Aug 20

Depleted Arsenal suffer loss against Liverpool – Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool

Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – Ramsey 78 (og), Suarez 90

An own goal from Aaron Ramsey and a late Luis Suarez second resulted in 10-man Arsenal’s first Premier League loss of the season against Liverpool.

Despite being offside, Suarez helped net Liverpool’s opener, although it was substitute Igansi Miquel’s attempted clearance which bounced off Ramsey’s chest into the net for a freak goal.

Midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong, who impressed throughout his second Premier League start, received a second yellow after a late tackle on Lucas.

To compound Arsene Wenger’s worries, defender Laurent Koscielny was stretchered off in the first half with the Frenchman having back spasms.

Jenkinson – Vermaelen – Koscielny – Jenkinson
Walcott – Ramsey – Frimpong – Nasri – Arshavin
van Persie (c)

Subs: Fabianski (GK), Miquel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lansbury, Miyiachi, Chamakh, Bendtner.


42 Responses to “Depleted Arsenal suffer loss against Liverpool – Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool”

  1. Kevin says:

    Is Arsene Wenger losing the plot or does he not simply care. Wenger OUT!!!!

  2. kathir says:

    Worst performance by Arsenal ever. We desperately needed Fabregas replacement!.

    Feel sad for Van Persie, not even single good pass and chance created by midfield……

    we fans really should be aware of this and find solution……


    we need sneijder… sneijder… sneijder ….
    we need Tevez… Tevez… Tevez….

  3. Rick says:

    Wenger Must Go!

  4. Angry Fan says:

    We are finished. End of. No arguments wenger has got to spend money or walk out the door. We have players who are not up to the job

  5. jay says:


  6. JSP says:

    David Dein said we should all back Wenger in these difficult times!

    Well I think Wenger has created these “difficult times” by not strengthening the team over the past 5 years.

    Get shot of him NOW!!!! The guy has lost the plot. He is fast becoming useless and is holding us back. I fear for our premiership survival this season. Wenger is going to go from Arsenal’s most successful manager to the ONLY MANAGER TO GET US RELEGATED!!!

    Get lost Wenger!!!

  7. MMMMM says:

    You are wrong. We have quality. We need to trust Wenger. He bought us a few great players and we re going to fight for the title. Ryo, Jenkinson, Campbell, Chamberlain, Frimpong (included to the 1st team) will give us a trophy!

    Wenger doesn’ t learn form his mistakes. The guy does it in the transfermarket over and over again. I m fed up with this stubborn guy. Hopefully Kroenke is going to lose his pateince too…

  8. trollz says:

    Walcott and Arshavin are horrible.

    We did ok..but these 2…jeez

  9. Jekyll says:

    The game encapsulated all that is wrong with Wenger’s current squad. You depend on rookies, they make rookie mistakes. He’s proved wrong yet again, but will no doubt focus on the offside goals only. It’s like a slow death – Wenger is wrong, his critics are right, and we’re just waiting for this to play out to its inevitable climax.

  10. Kevin says:

    Even though Frimpong got a red which was silly,when he did play he showed more passion then Arshavin has ever done and that is disgraceful. People who defend Arshavin by saying he should play in the middle are wrong. If he had the ball he would lose it all the time and his fitness isn’t good enough. Szczesny,Sagna, Miquel,Jenkinson,Frimpong fought like lions and Nasri played quite well as well.

  11. AusGooner says:

    Its getting really hard to not be a pessimist these days lads. Frimpong looks like a good prospect, but again, a more experience head would never have been sent off in this situation. Sure he must buy now?

  12. GOONER4LIFE says:

    Time to Go Arsene I’m sorry to say this myself, no more excuses please I’m tired of them I cannot believe you was allowed to field such a weakened squad today you have spent 12 million on AOC a player who we are not getting any benefit from this is a worse team then the one that finished 11th in 1995.

  13. GoonerForLife says:

    But why are we shocked?!?! This team is rubbish and the Manager hasn’t got a clue. All this “In Arsene we Trust” and “Arsene Knows”, it’s all rubbish. Any normal manager after today will admit defeat and start bringing in the reinforcements, but I don’t think that’s Wenger. This is a fun challenge for him, a nice experiment.

    My prediction is he may bring in one more new player but that’s all. My advice, don’t get your hopes up gooners it only causes more pain.

  14. AusGooner says:

    @Kevin: @Kevin: AA23 ran his guts out today mate, his sharpness and final ball let him down, but i don’t question his commitment.

  15. Chris says:

    Wenger out. Deluded arrogant stubborn c•nt

  16. MK says:

    two offside goals… what is the problem with the refereeing in the EPL..

    Not that you guys seem to actually support Arsenal.. but it should have been nil-all.. would you still have been complaining then?

