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Would YOU want to see Joey Barton at Arsenal?

Newcastle today announced that Joey Barton has been placed on the transfer list, while his agent revealed that two London-based clubs have already approached him.

At 28-years-old, Barton still has a lot to offer. Being a dead-ball specialist as well as an aggressive and rugged midfielder, the former Man City player would bring to Arsenal some of what they currently lack – character, experience and depth.

However, Barton’s reputation speaks for itself and immediately calls into question whether signing him would disrupt the dressing room environment. Known for being an English bad-boy with a catalogue of violent offences and poor behaviour, Barton has proved to be a nightmare to handle for his former managers.

Although no-one can deny that Barton would improve Arsenal in various ways as well as being a bargain, many Gooners will feel that a move to north London may prove more of a gamble than a solution.

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67 Responses to “Would YOU want to see Joey Barton at Arsenal?”

  1. Jacob says:

    I would hate to see Barton at Arsenal! Being a Newcastle fan it would really suck to see him there. Looks like it just might happen though! DAMN IT!!

  2. dave says:

    i cant believe that 54 pc would want that disgusting animal playing for us, shame on you all 😛

  3. Lualua says:

    Newcastle fan here. I know alot of Arsenal fans don’t like him but I think that Barton would be and excellent addition to your team and would add a bit of steel to your midfield. He is a grafter and was one of our best performers of last season. People will have accused him of causing trouble at the club through his twitter comments but he is just being honest with the fans that are constantly lied to by the club. All the best for next season anyway.

  4. jay says:

    Wenger will not entertain a thug like Barton especially as his well documented spat with nasri , That would be all we need with the crap going on at the Emirates

  5. KevGman says:

    We need a player with some B*llox to fight for the ball, we are becoming a laughing stock for the rest of the EPL, BUY SOMEONE, went to emirates cup Sunday walked out 15min to go, p*ssed of with the fancy passing that goes nowhere. Even if we only play him against Barca if we draw them AGAIN, he will put the SH*TS up-em.

  6. Sue Moore says:

    No way!!!!!!!

  7. simms21 says:

    Even though Barton is a lil shit. Signing him would add a fiestiness when we don’t have the ball. I think a lot of our defensive problems originate from our midfielders.

  8. Josh says:

    Joey in arsenal?????… i would love to have him in arsenal to bring steel to the silky movement of arsenal…..he’s never afraid to put in he’s leg….who’s does he have problems with anyway?….nasri (who wants to leave arsenal afterall) and diaby….the seeming misunderstand can be sorted (although, it would put arsene man management skills to test)….arsenal needs joey esque kind of player….I WANT JOEY IN ARSENAL!

  9. Gerry says:

    I would like to see anybody at Arsenal whose name is not Bendtner or Squillaci.

  10. piken79 says:


  11. Arsenenotactics says:

    I for one would love to see Barton at Arsenal better footballer than song and with some added steel as for any spat with Nasri who cares he’s going to man city soon

  12. Josh says:

    …in vermaelen, sagna, wilshere, joey (if arsenal signs him) and v.Persie (when fully fit)….you have fives players who can give you 150% commitment….and these can compensate for the other 6….even if they are sub optimal….please arsene (expert of free transfer)….don’t throw away a jewel handed to you…make hay while the sun is still out…

  13. Davi says:

    After seeing how angry fans were when diaby got himself sent off for reacting to barton, I’d hate to see how they would react if this guy joined and got himself sent off again and again. Refs wouldn’t give him any protection if he played for arsenal (not that he deserves it), arsenal players don’t get that (apart from maybe wilshere on occasion).
    Yes he works hard, imo has the talent, and he could improve the side in some ways, but he would end up letting us down worse with his attitude on and off the pitch. Do you really think he would be happy here? Do you really think he would be a positive influence on the squad?

    We have lansbury and frimpong coming through, and I expect at least one of them to break into the team this year. They both have all the talent and work ethic of barton, and although obviously not as much experience, they will only be a positive influence on the side. I’d much rather see these two, and coquelin actually, given a chance than bringing in this criminal.

  14. UGGooner says:

    I know we are doing badly in midfield, but are really doing that bad?????

  15. old school gooner says:

    I think we need someone like Barton full of passion at Arsenal,we have been missing some character in the last few years and maybe we need someone with a bit of bottle.He played a blinder against us last season in the 4-4 draw,and if he is coming on a free what have we got to lose.We have had so called bad boy players in the past Merson and Adams spring to mind and they were great players for the club,loyal staunch players fully committed to the cause,unlike players like Nasri and Clichy who want to slip through and could not give a damn about the club or supporters as long as they are lining their pockets.

