Aug 20

‘Committed’ Nasri set to stay at Arsenal after City talks ‘break down’

Samir Nasri now looks likely to be staying at Arsenal after talks between the Gunners and Manchester City reportedly broke down.

The 24-year-old was surprisingly handed a start in Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Liverpool, despite mass speculation suggesting that the ex-Marseille midfielder was ‘close’ to securing a move to the Etihad Stadium.

However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said on Friday that Nasri is ‘committed’ and has had a ‘terrific attitude in training’, although City boss Roberto Mancini remained hopeful yesterday that a deal could still be concluded.

“I don’t know why [Nasri hasn’t signed yet], but it is probably because he is a good player, or because there is some problem [with negotiations]”, said Mancini.

Reliable French TV channel Canal + revealed that their sources close to Emirates Stadium claimed that the deal had hit a stumbling block and Nasri would be staying put – until at least the end of the season.

When questioned about reports claiming that Nasri’s move has broken down, Wenger told reporters “I don’t know more about that than you”.


64 Responses to “‘Committed’ Nasri set to stay at Arsenal after City talks ‘break down’”

  1. Wasim says:

    Nasri played well today< showed commitment, just hope he is somehow convinced into signing a new contract.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yeah Nasri played well unlike Arshavin who didn’t care and thought he was supposed to pass to a team in black.

  3. trollz says:

    Nasri did good today

    He can leave with Wenger at end of season.


  4. Lettraggad says:

    @Kevin what game were you watching ???

  5. Kevin says:

    Also I am sorry but why did we try and supposedly try to loan Lucho Gonzalez from Marseille how cheap can you get, if you want to buy a player so badly just pay the price. I bet Arsene Wenger would try to negotiate a price at Poundland.

  6. Sean says:

    @Kevin: Arshavin is a great player so get off his back already!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    Lettraggad Nasri did play well and Arshavin didn’t play well tell me why I am wrong?

  8. Chris says:

    Samir was our best midfielder today.. And only out performed by vermaelen and chezzers

  9. RC NAL 4 EVER says:

    Stay samir and sign a new contract,be a gunners legend.You done well today and im delghted to see you still in an arsenal shirt.That was another poor showing,why on gods earth are we not spending?,that is absolutely staggering.

  10. family enclosure man says:

    I take issue with both of the pervious comments. Nasri was OK in patches, and tried when he was in possession of the ball, but was VERY careful about going in for 50/50 challenges. I’m not so convinced he showed great commitment, therefore. And neither do I agree that Arshavin played like he didn’t care: I think he worked his socks off, but the more I see of him the more I conclude he is a player past his sell-by date. He loses possession almost every time he receives the ball, and runs out of steam quicker than others. Ramsey was rather quiet. On the plus side, I thought Miquel looked excellent, despite the o.g., and Frimpong was immense. First booking was really over-fussy by the ref, and the second foul nothing like as bad as Lucas made it look. The red card changed the game though – and that shows how important Frimpong was. If he continues to develop he’ll soon oust Song from the team – better still, why not play both of them together, especially for tough away fixtures? Last positive points: Vermaelen (especially) and Sagna were terrific, real troopers.

  11. Nkusuny says:

    Nasri should renew his contract if he is staying, else they should sell him and use the money to buy harzard.

  12. Kevin says:

    Honestly apart from Aston Villa away last season and when he scored four goals away at Liverpool when even still he didn’t play well I have seen Arshavin in an Arsenal shirt to be a great player. In Euro 2008 he decimated Holland but when Russia came to play Spain in the Euro 2008 semi-final he was anon.

  13. Nas says:

    Ramsey – nonsense
    Arshavin – poor
    Nasri – Focus
    Frimpong – Unlucky

  14. Baz says:

    @sean, agreed arshavin is a great player, he showed that prior to arsenal signing him and during his first season at arsenal, HOWEVER that doesnt excuse him from the poor performances hes been putting In recently. Its more than a blip. I cant remember the last time when he put a string of impressive performances. He is supposed to be one of the senior players at the club, yet he looks lethargic, uninterested and lost. 9/10 he looses the ball. He had one good moment in the game against liverpool where he ran down the wing and put a good ball into the box, but thats it. Shipping him might not be the right option, but he doesnt warrant a starting spot!

  15. Kevin says:

    I don’t want to undermine Van Persie but I wish Vermaelen was captain not just because he is a great defender but from defence he can see everything and today their were times when he was yelling at Frimpong to get in position. Vermaelen is the type of player when your a goal behind to pick you right back up again.

  16. Gustav says:

    And Chamberlain??

    Why isn’t he not play??

  17. Nkusuny says:

    Arshavin played against arsenal today and walcott was even the waste.

