Jul 29

Fabregas out of Emirates Cup

Cesc Fabregas won’t be involved in this weekend’s Emirates Cup tournament after Arsene Wenger revealed that the Arsenal captain ‘isn’t settled’ with his ‘injury’ and ‘situation’ at the club.

The Spaniard has not featured in any of Arsenal’s pre-season games so far, instead working on his match fitness with personal trainer Juan Ferrando following a troublesome hamstring problem.

Barcelona have made two offers for the 23-year-old – both under £30m – while Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood admitted yesterday that the Catalan giants need to ‘make their minds up’ before talks end between the clubs.

“He [Fabregas] is just coming back from injury and we have to make sure that he is focused on being with us. I always say he is torn between two loves – the club where he has been educated as a very young boy and the club where he has been educated from 16 onwards and he has been given a chance. I personally can understand it.”

Tomorrow’s Emirates Cup kicks off with MLS side New York Red Bulls playing against Paris Saint-Germain, while Arsenal face Boca Juniors later in the afternoon.

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26 Responses to “Fabregas out of Emirates Cup”

  1. Bektas says:

    The fans are just being taken for mugs now. Unsettled by an injury my ass.

  2. dan says:

    no one actually believes he is injured!!! wish he would just leave already,

  3. f4phantomphreak says:

    adios cesc, your now a crock and go ahead and be a bench player at Fartalona, cause thats all you’ll be there is a super-sub at best….Remember you are suppose to be the CAPTAIN of this GREAT club and your crapping all over the legends that wore that proud band before you, shame on you Cesc, shame on you…

  4. dan says:

    barca are screwing him, he wants to leave, we are prepared to sell, but barca won’t pay, simple as that. if i was him i would utterly pissed off with them as they are making him look like a complete mug. no problem with him leaving, he has done his bit and paid his time.

  5. izzo says:

    Goodbye Cesc. LOL…

  6. hbgunner says:

    hmmm…cesc jst go go go w tired of u as u r.jst go 4 heavn sake!

  7. hbgunner says:

    hmmm…cesc tryn 2 enginia a muv daz y u dnt wanna play hen? jst go go go w tired of u as u r.jst go 4 heavn sake!

  8. dan says:

    hbgunner, got nothing to do with him, no point giving him grief. it is clear he has no control over the situation

  9. pierrejones says:

    i agree with dan…there mugging him off and devastatingly undervaluing him,evan worse they put a 81 mil clause on Thiago then tell cesc hes worth less than 30 mil those that mean he will be behind Thiago aswell as xavi? Hope that bench aint too cold Cesc cause it could be a long wait m8! Its taken too too long for them to stump up the fee and he would have to take a wage cut.Tragic!

  10. nicky says:

    Fabregas appears to be on borrowed time at Arsenal. He will leave now or in the near future.
    What is of greater concern is the news that Diaby will be on the sicklist for about 10 weeks after ankle surgery. This is unfortunate at the start of a season and one can only hope that the operation will be the last of his career and that he will come back fitter and stronger. He has a great part to play in the future of Arsenal.

  11. dan says:

    they can’t afford but are so arrogant that they think everyone will just bow down to their demands. complete tossers. sadly i think he ultimately won’t go as they won’t pay the money and we will be left with a captain who is unmotivated and doesn’t want to be with us anymore.

    i would just put him for sale to the highest bidder and get as much as possible for him. no point him being with us anymore and certainly not as captain.

  12. dan says:

    the greatest concern about diaby is that he is still at the club, can’t agree with you, the guy is never going to make it, not good enough and too injury prone.

  13. pastaface says:

    I still think Arsenal should be firm with Barca. Tough Cesc, if Barca don’t give Arsenal the right amount you have to live with it. You are the one who signed the long contract!

  14. YOUNG_GUNNER says:

    Ur absolutely right. If Barca really wanted him they wudnt have splashed money on Sanchez. They wud pay up they have spent so much over the years on players like zlatan, even villa and dont see Cesc as a valuable player. I really believe that wen we play against Barca Cesc doesnt want to play well he disappears and its no coincidence. If we wants to leave us then lets offfer him to real or any1 who wants to pay us money for him.

  15. EmperorGooner says:

    gooner chris , any idea whats going on with mata? you usually have red hot sources

  16. WillyG says:

    Does not seem that we really bid for Mata – “I like the player [Mata], but that does not mean we will buy him”

    Proof that Phil Jagielka will not solve your defensive problems…How could Wenger be this poor


    Look at his weakness


  17. David says:

    This is an absolute joke, Wenger should have sorted this out and got rid of him, he does not want to play for us. Clear off and get someone in who does want to wear our great shirt. Cesc is being a little boy over this, be a man say what you want and move on and Wenger is a managerial joke.

    Arsenal are bigger than any one player !!!!!

    come on you goonerssss

  18. he is a traitor!!!

  19. irish gooner says:

    cesc will have my 100% support as long as he is our player,,,he MIGHT be off,,,,i cant see the board accepting any less than 40m sterling,,,barca are pathetic and i now hate them,,,,,roll on 2morrow the best ARSENAL PLAYER OF ALL TIME is in town and is fit on form raring to go,,,,i hope he tears us apart sunday to get wenger off his arse and spend sum fu*king money

  20. Bob John says:

    Truth is that we accepted a bid of £50m from Real Madrid near the end of last season. Cesc only wants to go to Barca so wouldn’t play at the end of last season as he was and still is, sulking!

  21. GunnerMacedonia says:

    sure cesc, go to barca, you will not get a game, you will warm the bench, but hey, at least you are with your ,,family and friends,, and you will be joking with puyol and pique. screw football,who would like to play regularly week in-week out> ffs man, they underrate you and you are still ,,unsettled,,. get wise, please!

  22. Subin says:

    Why isnt ryo miyachi gonna play in the emirates cup

  23. Jay says:

    Had enough of all these ppl bringing our club down year by year.

  24. mike says:

    he is not injured no way, its just a put off for barca DAMAGED GOODS he will be with us next season but hopefully we sell him for the 45m and have a brand new squad for all the efforts. thanks fab you have been a ledge

  25. Marty Price says:

    I watched the match on line, and they bottled it again. Same old sameold, as they had a two goal lead and could not hold it. I know Arsene said we have a good defense. After todays match the price for Samba, Cahill, Jaggs went up!!

  26. ole says:

    Cesc can burn in hell for all I care, but the problem is that we are heading into a relegation battle next season, the new york game sums it all up, bloody disgrase this team is. I woun`t watch the newcastle game cause we will gwt hammered. Sick of this already.


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