  17. Kevin says:

    Our spine of our team is excellent Szczesny, Vermaelen, Wilshere and Van Persie I wouldn’t swap it for any other team in the league but Arsene has to wake up realise that these players do get injured and also the players around them are not as good.

  18. Stein are olsen says:

    Hello all gooners. I am very sad after the game versus Liverpool today.
    Let us give wenger nine more days,after loosing to Udinese in cl qualifier and
    man u next Sunday,the Board has to sack him ,or else he will destroy Arsenal?
    YOU can`t play kids against grown ups.
    Thougts from north Norway,near the Russian border

  19. xgoonerx says:

    the back line, the rookies, all did very well and was unlucky for the own goal and frimpong’s red card. nasri was good too despite all the media trouble. the same cannot be said about the so-called ‘senior players’ and the ‘backbone’ of the team; RvP, walcott and arshavin are crap, showing no real interest and focus to win. they seem to try, especially arshavin but its obvious they were not really in the game.

  20. fan says:

    every one on the pitch today was playing hard. The main thing arsenal is lacking is Fabregas passing and creativity from the center of the pitch. There’s no one to link up with RVP, 1-2 with Arshavin, no one to put those through balls to Walcott so he can chase down. So yes, we are desperately missing our captain. Wenger need to buy a player of Sneider caliber for us to be contenders again.

  21. Matt says:

    No surprise – what do you expect when we have a manager who has been dragging us down for 6 years….it’s been a gradual process but the exodus of QUALITY and EXPERIENCE has drained us down to such a degree that we now have a side devoid of either and there is no heart or want to die for the club attitude from the players.

    Wenger should have been replaced at least 3 years ago, how much longer must we endure his misbegotten faith in youth! No side has ever been successful with running the type of policy that Wenger has tried….. and this is the 2nd time he has tried it and failed….just go back through the records/archives of Monaco!

    This season is just a continuation of the end of last season and sadly a new manager will have very little to work with …. it is almost to a stage where a complete restructure is needed…. it may be that the top managers will look at this squad and think that it is a no win job and think twice before signing!

    One thing is for sure…..Wenger MUST GO…..before we are in a dire situation at the wrong end of the league!

  22. brendamccorry says:

    you people make me very angry call for Arsene head you suppose Arsenal supporters where we before Arsene came we won nothing from 1991

  23. ole says:

    @MMMMM: Idiot!!!!

  24. Gunners4Life says:

    Agree with fan. Frimpong played well, the weak link in the team is obviously Ramsey, he needs more games, and hopefully he will rediscover his form. We could create chances because we have Nasri. The team showed hunger and passion to win, Vermaelen and Szcesney in particular. Bendtner is overconfident. Now we just have to acquire 1 CB, 1 LB and a creative midfielder who can dictate our play. But signing a player isn’t that easy as we think. Lets hope for the best.

    Arsenal till I die.

  25. ahmed says:

    There was a time i would of been very upset an angry to see my beloved Arsenal lose
    but know i just can’t be bothered and the reason is Wenger, why should i care when he does not.

    the man makes his millions a year and sleeps well when us the average joe’s are feeling the stress
    of the working life and the cheek of this man and the board to increase the season ticket an for what
    a slap in the face.

    Arsenal is fast sinking and it all thanks to arsene, at the end of last season we heard the same old
    tune we are going to spend but yet again juniors who have not played at this level.

    abromovich does not wate time in getting ride of managers who dont bring trophies but
    our board is only interested in making money but they will have the last laugh when the cash
    stops flowing when we out of the top four and mid table.

    peace to all the fellow gunners.

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  27. Jekyll says:

    Brendamccorry – We won a domestic cup double in 93 and the cup winners cup in 94. At least get your facts right. And it is possible, you know, to support Arsenal but not support Arsene. In fact I’d say it’s imperitive now unless you want the club dragged down and down and down.

  28. shane says:

    This is the weakest squad i’ve seen in well over a decade.Either the board won’t spend or Wenger is seriously deluded.We are much weaker this year than we were last year. We need at least one cb, a left back,at least two midfielders and a striker. Walcott and Arshavin were terrible and ramsey was poor. we never looked like scoring even though we were at home. liverpool thoroughly deserved their win.
    on a positive note i was impressed by jenkinson and frimpong.vermaelen and sagna were excellent as usual.
    what was the attendence? there were so many empty seats it was incredible.its nice to have a big stadium but you need marquee players to draw the crowd.

  29. WillyG says:

    A half decent manager would have noticed Frimpong’s temperament and subbed him before he got that second yellow. Not Wenger. He doesn’t belong in a top division football anymore.

  30. Danish Gooner says:

    If he fails to strenghten this team will not win 12 Pl games,mark my word.We are actually degressing at an alarming rate,this Pool team will struggle to finish 5th they are nothing special,i really liked Frimpong he did excellently even tough he was sent off.