  18. samson says:

    Nasri stay..Mr.Arsene Wenger please bring hazard,Samba,cahill..Three of them is enuf to make up arsenal be a champions this season.

  19. g clarke says:

    arshavin is not up to speed of arsenals game sure he cares arsenal need nasri should try some millions up front for extention of contract and any thing else he wants a player as good as him will cost load (if there is one ) filab played really well till sent off and young full back. 8 players out and some more going to be bad 4-5 weeks maybe good finnish for change this ill fortune cant last much longer

  20. Luca says:

    We need to spend now Cahill hazard world class striker like benzema or higuian

  21. Tony Starks says:

    He put in a good shift and his body language was positive. Lets get the contract signed and both the player and club can move on with this saga..same thing happened with Rooney and its long been forgotten about by now. There is a way back for Nasri, a few more of todays 1st half performances and he’ll be fine

  22. Wonderful display by Nasri. He should try pen down a long term contract with arsenal. Now that Fabregas has left he should play in Fab’s position n trust arsenal we will win trophies this season. Just need some major signings n that is all. God bless arsenal fc. Gunners 4 life

  23. gunner says:

    Nasri must stay!!! buy: lb,cb + hazard and zarate

  24. Nii says:

    he should just sign the contract that will let as no he is committed

  25. cizoo says:

    yeah! I ril lyk da way nasri cud supply da ball. Iz jst as gud as cesc. Y arsnal shudnt used da money of cesc 2 convince nasr to stay..؟ ashavin shud b sold bak 2 russia. Frimpong shud b profession not angered lyk a kid.. Ramsey z gret zo todei hz messed up….

  26. dito says:

    Good game from nasri, if only song and wilshere play today.. Nasri will shine brightly, Little dissapoint with ramsey, probabbly still fear of his injured… Overall I still believed in this team.. I think 2 or 3 new singning make arsenal a lot better… Especially in mieldfield and attacking role,but with defense get injured then 1 defender needed..

    Cheers people..

  27. bucky says:

    Ashavin and Walcot were terrible today.Ramsey plays better alongside Wiltshere.Veremalen took Carroll out of his pocket at when Carroll was subbed.We do have a quality goalkeeper.Frimpong is just what we need in midfield a beast that can tackle pass and run and shoot.So Arsene Wenger must go and get Mertsacker,Hazard, keep hold of Nasri.This is the start of the season and our physio team,are not doing their job properly,just like last season,injuries are a major concern and they are not being caused by tackles.

  28. Really says:

    This is the best team we can put out on the 2nd weekend and one of our only remaining players that’s worth anything is off to Citeh. All you retards who think this is a case of bad luck are children unable to see the cause – WENGER is past it, much past it. Haven’t lost to Pool in London in 10 years and STILL haven’t brought in anybody worth the badge. I’ll be surprised if we see Europa League or Van Persie in an Arsenal shirt next year.

  29. dsd says:

    Walcott is a flop

  30. bc says:

    Both nasri and arshavin are in their last year. we could take 15m for arshavin or 22m fir nasri or they could both stay and leave for nowt next year. if i could choose between the 2 it would be nasri that stays. but i would be mre than happy to take the 40m now. then buy 2 players or more.

  31. Ron` says:

    @Sean: You clearly didnt watch the match, he was SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.
    Ramsey couldnt keep the ball, RVP was a ghost and Theo was his usual pathetic.
    Best players on show: chesney, Frimpong, Nasri, Vermaelen.

    Ramsey to replace Cesc? do me a favour. Has to be a Frimpong, Song, Wilshere midfield unless we sign someone.

    When you play 4-3-3, the midfield must keep ball, and the wingers must run their asses off and be dangerous. Neither happened.

  32. sic says:

    Arsenal need a real #9. Some who can sniff out goals like a Javier Hernandez. someone who will go all out and get on the end of a pass and score. how many times was the ball put in the box yet nobody there? Walcott is useless and he wants to play cf. yeah right. rvp drops to much and arshavin is being played out of position.

    It’s good to have Vermealen back we missed him last year . I fancy frimpong having breakout year very solid defensively and good positioning. A bit unlucky today but will gain experience and learn from it.

  33. gooner/antiwenger says:


    yer obviously not an athlete or a sportsman yourself..what’s the use of a good player if he’s not doing what he’s good at..

  34. gunner says:

    Sagna/Jenkinson(2) Vermaelen/Djourou(2) Koscielny/new cb new lb/Gibbs
    new OM-> Hazard? maybe Nasri
    Gervinho/Walcott(2) Nasri(OM or LW)/Arshavin
    Persie/new Zarate(2)

    next Subs: Miquel,Chamberlain,Miyachi,Chamakh,Diaby,Rocicky,Lansbury,Squillaci?Bendtner?Traore? sorry,it’s my small IDEA :)) new lb:Baines(unreal..-+ 20) :(

  35. mcowusu dela says:

    Everybody what arsenal’s problems are,except arsene wenger.Teams like man u,man c,chealsea n spurs that were stronger than arsenal last season have bought quality players.What have we done?Absolutely nothing.

