Arsenal '7th most valuable' sports club in the world

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal have been ranked the ‘seventh most valuable’ sports club in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

The respected US publication released its latest rich list of sports teams, with Arsenal having a reported valuation of $1.19 billion (£740m).

“The clubs located in cities where real estate/commercial property is expensive naturally have an advantage as their stadium and surrounding environs are valued more. Chelsea is an exception because although located in London it is also one of the most leveraged clubs with $889m (£550m) of debt put on the club and its holding company”, the SoccerBlog website said.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchester United lead the list with a valuation $1.86 billion, while Real Madrid are the second most valuable football club lying in fifth place ($1.45 billion). The Gunners and Chelsea are in seventh and 46th place respectively.

American businessman Stan Kroenke secured a controlling stake in Arsenal towards the end of last season, adding to his ownership of NBA basketball franchise the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche NHL ice hockey team and Major-league Soccer side the Colorado Rapids.

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46th I new chelski were


It’s good but we could do better by winning trouphise.for chealsea well i am not suprise


It’s good but we could do better .for chealsea well i am not suprise

Marty Price

Are you sure the article did not say 77th? I mea tht is the way Arsene spends money, as if the Gunners were 77th, not 7th. I think this is a massive misprint. Otherwise we would have a new CB, and a better salary structure.

Berk Nose

Loyal support selling out an almost paid-for modern stadium paying the highest ticket prices – and a brand name that attracts supporters globally though it lags behind the mega clubs of course. It’s a strong club. Hats off to Wenger keeping the club in Europe up against clubs spending tycoons money.


MARTY PRICE,Its ridiculous to place arsenal in 77th or ur eyes are faulty that u couldnt see the difference in the club’s worth. Maybe u are a spud hanging around us because ur club has nothing to offer


You forgot to mention that Kroenke also owns the St Louis Rams American football franchise, who place 40th in the list.

Marty Price
Not at all chum, but the gamble with Nasri, who was all set to sign a new contract before the team implded last season. No just a former coach/trainer who is smart about players, and team culture. There are so many rumours floating around that no one knows a thing. We do know that Wenger lost the plot last season when he failed to beef up the defense in Jan. His reluctance to spend cost them in more ways then merely losing trophies. I f he had spent of Samba or someone of that caliber it would have said to… Read more »
Angry Fan

Wenger is an idiot.
He now says we “are not weak defensively”. What a disgrace. I’ve seriously had enough of him now.
And we obviously don’t need the money as we can afford to let nasri go for free next year. Enough is enough now.
Wenger out


off topic slightly but…

To the tune of the lazy song by Bruno mars,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUf1Ax9x6cM (52secs onwards)

Today I dnt feel like selling fabregas,
I think its best that he stays a red,
Dnt feel like picking up the fone
Xavi leave a message after the tone
Cos today I swear im not selling fabregas…. Nasri stays too!
Ooooo oooo, ooooo oooo, nasri stays too!!!


idk, it seems to me that every year same things are repeating: wenger buys player with no epl experience, takes the team to a tour, plays every single player, realizes we are weak but refuse to confirm, even thougn we have shitty players in the team we are still in the top 3 bt february, then everything colapses, we end up 3rd or 4th, wenger saying the players now have experience, they are young and he is proud of them, he promises big spending, and then the same thing all over again. ffs, manchester are buying players in total amount… Read more »
maurice nempheni

its very gud 2 be 7th on the list bt i thnk we should at least try to bring in two or three experienced players, then dat wil surely give us a chance to challenge for championships. This young players are struggling throug ‘stage fright’. Thank u.


@Angry Fan
I thought you had enough of him last season!!

The Sky Is Not Falling
The Sky Is Not Falling

One signing and locking up Nasri changes everything for me. For the love of God, just sign Per Mertesacker.


@Jeff LOL!