  31. ole says:

    If Bendtner joins stoke, that will be a step in the right direction, as they will outplay arsenal this season. We might be going down.

  32. KeviN says:

    Wenger says, he love Arsenal & he is loyal !!! But if he is really loyal & he love Arsenal………plz leave our Arsenal & goooooooo. Wenger’s time is over here !

  33. Hass says:

    Its a good thing we are getting injuries and suspnsion now, because now he must certainly see the need for reinforcement. Jenkinson is beaten everytime, Midfield and attack is all over the place.
    Get Parker, Zarate and Jagielka. We can get the trio for no more than £35m. Their is not need to finance this money as the tranfer chest of ‘£40m’ has not even had its dust removed yet.
    Anyone could have seen Frimpong was going to be sent off today, I made an earlier comment after last weeks game that Frimpong won’t last long becuase he too will get sent off.
    Walcott has been in the first team for two years now and their is no change in the way he plays, trying to dribble past players when he loses the ball under his own footing.
    It would have been great to see Miyaichi, hes the only real young talent to see this year.

  34. ole says:

    @KeviN: Well that might be true, but we would love him be illoyal;)

  35. Hass says:

    Forgot to mention having stingy owners doesn’t help either. They have a transfer chest of £40m availble to spend yet we still have to sell beofore we buy? We won’t even put scratch on that chest by the looks of things all players bought have so far been financed by the selling of Fabregas alone.

  36. GunnerMacedonia says:

    no, the main question is who will play our next fixture against manu? frimpond, song, gerv-all suspended. wilshere injured, nasri off to city, rosicky injured. WHO THE FUCK WILL PLAY IN MIDFIELD AND DEFENCE?

  37. Gabhan says:

    I’m sick of all these fair weather fans. Piss off and support City or Chelski if you don’t love Arsenal. All this over critical media influenced anti Wenger diatribe is tiresome. We fought like animals today with an injury/suspension ravaged side and gave a good impression. Our work rate was top class and we have some real quality, Wojciech was superb as was Frimpong, Vermalen, Miquel, and Jenkinson. Nasri played well too. Get off the back of Wenger before you get your ill advised wish and he leaves. We’ll never have another like him.

    In Arsene we trust.

  38. Nas says:

    all new signing are very fantastic you buy, ya with our historical our players mostly are legend. you try save our club with minimum financial and search talented players but you need think we just lost fab our captain, playmaker, key player and star. with damn shit today and everyday we heard many players was injured…damn please buy hospital in my suggestion and don’t wasting with new signing anymore.

  39. JSP says:

    We are there for the taking now!

    Remember our last 8 games of last season and now the first two this season….1 win only!! This is relegation form and I fear that’s where we’ll end up!!!

  40. Gabhan says:

    @Nas: Proof that google translate is crap.

  41. johnli says:

    It proved to the world that reliance on youth alone just doesnt work. If wenger thought & boasted that we already have a big enough squad, he has to be joking, cos most of the sixteens or eighteens are not really tested in a high tempo match involving a top notch team. Hasnt Wenger got enough from the Carling Cup final debacle which experience & composure were sorely missed and, the failure & psychologically caused the whole team to slide to an unrecoverable level at the moment!

    Its clear enough, we would have changed the result of the game if we had roped in the few big names that wenger knows too well about, and it was very obvious that we needed this experience badly – you can have kids but can you get another rare breed in the mould of our very own Wilshere? Some may perform creditably well, but they have the tendency to crack under pressure. Frimpong lacks the experience obviouly and millions knew that he had a little joey barton’s pugnacious look/behaviour & a red for him was coming very soon! But am surprised, Wenger didnt substitute and sorry for of us gooners – that was the actual real turning point!!

    On the positive note, szcesney & Vamaeleen were excellent and Sagna was great. But blame not our very own and most faithfull RVP who, should have received more link ups to him. Asharvin was off and I would wish that Miyachi would be given the nod which is very much better than our present option on the wing – with the dazzling & amassing work with his feet & his spectacular pace which only very few defenders from the opposite sides would hardly match!

    I am now sick n very tired of myself & my fellow gooners’ having to harp on this sickening issue week in & week out – WENGER, WHY DONT YOU BUY??? For GODSAKE, tell us why! We are not any tacticians, but we definatly know our team lacks certain ingredients to succeed. Please tell us your big plans and we are not going to forgive you if you dont give us at the very worst the CL every year!! I know now, it would be a mighty job now to expect any silverwares this year given the state of despair, but next season, we must HAVE them!! We know your are an exceptional manager and that no other coach can hold a candle to you!! So please get those proven players in boss – ASAP!

  42. WillyG says:

    Arsenal’s record in the last 13 EPL games :
    Win 2 Draw 7 Lose 4

    Wenger Out!!!!


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