Jul 18

“I don’t want to be fifth or sixth choice at Arsenal”, says Bartley

Young Arsenal defender Kyle Bartley will hold talks with Gunners manager Arsene Wenger this week in the hope of resolving his short-term future at the club.

The 20-year-old spent an impressive loan spell at Rangers last season, although his campaign ended earlier than expected due to a knee ligament injury.

With Thomas Vermaelen, Johan Djourou, Laurent Koscielny, and Sebastien Squillaci all ahead of him in defence, Bartley realises that another move to Scotland could prove helpful for his development.

“I hope to know by the early part of this week what Arsene Wenger’s feelings are”, Bartley revealed.

“I don’t want to be fifth or sixth choice at Arsenal. I’d rather be playing more regularly and Rangers would be perfect.”

Manchester-born Bartley made his Arsenal debut in the Champions League against Olympiakos in December 2009 but was subsequently loaned out to Sheffield United.


28 Responses to ““I don’t want to be fifth or sixth choice at Arsenal”, says Bartley”

  1. athlon says:

    This attitude is very shameful.

  2. Mark X says:

    Nothing wrong with this attitude at all. Bartley had a very good loan spell at Rangers last year and if he is not considered to be in the top 4 central defenders at Arsenal this year, both he and the club would benefit from another loan spell at Rangers or possibly with a Championship club in England. It won’t do him any good playing for the reserves at Arsenal this season

    He should certainly be ahead of Squillaci in the pecking order though

  3. Lettraggad says:

    On the contrary , that attitude is very spot on .. Bartley wants to play and develop and will come back when he Isnt regarded as 4-5 choice.

  4. Peter Efe says:

    Let him be infront of Squillaci or loan him to Rangers again. Btw, you know this guy is a ManU fan?!

  5. Savage says:

    Perfectly reasonable position. That’s why you can never take your squad players like Eboue or Diaby for granted, or even Squillaci as a 4th or 5th choice. It’s important to have players who understand they will only come on occasionally, but still train hard and don’t complain.

  6. Mr Arsenal says:

    I’d rather have him ahead of Squillaci and Djorou

  7. Djofils says:

    I saw bartley and Rys Murphy in an bar in camden over the week end. I hope they sort themselves out because thats not what we need at Arsenal. Though he is a great player with a big future ahead

  8. Steve A Stevens says:

    Great player, who simply wants to play at the level he can. I would love to see him back at Rangers, where he will get regular football, a little CL experience. It would be good for Bartley and Arsenal as already stated.

  9. Jameson says:

    I agree that he should be in front of Squiggly…. But not DJ ourou… I think the young Swiss has shown glimpses of what he can become when he reaches mid-late twenties. I honestly believe he has everything to become a top defender.. Bartley has shown glimpses but at a lower level.

  10. athlon says:

    For me, Koscielny is an underrated central defender, but he has the place to play alongside Vermaelen next season. I beleive, we can expect a lot from this duo. We would have to sign a French, unproven talent now, to take over Squillaci’s place. Djourou is a great cover for both Verma and the Kozzer

  11. Lettraggad says:

    I dont get the critzism of Djorou despite his obvious flaws (he occasionaly loses his marking on setpieces , but is very strong in the air) I have him as our best CB last year .. and he will improve.. Going by stats JD has way more impact than the much loved Vermaelen in fact going by stats when JD is in squad we hardly ever loose.

  12. sukma says:

    i believe TV5 wont compete for center back, likely he will be in left back

  13. kinggunner says:

    i mean this guy is worth a breather.look at it last season we had to feature Miguel in a match,at what age? , we were even in the running for Phil Jones at what age?even at a time for Chris smalling, all for what? i mean if we r really desperate for a CB then give him a chance and i think he is that good at least not that Squill is bad but bar experience this guy is better.IMO. thanks and love from Nigeria.

  14. chris says:

    Very fair.

  15. bc says:

    What is the better back 4

    Sagna Djourou Koscielny Vermaelen
    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs/Traore

    It is a tough call, for me the 1st one edges, but my preferred back 4 would be

    Sagna Metrtesacker Vertonghen Vermaelen

  16. Ruud Van Tanda says:

    Keep him, he’s 10 times better than that piece of shite Squillaci! Don’t understand how he can wake up in the morning and even look at himself!!! He’s that shite, he wouldn’t even make it in the 2nd division! What was AW thinking when he signed him? He clearly wasn’t in my opinion! I mean we went back for Sol, then got lumbered with Utd’s rejects-Silvestre and then he spends £8m on that C**T! No need to sell him tho, cos anyone’s that’s seen him play will know he ain’t worth a penny, probably on £60K+ a week cos the club was that fucking stupid they wanted a CB so bad! So, the only answer is to give him away to anyone interested or back to where he came from! Sevilla? or France somewhere? who knows, who cares, eBay the prick if we have to!

    # There’s only one Dennis Bergkamp….! #

  17. bradster says:

    I think TV must stay at CB only. He plays well there and wants to only play there. We have enough players complaining they don’t like been played out of position.
    Perhaps a better coach on defence and set pieces because I agree Djourou and Koscielny looks like good very young (for CB) players. They need to develop and someone strong in the back like TV to control the line.
    This guy would definitely be my fourth choice but if we buy we should loan him out. If Wenger does something stupid like putting TV at left back we need him.

  18. rangerblue says:

    I hope AW tells him he can come back to Rangers on loan or permanently-the guy is a quality player who in a year or two will be one of Englands outstanding defenders-with the way every other league is behind the EPL in terms of player numbers i’ll be happy for Rangers to act as a development team for the likes of Arsenal and teams of that stature to bring the fringe/younger players on.

  19. Ray says:

    Come on, this guy cannot be behind Squilacci.

  20. GunnerMacedonia says:

    it is very fair from him to say stuff like these. he could just go to AW, tell him he doesnt see his future in arsenal and leave, but he doesnt, i aprreciate it!
    although i have never seen him play, i put my money he is much, much better that squill and miquel

  21. Talia says:

    All he has to do is show AW he’s better than Squillaci and he gets his chance. Even though it’s not much of a benchmark it’s still all up to him. Waddaya say Kyle are you feeling lucky?

  22. wenger-numb says:

    give him a chance in the carling cup and other games..he cant be worse than squill…and i would hope he would be potentially better than djorou and kos who are average at best.

  23. Daniel says:

    For rangers he played in DM… and considering that AW wont buy a cover for Song it means that Frimpong and Bartley are going to cover him

  24. bulgarian says:

    I hope the Manchester DNA does not kick in soon :)

  25. andy 26 says:

    this kid is english what sort of chance has he under A W who has more faith in the foriegn player.sowe would love to see him up at rangers please.

  26. mojo gooner says:

    does anyone know what happened to Abou diaby? is he injured or left out of the squad??

  27. Mark X says:

    Apparently Diaby is injured again!

  28. GunnerMacedonia says:



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