  36. Iyhiolar says:

    Samir…plz put pen on paper to become 1 of arsenal best player ever…

  37. chris from Cambridge says:

    If not, we kiss goodbye to £22m which could be reinvested in another top player.

  38. chris from Cambridge says:

    You forgot Enrique … he played well going forward and kept Walcott in his pocket. He cost £6m right ?

  39. Savage says:

    I approve of Nasri staying – honestly, how are we going to find an equivalent replacement for him in such a crucial year? Finances are not the problem for us right now, but rather finding players who want to come. It’s better to take the financial hit and build momentum for the future.

    Most of you will think defense is our main problem. It’s not – attack is our main problem, and we need solutions there before anything.

  40. AndyLFC says:

    If he was so committed then why did he want out? He is just another leach in the football industry. If Arsenal had had a full side out today Liverpool still would have won. Arsenal under Wenger are sliding.

  41. ralf says:

    City fans sick of the transfer negotiations and not sure how much truth there is in the report as all week its been he is having a medical or last stages of negotiations. Its down to greedy agents and city not backing down so who knows if its off or on, city will now go and get juan mata as imho a far more talented player.

    We save a silly transfer fee and huge wages, arsenal keep an unhappy player who will walk away at the end of the season on a free.

    Good news for city but not for arsenal as prefer to have players who want to play for the club not mercenaries like nasri, adebayor and bridge.

  42. Kanuella says:

    It would be wiser if wenger bought other players coz todays’ game was the worst of all arsenal games i have so far watched. What a big shame for arsenal.

  43. llk says:

    If you guys are real Arsenal fans, please support and stand behind the team when they need you the most, if not, get out of here. Of course Wenger has to spend, he will spend on Hazard and Jagielka/Cahill. And ok, Arsene leaves and Arsenal boards wont give money for new manager, I am sure he ll do much worse than arsene, even alex ferguson, kanny dahlish, gary neville told us fans to believe in Wenger, those words are not simply just compliment, they get nothing for doing that, they said the truth, I cant believe anyone of those who doubt Wenger ability can be Arsenal fans. Nasri cannot go to Man City not because he wanna stay, because the negotiation broke down, he has to, but as a pro footballer, he must show professional acts. If arsenal can pass Udinese and go to Champions league, Hazard will be here surely, and of course jagielka or cahill

  44. DFO says:

    I want to see Arshavin played centrally when the current midfield is clearly not up to feeding the striker. This is how he got noticed playing for Russia in the euro! Wenger expects total football quality from every player, which I think is why so many are played out of their natural position. Few players can actually execute total football. It requires a ton of heart, brains and experience.

    Ramsay isn’t what he used to be, at least right now. I’m hoping he just needs a few more games to turn it back on, but he’s looking like a rosicky clone this season.

    I worry about Walcott, I don’t think he has the brains required for a successful long-term career, especially once his legs slow down. He only seems to score lucky goals or 1-on-1 with the keeper. He can’t cross (which is awesome for a winger), or regularly beat his man unless he is running full out.

  45. Stubby says:

    @family enclosure man: I have to agree with family enclosure man. Frimpong was great but silly for both bookings, especially the first. why are we crossing into an empty box when we attack though? why use wingers if you dont have a target to hit?

  46. Fuzzy says:

    Samir worked hard today and thats all you can ask for at this point. He didn’t have a good game, far from it. He lost the ball 9 times and all of his stats were actually low (Arsene loves his numbers) a few good runs with the ball does not mean he had a good game.

    All of the midfield was way below par. They all worked hard, even Arshavin, but Ramsey was running on empty, felt bad for him in the end.

    Don’t expect any signings until after the Udinese game, no way we will splash the cash before we know if we are getting the CL money.

    Not a good time to be a gooner at the moment, but keep the faith. If we go out against Udinese and lost at Old Trafford then even the most reasonable of fans will be going mental.

  47. kwame Sarpong says:

    I pray that nasri stays at the emirates stadium, he is very good and wil help the team !

  48. Ryo31 says:

    do u all notice that we we leave lots of space in the middle? it’s like we only have defenders and forwards but not midfielders. Today whenever liverpool gets the ball it was very easy for them to reach the penalty area. Guess we should play high pressure and keep our defenders up till the center of the pitch.