  16. Gabhan says:

    From Mata to Barton, even Parker seems like a good option now. I’m getting so frustrated with this now, total ineptitude at board level not signing Mata before his contract changed. Useless! Gadzidis or whatever he is called is a waste of space. can’t do deals and obviously doesn’t act fast enough. Get him out.

    If Barton joins then our shame will be complete :-(

  17. desmond says:

    I don’t think we need him cause his aggressiveness will give our opponent more freekick to attack us as we not superb in defending set piece. I prefer Scott Parker as he work well with Wilshere

  18. femi says:

    i think barton will be good cause we need someone to protect us from bullies and i think barton is d right person so wenger go for it

  19. Gunzblazzin says:

    this guy barton belongs in a jail, not a football club, this guy is a psycho.

  20. Gerry Lennon says:

    If some fans are that desperate to win a trophy … urrrgh!

  21. THEEEO says:

    From a purely footballing perspective he would be a very good signing, massive upgrade on Denilson.

    But no, he’s a thug and a scumbag, I hope we steer well clear.

  22. Jay says:

    He would add steel to the midfield & his set pieces would be a big upgrade. Of course his history & attitude a major issue but thats really why he is on a free. For me Barton is a much better player than Parker & the midfield even with Cesc here looks thin.

    If we have the money better options out there for sure if not sign him up! Arsene has spoken about liking Barton a few years back.

  23. Matt Gunn says:

    Don’t want him. Prefer Santa and his elves.

  24. Dave says:

    Just what we need a bit of steel instead of pussies like Diaby Rosicknote and Song.It seems some Gooners want to carry on our trophyless run.
    We havent had someone who can put their foot in since PV4 left.What a bargin

  25. RT says:

    Would be an excellent addition..Definitely what we lack. You have to put his past behind him. Look at how he reacted after Diaby pushed him to the gorund. He waslked away..Shows maturity now. I hear he has a kid and might actually be settling down. He is competitive therefore he is fiesty. But with him and Wilshire in mid, we will be solid. He also has the experience to close out games which our midfield lacks.

  26. Deema says:

    Yes, he is disgusting, and yes, he is brutal, crazy son of a, but we’ve all heard that there is no leader in Arsenal. vPersie is constantly injured, Wilshere is too young, Fabregas is hardly a leader of Arsenal in midfield (Nasri, Wilshere look better, so why not sign Joey? I’m sure he’ll accept a one year contract and he won’t fuck up his chance to play in Champions League. He just might be the steel we’re lacking

  27. Dave says:


    He’s better than Diaby Song Denilson and Rosicky

  28. Rossybafc says:

    My self as a hard core gooner I honestly think with the lack of heart and loyalty in football nowa days especially with the arsenal players that are their (nasri/fab) and the lack of cover Barton would be a great signing it would be the making of him and I bet you he would be the first one some of theese players look at when it comes to tackle and play the no nonsense english game as when ure 4-0 up should be played I know the history but look at Ian wright and the drink problems of Merson and Adams hope we can add him on a free (rant over) come on you gunners!!!!!!

  29. KevGman says:

    The people slagging him seem to forget the HARD men we had and WON titles, Keown, Adams, Bold, Dixon, Winterburn, Viera, NON of them scared to tackle they had respect throughout the league, Barton too has that, go on Arsene get some bottle in, if Nasri does’nt like it TUFF, he, dont give a T*SS anymore about us.

  30. andyb says:

    bit of a hard case,so should’nt be associated with he likes of arsenal,hope we don’t have anyone like that eh.Happened once before the bloke kept headbutting players,spitting at them,kept getting sent off,big bloke i think they called him Patrick Viera,did’nt turn out too bad though did he?

  31. jay says:

    I don’t like the guy, but I reckon we’d do well to sign him. On paper, he’s exactly what we need, Song & Frimpong are decent, but a proven performer with big cojones who gives his all for his club sounds pretty perfect for us.

    We need someone who’ll break up play, keep fuckers away from our shaky defence, NOT GIVE THE BALL AWAY & who’s not afraid to smack it from 30 yards out.

    Let’s fucking win something now.

