Jul 13

Szczesny to be ‘offered’ No 1 shirt after Almunia’s departure

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny will be offered the No 1 jersey once Manuel Almunia’s exit from the club is officially confirmed.

Szczesny, currently on the Gunners’ pre-season tour in Malaysia, has been wearing a temporary No 13 shirt while waiting for confirmation that he’ll inherit Almunia’s squad number after the Spaniard leaves.

The 20-year-old was one of the bright spots in an otherwise dismal season for the Arsenal keepers last campaign and the Pole looks to be the future, with Wenger previously hinting that he may decide to stick with what he has got.

“I realise there is a big chance in front of me and I might not give this No 1 shirt away to anyone else for the next ten to 15 years,” Szczesny told Arsenal Player in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

“It is my first full season in the first team so I have never been as excited as this. This year will be something new for me if I am lucky enough to start the season as Arsenal’s No 1.

Pre-season kicks off for Arsene Wenger’s side later this afternoon with a match against an Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur – kicking off at 13:45 BST.

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32 Responses to “Szczesny to be ‘offered’ No 1 shirt after Almunia’s departure”

  1. Young says:

    No way.more likely fabianski tbh. Dont trust Szczesny even if the alternative is fabianski in goal.

  2. RVP says:

    Anybody else updating numbers? Wilshere, Rambo? Will Gervinho take 9?

  3. Young and Naive says:

    Young, are you mad?!

    Manchester United have just spent 25m on a player who is the equivelant of WS’s standard, he was a standout performer last year and hardly put a foot wrong. Waaay better than Fabianski

  4. athlon29 says:

    RVP, Jack confirmed on his Twitter that he stays with No19.

  5. Adeks says:

    If vito doesnt get it ahead of schezny, i’ll say it’s un4tunate he went out on loan. i really wuld prefer d guy

  6. Hussein Lenyol says:

    Gervinho 9, szczesny 1.

  7. George says:

    Squalicci and Denilson on the tour means that there has not been any official bids for them yet. It would be disastrous if Wenger stick with what he has got in CB. A top club needs 4 top class CB. Vermaelen, Djourou and KOS are fine and we need 1 more. I am fine with sticking with Szczesny in GK and Gibbs at LB, but we do need 1 more top class CB, no doubt!

  8. sam says:


    the 1 more you are talking about i think its kyle bartley. although i wish it i dont think wenger will buy a new CB.arsene is counting on him to save money for new defender. especially if traore and gibbs totally mess up and vermaelen will be forced to play LB then we will be short in defence. and worse if that happens when we have defenders out injured.
    stubborn arsene will never learn

  9. mcfoxy says:

    i want us to sell denilson and squilacci pretty soon…buy one or two quality cb*cahill and vertoghen to be precise*…..one box to box midfielder,juan mata…and convince nasri to sign a new contract…buy hamsik if fabregas leaves….

  10. Mike Mongech says:

    I think szczensy has a potential ,he is just like a 30ys old goalkeeper while szczensy is 20yrs old he will do wonders and many trophies will comes under him.

  11. kemei says:

    Wenger should b serious. If it so happens then we xpect another trophiles season. We have good strikers, esp wid +Gevinho, bt what can they do with their poor defence? Wenger has made arsenal great but he is now ruining it. Why cant da frencman consider his legacy, it will be shame 4him 2b CHASED by we fans n now i think its his high tyme 2leave our cltb alone

  12. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    @Young: Are you mental, mate? Flappyhandski is hell in gloves! I hate that guy and hope he leaves the club this summer more than Almunía. He’s a very, very poor goalie… but good in training apparently… brilliant!


  13. Kingsley says:

    Thanx Gervinho

  14. Oluwafemi says:

    that is a good idea. He deserves it

  15. dimlong katzak says:

    i am a nigerian from plateau state to be precise wenger should pls leave our dear club an d employ a coach that has focus like richard.is like he has charmed the management coz i dont see reasons why he is been left,fans in nigeria are really traumitized coz of poor delivery wenger and co are enjoying the profits while us the fans are not gaining anything which we know is unfair pls wenger should be put under duress to buy really good players we need to defenders an attacker and a defensive midfielder is ours different were we coud sell for more than 20mill but can buy up to that if u cant beat them join them isnt it sad that once upon atime these boys look up to u as a mentor and father but the are now putting hand in your eyes isnt it shameful a prodigee not listening to his master wenger is high time you changed your acts.finally i have many things to say but icant coz of time but pls if he can handle it he should be fired atleast his not better than delboski of madrid or ancelloti of chelsea who were humiliated despite there achievements pls arsenal fans need respite.

