Aug 22

Sochaux midfielder Anin linked with move to Arsenal

Sochaux defensive midfielder Kévin Anin could be the subject of a bid from Arsenal in the coming days, according to reports in France.

The 25-year-old, a former boxer and product of the famous Le Havre youth system, wasn’t involved in Sochaux’s match against Nancy on Sunday due to having a ‘sore foot’. However, it is believed that Anin didn’t show up to the game after his agent notified him of Arsenal’s interest beforehand, prompting him to stay at home.

In 2009, Anin was offered a deal at Tottenham following an impressive two-day trial in north London, but the Frenchman blasted the offer from Harry Redknapp’s side as ‘unattractive’.

“Tottenham proposed to hire me on loan,” said Anin. “I was not attracted. I’ve never left home, so if I sign far away from Le Havre I will need time to adapt.

“England makes me dream, but I believe it is wiser to go to a Ligue 1 club before making a name for myself there.”

Anin’s agent, Karim Aklil, also represents Modibo Maiga who didn’t play against Nancy on Sunday either, with Newcastle said to be closing in on the Malian international.

Since joining Les Lionceaux last year Anin has made over 24 appearances for the Ligue 1 side.


19 Responses to “Sochaux midfielder Anin linked with move to Arsenal”

  1. Franny says:

    Why are there no flies around Colney? Because all the Frogs have got them.

  2. athlon29 says:

    we need rather Martin

  3. HighBurry says:

    I welcome every player to Arsenal that want´s to play for the club but that dosen´t necessarily mean that we need them.

  4. Kenneth says:

    One word describes my thoughts on this: underwhelming.

  5. trollz says:


    anybody will do now huh

  6. Godders says:


    Chris any news on M’Vila, Hazard or Jagielka?

  7. frankie frankie says:

    I have seen this guy play quitea few times due to my job and i have to say he is very raw. he can be a bit brutish at times and will probably pick up a few red cards. i dont think he is what we need and with Frimpong being so impressive not sure is needed. He doesn’t have the skill of song but would be a little stronger in the tackle but as i said if we sign him i can a see a red card or two in his future.

  8. ArsenalKS says:

    8 days remaining.
    how stupid must arsenal fans be to belive that the great arsene wenger will make new transfers????

    and why anin? we need to make big transfers not avarage transfers. we have money and we dont spend it, PRIMAAAA WENGERIOS:D:D:D

    a more year without trophies thats what i think.

    (sorry for my english hope you understand it)

  9. Olanrewaju Taiwo says:

    Arsene Wenger has lost it. There are players that he can buy from England can easily adapt to the system in England, but he prefers going to france to buy players of less. Wenger & the so called board members should tender their resignation letters.

  10. bc says:

    Really strange i watched a sochaux match recently because of the Marvin Martin link. I thought what a beast this fella was, he started in DM, but then dropped back to Centre Back where he looked much better.

    Have to say would not be a bad back up, depending on the price. If we could take him and Martin for around £15m that would be good value.

  11. antarchile says:

    We have Song and Frimpong..if they mangage no get suspended that is..Now we would get a former boxer to deal with Barton and the like….great!

  12. Hass says:

    I would get Mathieu Flamini back over these players being linked and over Frimpong and Song as well. I don’t know why at times Song and Frimpong are in more advanced positions than the two attacking midfielders in front of them. IN situations like we are at the moment even getting Hleb back even would be good for Arsenal, since some of the wingers don’t event want to or don’t know how to play.

  13. Please,wenger try to buy this guy anni,hazard,m‘villa,cahill and samba.sir kbo2 m.shinkafa,bauchi-nigeria.

  14. Wizard says:

    We need top guality , playmaker and central defender , No more frogs

  15. sani gambo says:

    i think arsene wenger has a reason 4 doing what evr he like.
    Let him to keep driving without brake, one day he may commit accident like the one commited agaist liverpool

  16. Al says:

    The guy looks like Song LOL, would rather have M´Vila and Hazard

  17. GunnerMacedonia says:

    if it is to judge from one match, manchester united will easily win this season`s pl. look at them: their starting XI, their bench, their charmony between youth and experience. if they play like this against us, we are totaly screwed!

  18. Marty Price says:

    You know the longer this stuff goes on clearly shows that Wenger is probably not at fault. It is clear that he wants to win, but to get the type of players Arsenal needs they clearly do not want to pay the wages. An offer of 90 thousand to Nasri in this day is insulting to your Manager and your fans. It is clear that Fabregas at 110 would command more, they could not bid for Mata because their board refuse to pay the wage a 26 million signing commands. I for one hope that Wenger stays, but it is clear that Kroenke has not been able to bring any sort of change to the board as well. It is clearly a shame that they let their manager catch their flack. New stadium, one of the biggest fan bases in the world and the club appears to be run my mental midgets. So everyone can moan and moan, but until it is demonstrated that the fans are tired of the boards policy the Gunners will always compete for the leftovers of the top three, as they have completely changed the game. Unless they change Nasri will not be the only one out, how will they keep a Wilshire, a Walcott or any other young signing? They will develop and their full potential reached at another club. Wenger has turned down big jobs and his loyalty at Arsenal has been rewarded by the fans but not the board.

  19. […] and the others available. As well as that, we’ve signed someone! A midfielder!!! We’re linked with another one as well. According to the Beeb, we’re going in with £26m for Eden Hazard. Anyone heard of this […]

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