Jul 15

Denilson expected to secure São Paulo loan move

Arsenal midfielder Denilson will fly to Brazil on Monday for a medical after the Gunners accepted a season-long loan offer from São Paulo.

The wantaway 23-year-old, who has already expressed his desire to quit the club, struggled to find a new team this summer despite tentative interest from England and Spain, making it look likely that he’d remain with Arsenal next season.

However, São Paulo’s director of football Adalberto Baptista approached Arsenal last week and a deal was immediately agreed to sign their former player, according to ESPN Brasil.

Fellow Brazilian side Fluminense also expressed an interest in signing the Brazilian, but São Paulo were reportedly ‘faster’ to reach an agreement with Arsenal.

It is unknown whether Arsenal have given São Paulo the option to buy the creative midfielder, although his departure – albeit on loan – almost certainly spells the end of his five year career in north London.


24 Responses to “Denilson expected to secure São Paulo loan move”

  1. Nii says:

    that is good we dont need to sell him he will be good for as in the future

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    So Wengers signing for next year is secure…..ridicilous !!!!! Get rid of the fuck for good.

  3. Alex says:

    I am so happy. Hopefully they will like him and then want to buy him off us 😀

  4. Andrew says:

    nobody wanted to buy him
    how the might “winner” have fallen
    Hopefully he will light up Brazil and then we can get a good fees for him

  5. Mr Arsenal says:

    How can he not find a club?
    Aint that a kick in Wenger’s face for putting so much faith in him.
    I hope Frimpong and Lansbury can step up now this “winner’ leaves.

  6. Alfie says:

    He can’t find a club because he’s on crazy money – 40-50k a week I believe. The kind of club he should be joining would pay only its very best players that much in wages. And Danish Gooner, please pack it in, your moronic ranting on every Arsenal site is getting very boring.

  7. irish gooner says:

    creative midfielder???????? you sir are having a laugh!!!

  8. Leetemps says:

    Typical arsenal dragging our heels,get rid of the boring crab like fuck,only knows how to pass sideways

  9. irish gooner says:

    @ ALFIE ,,,danish gooner is unable to write anything positive,EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Timothy says:

    I tot he said he is a winner yet he couldnt find. Mediocre player

  11. Kevin says:

    No problem Frimpong,Coquelin,Lansbury can all step in.

  12. GunnerMacedonia says:

    does this mean we are gonna buy a proven CM/DM?

  13. Savage says:

    Interesting to hear how the wage is paid. I hope we’re not carrying part of the bill.

  14. Ogban says:

    Where is Craig Eastmond? He is one player I was hoping would break into the first team and slot into that defensive midfield.

  15. henrique eduardo says:

    ai gringos ingleses o garoto aqui vai reencontrar o verdadeiro futebol BRASIL PENTA CAMPEÃO! PENTA CAMPEÃO DO MUNDO DE FUTEBOL BRASIL!!!!!

  16. bc says:


    Broke a bone at Millwall, will be back in 2 months.

  17. WillyG says:

    I hope we can loan Bendtner too because he will score goals and his price will increase…We can sell him the year after or who knows maybe we keep him………

  18. GunnerMacedonia says:

    anyone else read about us offering 14 mills for lukaku? reallly unexpected, but it would be a great signing, we need a guy like that

  19. Ricky says:

    Best news to come out of the club in a long time.

    Good riddance.

  20. Marty Price says:

    Forget about Lukaku, should have tried to get him before Gervinho. Forget about Cahil, Samba, or anyone else who is known quality. We are all used to this dance by now.

  21. arseneknow says:

    This is the BEST news in this summer…..Thanks GOD

  22. GunnerMacedonia says:

    hmm wenger said we are not defensively … and what did you see at our last game? squill is pure shit, our first half was very confusing in defence, i really hope wenger opens his eyes and realize that a new CB is a must!
    positive thing is we now see that vermaelen and kos are our no.1 defensive pair at the moment

  23. mike says:

    i am happy to hear denilson is going ive seen him play so many times and he is not fit to wear a arsenal or brazil shirt he gives football a bad name. he never has a good game bring in ramsey or lansbury “YOUR SHIT DENILSON”.

  24. ibra says:

    not bad ok, sell diaby,squilaci and djourou and buy cahill,zamba and luis enrique


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