  16. chris says:

    Typical Wenger, he is not going to change at all !! Szczesny is very promising and may make it big time. But just like last summer Wenger should be buying a big experienced goalie to share the burden and indeed play if the other get’s injured. Szczesny needs to keep learning … and not in the CL or at Man. Utd. Meanwhwile what is fall back plan …. to fall back on Flappyhandski ???

  17. chris says:

    Wenger just will not spend money on goalkeepers. Only he knows why. Does anyone else know why or is he just an obstinate, intellectual, dictatorial toss pot ??

  18. Willz says:

    Good for polska. what are squad numbers for CarlJenkinson and RyoMiyaichi? any other changes?

  19. Ken (Kenyan Guooner) says:

    I am ready to be called insane but I believe all the three Arsenal keepers (I dont count Almunia as a keeper) are well talented with different but equally good qualities and any one of them deserves Arsenal no.1 shirt. Rememeber Vito when he stood in for the Spanish waiter and especially in the Fulham game? he won us the game, Fabianski has made so many errors but prior to that he was up there with the best. We all know Sceszny. But that decision fortunatley is not mine but the French gaffer. WE WILL WIN TROPHIES NEXT SEASON

  20. Njen says:

    No fuss abt gk, midfield or strikers. Arsenal hav gud stats in midfield and stiking. Wenger should seriously get an experienced epl defender. Samba, Jagielka and Alex(from chel$ki?!? ->Read he is available for 12m!!) would be gud options. I don’t think I would go for Cahill, his set-pieces record aint gud compared to what we already have in Djourou.

  21. Ken (Kenyan Guooner) says:

    Denilson and Squilaci still with Arsenal is one thing I cant come to terms with

  22. Dec says:

    Delighted to see Szczesny’s the new No 1.
    Nobody with an ounce of knowledge about the game will be in the least bit surprised and all Gooners should be happy that our keeper problems have finally been resolved.
    Samba, Dann and Shane Long would make a brilliant summer.

  23. Vanditha says:

    Yeah!Szsecsny if you see this article, don’t forget my word “parts of Arsenal success, it will depend on you. So don’t disappoint us “.

  24. GunnerMacedonia says:

    great game, but what is going on with chamakh? he is too weak!! also, jenkinson is great player, i dont know if wenger is gonna put him in the first team squad, but he looks really good. nasri was a little not interested with the game and too moody … vela, what a player, this must be his stand up season

  25. Al says:

    jenkinson is really fast, didnt expect that to be one of his qualities.
    good match, LOL @ denilson hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, squillaci out the door too please!

  26. George says:

    Denilson was subbed after 20min coming on as a sub. i dont understand. if wenger dont think of him enough as an Arsenal player, then why bring him on the tour. stick him with the likes of bendtner and almunia at home so that he can talk with clubs with his agent once there is any interest. Unfortunately, there is none. Denilson publicly said that he wants to go, worse come to worse, we should at least loan him out, if there does not work, then i think a mutual termination is on the plate. and also, did squalicci play in the friendly against malaysia?!

  27. Jesse Jackson says:

    Wenger shld be more than serious, we need a CB in the calibre of CAHIL. Gambling is not a good decision and thats wat Wenger likes. Denilson and Squillacy must be sold, Nasri to sign a contract plz.

  28. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @George: yes, squillaci played the second half, partnering djourou in defence. squill played good, not too much work to do, but it seemed to me that he was very nervous when having an opposite player near him. mannone was on goal, and they never comunicated very well. i really hope we sell him, also denilson is rubbish, he spent 20 mins on the pitch, made passes that an amateur would make, nothing special. these 2 must go, MUST!

  29. Chris Chapman says:

    Szczesny should without a doubt be given the #1 shirt. For his breakthrough season he was outstanding and will only get better with each game. But for Heavens sake lets get a couple of good defenders in to strengthen what he has to work with.

  30. Gooner Will says:

    Why has Szczesny been giving Number 13 on the club website then? Go on player profiles and it says..

  31. mike says:

    szczesny deserves the no 1 atleast he does not throw the ball into his own net like the rest of them like bruce grobellar sell them to liverpool they would buy them.

  32. EPB says:

    Is anyone else disappointed we did not go after Shay Given?? Szczesny had an impressive season once he got between the sticks but he’s young and, in my opinion, still maturing mentally. Villa picked Given up for a small sum and I believe his experience, steady performance and general skills are exactly what we need in our back line. We have a bunch of kids in our net and, god forbid, if anything happens to Szczesny we’re screwed!


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