  32. looneygooner says:

    Barton could teach our lightweights what it’s like to have a bit of muscle and bottle in the midfield, he would be a good addition for us, yes he has issues but playing good football may do him a world of good, trouble is a lot of Arsenal players would cry because he would tell exactly what’s wrong with them and Wenger’s babies don’t like being shouted at. Shame but that’s the way it is

  33. supergunner14 says:

    ad take barton any day regardless of what he has done in the past he still is a good footballer,and what arsenal need a tough character.won’t happen tho

  34. Neo says:

    With all the youth team players we have im sure sales of cigars would increase dramtically!!

  35. james says:

    This is the awful conundrum I’ve been weighing up. Good footballer who would add something to the side, but still a massive headcase… remember that he was going on about how much he had matured before he assaulted Pederson on the pitch 8 months ago

  36. Keith says:

    Barton should be welcome at Arsenal. He would bring some badly needed steel and stability to a very shaken team. He is certainly more than a player who brings just steel. He is great on setpieces and plays a very respectable midfield role.

    Lets do it. How can we go wrong on this one for heavens sakes.

    By the way if you think we have problems (and we do) look at the problems at Newcastle. All their top players from last season are being sold and the players are in open revolt…

  37. dave says:

    @KevGman: we might have had players with steele in the past but they wernt thugs who beat up their own teamates and stub cigars out in trainees eyes u moron

  38. Chris says:

    How desperate must we be to want to see this scummer at our club?
    This man has a history of violence.
    Ask Ousmane Dabo if he’s a team player or not.
    Also his brother is a convited racist murderer, not hearsay, or tittle tattle.
    No, no, no! Our club needs a lot of things.
    It does not need Joey Barton.
    I’d rather we lost every game we played, than have that POS wearing our shirt!

  39. Rote Gunner says:

    All d arguements and complains lead 2 two things
    (1) Joey is a gud player, and
    (2) Joey is a bully and has a bad habit
    but IMO, with all respect 2 all dt would not agree with me, I’m less concern about Joey’s behaviour IAMA he will do a gud 4 job done. Go get him Mr. Wenger

  40. Chris says:

    @old school gooner: @old school gooner: ”
    We have had so called bad boy players in the past Merson and Adams spring to mind and they were great players ”
    How the heck can you put Merson and Adams, in the same bracket as Barton?
    These guys liked a drink and a toot, they didn’t go round battering people. Teammates and members of the public alike.
    Granted there are still some walls in Hornchurch that tremble at the mention of Adams name…..

    Read more:

  41. Batchment says:

    Barton would add steel and encouragement to Jack n Rambo, he could turn into Patrick, Roy type for us. Would be a massive influence on team persona opponents wouldn’t think where push overs.

  42. jack says:

    People refered to tony Adams as an animal before Arsene wenger came to the Arsenal. He is better than Alex song so I would like to see him sign. We won’t cos he isn’t an unknown French youngster.

  43. KevGman says:

    You wanna get ur facts right mate, and your comments, you seem to respond with a alternate reply, like your not sure what side to take, your comment earlier.

    “We havent had someone who can put their foot in since PV4 left.What a bargin”

    wanna comment on that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. g4eva says:

    yesssssssssssssss without doubt someone witha bit of bottle and talent on the ball. Wenger will sort him out

  45. RobM says:

    Really don’t want to see this myself. I don’t think he’d fit in with the Colney crèche mentality for a start (though to be fair that might say more about the crèche than him), and I really don’t want him at the club because of all his baggage.

  46. OnDGooner says:

    I would have said a big NO about 2 months ago but seeing we have no fighters in the team, any street fighter will do now!

  47. Sam says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NEVER………………………………………….

  48. SteveT says:

    I’d take Barton the player any time but off field Barton and included baggage Barton pose a serious problem for me.

  49. menace says:

    only being arrested in handcuffs!!!

  50. Tony says:

    Yes please! Also our back 4 should be Idi Amin, Nick Griffin, Ian Huntley and Pol Pot

    That would add some much needed steel to our team.

  51. GunnerMacedonia says:

    for all of you who appear to not like him, i just have to ask you WHAT ARE YOU THINKING> WHERE IS YOUR HEAD? every big club has a player who fights for the team, who reacts to the ref, who lifts the crowd when the team is down, who lifts the PLAYERS when they are down, and right now i dont think we have one.
    a few months ago, even wenger said that there are no leaders in the team, that theyt are wth their heads down when we are losing and everyones quiet. so? joey barton would be loud,he just might motivate like mourinho himself.
    manchester utd had neville, scholes, rio, chelsea have terry, lampard, city has de jong, balotelli and we have none, not a single player who would add fear in the opponents. i think he would be a great signing, you cant expect mata, cahill, jagialka or samba(maybe) to be real leaders to the team

  52. Danish Gooner says:

    Joey Barton is a sociopat maybe even borderline psycopath and a racist.I would kick him to the curb if he was in my family and if he signs for Arsenal it will be the end of my support untill he is gone.

