Aug 25

Gunners get Marseille, Olympiacos & Dortmund in CL draw

Arsenal have been drawn with Greek champions Olympiacos, Marseille and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League group-stages.

Having progressed through last night’s Champions League play-off against Udinese, the north London giants were handed a tough test with both Olympiacos and Dortmund winning their respective leagues last season.

Midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong admitted on Twitter that the Gunners are more than capable of coming out on top in Group F.

“After the fighting spirit we showed yesterday, we should win this group if we stay focused,” Frimpong tweeted.

Arsene Wenger’s side travel to Germany on 13 September for Match Day 1 against Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund, while Athens awaits in December when Arsenal face an improved Olympiacos team in December for their final group game.

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11 Responses to “Gunners get Marseille, Olympiacos & Dortmund in CL draw”

  1. Man, that’s a pretty tough draw. Think it’ll be between Arsenal and Dortmund for the top. Olympiacos is a LONG trip away from home too. Man City’s group is probably as tough as ours.

  2. John says:

    It was going so well until Dortmund came out of the hat.

  3. jason says:

    bad draw! Btw, goonerchris no more YG/GT fantasy league?

  4. Afc kings says:

    Piece of piss!

  5. menace says:

    Good draw for The Arsenal. Out reserves will do this lot. Our kids will take the beer mug aka Carling Cup, and our boys will win the Premier League. The FA cup is tarnished by Manchester rain so we might not pay it much respect.

    Manchester City will need to buy another £billion worth of players and the tax man might investigate why so little revenue is being generated from such a high payroll.

  6. Adm says:

    A fairly good draw. I think Arsenal have an upper hand against Marseille and Olympiacos. However Borussia Dortmund are much tricky side and play a good football under Klopp. I believe Arsenal will progress to the next round but hope they can buy at least 3 players to strengthen the squad and avoid to be a runner up like the last season.

  7. GunnerMacedonia says:

    i have to say, i was hoping NOT to get borussia dortmund. they play beautiful football, just like us, so these games should be good for the fans and have planty of goals, but there will be 2 very very tough matches. marsaile should be tough too, but i believe we can beat them twice. and wenger, if we play well, do NOT play youngsters till we are sure to finish first. we dont want last year to happen again, ok?

  8. John says:

    I think Dortmund are the most treat but people are forgetting they also lost they best accking player in the summer with Sahin leaving for Madrid.

    The lad’s did well last night in are in the mix and can progress from the group it could have been worse.

    At least we are there and we have a week to try and bring in some players to add to the squad.

  9. Kevin says:

    I think we will go through no problem.

  10. JP says:

    Anyone know why we couldn’t draw Genk or Trabzonspor? They took out our group when drawing the last 3 which automatically gave us Dortmund…??????????????????????

  11. Lord-ballack says:

    we are all doubting bcos we are not sure of our darling arsenal again,all thanks to the stingy nature of our coach wo wil never buy a 20-30million pounds player but would sell his player @ that rate…. Well if he buys,now not children U17-U20 but experience legs in the defence,midfield n attack then we wil become contenders for this years champions league. Wenger please buy either Cahil or Samba they are worth the price!!!!!


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