  49. Mironov.the.Dragunov says:

    @cizoo: Yes. Just what Arsenal needs, to lose another good player like Arshavin…? Look, I know, he’s not at his best. He’s gotten old and lost form, but still, he does have sparks of magic at times and he still is quality. Give him another season. He’s gonna do fine. And I’m not just saying this cause I’m from Russia 😛 Arsenal needs an old man such as him. He’s got a lot of experience, and he’s a good play maker. Gooner for life! <3

  50. webby says:

    There were positives today. Through thick and thin a true supporter will remain loyal. Personally i am right behing Wenger, we will get through this tricky period.

  51. MistaKen says:

    Spot on DFO about Walcott. He doesn’t have a football, brain but his pace gets him into scoring positions. Don’t think he will improve but because of his pace he’ll probably score 10 goals a season.

  52. Kevin says:

    It just seems that Walcott started playing football to late.

  53. Mark X says:

    Arshavin worked bloody hard today. Not everything came off for him but he was way more effective than Walcott.

  54. ole says:

    @Savage: True!!

  55. hec says:

    Thoughts on yesterday, Walcott was woeful , Nasri staying for another season , they gonna put up the prices to cover the loss of his transfer fee ? Bendtner was that a joke ? thank god for chesney , again nothing up front, we are poor , we have struglled for a few years with our strikers, they are poor very poor , Bendtner, Walcott, Chamack now Arshavin , that must be the worst strike force in the premier league.

  56. steve chilcott says:

    Thought Nasari’s attitude was great yesterday,our front 3 we none existant due to the midfield not competing, Could see Frimpong being sent off from the start with his mistime tackles, Ramsey put plenty of miles in but was woefull no creativity or passing caught on the ball time and time again, and as for the Bendtner substitution i really dont understand we had 2new signings on the bench who play on wide yet Bendtner who is supposed to be leaving comes on in front of both them and charmac so why is he at the club , and does anyone know why there we so many empty seats at the game this was our 1st home game of the season and against Liverpool

  57. Kevin says:

    So that’s Cappello,Sansom and Graham who are saying we should buy. Please tell me why he is being so stubborn.

  58. Daymee says:

    I have supported Arsenal for 20years+ and I can tell you that money is not pedigree. It will not surprise me one bit if Nasri stayed put and let his contract run down. There is a lot of noise at the moment about him getting lured by the prospect of getting 200k a week. I’m not so sure. I’m 100% convinced that Nasri wants to play for one of 3 big clubs: ManUtd, Barca or RealMadrid. Believe it or not!

    Currently, four teams in England are known to have the stature and pedigree (Man U, Chelsea, Lpool and Arsenal). Man City have loads of money but they have no pedigree. That’s why I’m guessing Nasri is stalling on joining them. I believe he is thinking hard about his future and wants to make the right move at the right time and I don’t blame him at all. It is one thing to get paid 125k and play for a team that is designed to win trophies (ManU) than to get paid 200k to play for a team that has no stability or pedigree (Man City) or a team that will pay 90k or 100k max and is designed to struggle and win nothing (Arsenal). Nasri will be 25 next year and it is the perfect year to join a major club he would likely be looking to retire at. Most people would think that way and Nasri is no different. I would think that way too.

    The bottom line is that Nasri does not see Arsenal as a club he can continue to play and end his career with us. Fabregas spent 8 years with this club and dropped his blood and sweat for the Arsenal. Nasri cannot afford that and I can’t blame him. Arsenal lack ambition. Plain and simple.

  59. Daymee says:

    I believe Nasri is more interested in playing in the other Red of Manchester. That will hurt. It will really really hurt me.

  60. khudka says:

    read this :

    many things will become clear.

  61. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @khudka: oh my, if this is true, then i feel sorry for wenger. everyone wants him out, although he wants the saet things as the fans … he is a victim, stop attacking him!

  62. khudka says:

    @GunnerMacedonia: Everything started when David Dein was out, the only person that helped Wenger in ralations with the board and I want to ask fans, who wants Arsen out, whome do you see replacing him?

  63. xgoonerx says:

    @khudka: there can be many replacements for him such as rijkaard, hiddink, keown, pires, adams, etc.. remember when arsene came to arsenal, everyone knew almost nothing of him and was like, ‘Arsene who?’ why now we must be afraid to change the manager, even to give a fairly unproven ones the chance to guide arsenal? its not about the tactical and monetary part of things, its about having a new mentality, new drive and new change-of-air so to speak in the dressing room.

  64. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @khudka: this explains everything. he does not have money to pay players wages, so he has to go to france, buy players who want lower wages for small fees, and instead of world class players he has to develop them by time. this also explains his thoughts on how he `is looking for the quality players, he is seasrching all the time` actually he wants to sign better players who would get lower wages. i feel sorry for wenger …


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