Nasri travels to Manchester ahead of £24m City transfer

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal have confirmed that Samir Nasri will be a Manchester City player shortly, with the Gunners accepting a fee in the region of £24 million.

The Frenchman’s big-money move will be subject to a medical and he will no longer travel with the Arsenal squad to take on Udinese tomorrow evening.

“The move will be subject to Nasri passing a medical and formal registration processes,” an Arsenal statement confirmed.

Nasri, 24, who has spent three years in north London, is expected to put pen to paper on a deal worth £200,000-a-week – over double of what Arsenal were prepared to offer him.

Nasri spent three years with Arsenal after joining from Marseille in the summer of 2008.

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This will only be good business if we reinvest in not just one position but in at least three other positions and Nasri I hope you have the worst career possible from now on.

rusta gunner

Bye u little rat face let’s see u get in front of silva

frankie frankie

A single tear just rolled down my face and that is all the emotion i will show for him. i will just wait to see who wenger buys if anyone?

n1 gooner

Cor this is hard times for us goon’s!


Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis are liars do not believe a word they say from now on.

Wenger out

Well we need at least 4-5 players now. Will never happen, wenger more interested in selling than buying


Losing Fabregas and Nasri in one summer is a disaster. Once again the fans are treated as mugs.

“Our position is always the same – we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him. Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him.” – AW

Well, Arsene. You’ve failed.


He will not be missed, we have replaced him already (Gervinho). But we do need a replacement for Cesc, a new defender and a striker, I’ll be happy!


the problem is not fab and nasri leaving but arsenal replacing them with equally good players.it is open secret that they would be leaving arsenal.why hasn’t the deal been done early enough so that replacements would be found?have the management done it intentionally so they would tell the fans they tried getting replacement but couldn’t and the window is shut?very depressing to be an arsenal fan at this moment all due to a stubborn manager and a selfish board.

its all over it is now, i do not expect any reinvestment. i think we will struggle this season due to a lack of depth and luck. cant see us picking up any points from the top 5. i think we will finish 6th and from now on we have as a collective have to adjust our expectations of the club, the board may not communicate with us as they should but lets face it footy has changed, and those clubs backed with serious cash will prosper and those without will not. we have to hope over the coming years… Read more »

So it’s official. In Wenger’s own words, “we cannot consider ourselves a big club”. Nor he said, can we call ourselves ambitious, if we can’t hold on to our best players.
But we knew we weren’t ambitious, anyway. What a tragedy we’ve become.
” In Arsene we rust.”


We are not big club anymore , only joke . Board greedy bastards are destroyed our great club . Fuck you Peter Hill-Wanker , fuck you Silentfucking- stan and last , Fuck you ivan gazidis . AW I only respect you in memory of old glory days but now is you time to go , so please go back france


u will see Wenger will not buy any player for this summer.He is greedy never ever seen.

Everyoen at Arsenal has lost their minds. The biggest open secrets in worlfootball have been that Fabregas and Nasri were going, and still no replacements. We lost clichy to be replaced by glass bones gibbs who cant even play 1 game without getting injured, and traore, who cant even get into teams his loaned to. Its just a wholesale sell of the biggets players ate club for short term profits. The board and Peter hillwood have gone ttoally senial, like Lady nina bracewell suggested some months ago, korenke is happy tolawd his shares and boost the share price for his… Read more »

arsene wants the big names to stay but its the board thats making the buys and sells. they are greedy, fuctup americans, well-known for their corrupt capitalist minds looking only to deepen their own pockets. they don’t really care for winning; they charge up ticket prices and buy youngsters only to sell them later for profit. i really wish they would one day have terminal-illness that no amount of money can cure so that they know, there are really other things more important than cash such as pride and tradition that The Arsenal is and will forever be.


Expected and prepared myself for those news before they were confirmed. We are definitely a selling club,but i dont want to be all negative,Nasri had to leave this season than him leaving for free next season. The biggest question is will Wenger replace those 2 best players that have gone? The Fans are clueless on the next signings, Arsenal board making profits while fans struggle,shocked and disappointed. Arsenal fan till I die.


Cant blame nasri one bit.. He knew the manager & board could’nt match he’s ambitions a long time ago which is why he was stalling on signing a new contract..

Who can honestly blame the guy? Sagna, rvp & vermaelens next.


According to L´Equipe we are going to bid for Hazard and Anin in the next 24 hrs, Hazard wants to come but Lille wont let him as we wont offer enough, Anin we will sign and thats another inexperienced african in the side! In Arsene we trust……


I am so sad usmanov not get club , he is maybe russian criminal but must better than this american wanker who dont care we win somwthing or no . Only want fans money

Marty Price
The folks here who are pointing fingers at the board are absolutely spot on. If you sign someone for 23-30 million they are going to make more then our present highest salary which was 110…that was ok before the pound fell and taxes went up. It is clear that the board is content to make a profit and stiff the fans. Look at Kroenke’s record in pro sports and compare to Henry’s at Liverpool. The Red sox group spends and wins. Kroenke has a great coach in Denver for his NBA team, but they too just lost their brightest star… Read more »
i knew this was gonna happen, and i am not disapointed, i am just frustrated. why? because nasri leaves, because arsene does not have enough time to replace him, because our boars seems to think football is a shitty game and they dont give a fuck … arsene wenger, you great, capable man, please leave arsenal. not because you suck, you are really great, i respect you, but because you dont deserve to be treated this way. do a mourinho, stand up to them, tell them its you or them who will make the decisions, i just cant stand looking… Read more »

Wenger and d board are mad , go to hell u foooooooool who only want our money. rating u among d richest club in world is fool play in my part

i’m so sick of these fans calling for wenger’s head. do you guys not realize that arsenal’s success in the last 15 years has been attributed to solely this man? if we were to get rid of wenger, who better would we bring in? Arsenal has consistently been in the top 4 for 14 years! very few clubs can boast that record. also, any continued success we may have after he leaves is because of him. he’s created a foundation for arsenal club that will basically never see us fall from grace: new (10 year) academy bringing out new prospects,… Read more »
in arsene we trust

i agree wiv sohail, wenger haz mde da club wat it iz today , wiv out him where wud we b??? if wenger can find da playas wiv da quality lyk nasri n cesc den whoz 2 say dat he wont do it agen? we hve 2 stop, targettinn wenger , hez nt regarded as one of da best managers in da history of football 4 no reason . im sure he haz a plan he haz neva let us down b4 n he wont let us down nw !