  53. Danish Gooner says:

    Ohh and a horrible footballer too.

  54. RobM says:


    What I’m thinking right now is that I’m aware of his back story and you apparently are not. In the past he’s shown himself more likely to fight his own players than to fight for them. He’s less a leader and more of a bully.

  55. Bakri says:

    Barton will be the best midfielder for arsenal . a real lion.Give him a chance he has learned from his mistake and has the potenial to be a world class player

  56. AidanGooner says:

    He is not a leader on the pitch, far from it. What you are describing there when you talk about lifting heads around him is a player like Vieira or Adams not Joey Barton. Barton is a thug- plain and simply. Mooning the crowd, assaulting people in the street and players on the pitch, even his teamates in training. Do you not think there is a reason Newcastle want rid of him asap, even waiving a transfer fee? I for one certainly wouldn’t even welcome Balotelli or Terry to Arsenal, let alone Joey Barton. We have got rid of two of our disruptive players in Adebayor and Gallas, now you want to bring Joey Barton in? Really? I know Arsenal need a leader, and I know the likes of Vieira/Adams who literally dish out regular advice on the pitch, are hard to come by, but we have also had great players over the years like Henry and Wrighty who inspire through enthusiasm, ability, drive for success and desire to be on an Arsenal pitch. With the likes of Wilshere, Sczeseny, Gibbs and hopefully others becoming regular starters after being at Arsenal from a young age, we will shortly, fingers crossed, have plenty of talented players on the pitch who live and breathe Arsenal.

  57. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @RobM: i am well aware of his past, i do know about his fight with dabo and nasri and last year diaby, so what? he is 28, at newcastle he got mature, there were no problems(as far as i know), and in the end, you want quiet players like we do have to bottle it again or real fighters? give the guy a chance

  58. RobM says:


    I just think there’s a middle ground between bottlers and people who stub out cigars in other people’s eyes. But that’s just me. You disagree, clearly. Fair enough. You want to give the guy a chance? He’s had no end of them in my opinion.

  59. @deezypd says:

    As much as i agree that Barton is a brute. Nothing more then a thug, I wouldn’t mind a thug right now in the lack lustre central midfield that Arsenal have. Yes we have plenty of flair, but if he’s going to be free, we might as well take a player thats going to operate as an enforcer.

  60. eldiablo says:

    Joey Barton would be a great addition to Arsenal, he has all the experience needed at Arsenal plus he is a real Dog fighter ,bring him to Arsenal Wenger

  61. sale jerseys says:

    Joey Barton would be a great addition to Arsenal, he has all the experience needed at Arsenal plus he is a real Dog fighter ,bring him to Arsenal Wenger

  62. Alex says:


  63. ole says:

    Yes we need him, he is crazy and will sort out all these pussies in our team. And its better that he breaks opositions legs then ours;) If we are realy lucky he`ll break Nasris`s leg at first opportunity. He works like hell and has a gifted right foot. Him and Cahill would certanly add steel to this velvet team.

  64. mike says:

    a bit more aggrecion he will do he aint a panzy like the rest

  65. Pozdny says:

    Crazy! What the hell are you guys thinking! Joey Barton will bring down the dressing room single-handedly. Just recall how detrimental was it the dressing room rift caused by (or related to) gallas a couple of seasons ago. English bad boy Joey Barton is the last thing we need to add to the dressing room!

  66. Craig says:

    To be fair despite all the issues Barton has had, I still think he would be a great signing for us. We have an abundance of flair but no strength, both physically and mentally. We need a player who can add a bit of steel to the squad and strike a bit of fear into the opposition and for me Barton would be perfect. Barton also has the technical ability. Right now we have a young squad including a captain who by all accounts doesn’t want to be in the team. We should cash in on Cesc and Samir, sign Barton, Dann or Samba and move forward from there. All teams have a villain we all love to hate, but it is those players, the likes of Roy Keane in his day and John Terry now for example that make a great team even better. Give Joey a chance.

  67. Jlo says:

    Barton IS the missing link.. We all know it.. Other teams will fear us he will show the team British grit.. He is no more racist than I am .. Yes he’s been a bad boy etc.. Adams was an alky.. Keown was a thug.. Merson liked his thing.. Wenger harnessed them all!! In the same team ..??


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