happen we all know Wenger is just cheap like that i mean c’mon the man has a degree in Economics or some ‘ish like that. I HAVE SPOKEN

  49. jimmy says:

    nice one wenger and pls i will like to buy chaill pls

  50. Joker gunnerz says:

    Hmmm! Would’t wenga plz, turn ova a new lift wth diz hiz policy of not buying of players? We nid sum qualitys of stars, in our team whch shall rehabilited o build up our faith we d fans,


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