Aug 27

South Korea captain close to signing for Arsenal

Lille chairman Michael Seydoux has claimed that Monaco striker Park Chu Young looks set to be joining Arsenal shortly.

The 26-year-old was expected to complete the second part of his medical ahead of a move to the Ligue 1 Champions today, but Seydoux said the frontman wasn’t in his hotel room on Saturday morning.

“He’s going to England, I guess he’s going to Arsenal”, Seydoux told L’Equipe.

Chu-Young, who has over 50 caps for South Korea, has attracted interest from several clubs in England including Liverpool and Fulham.

Capable of playing as a second striker, Chu-Young’s work ethic and energy has made him one of the biggest stars in the French football.

A fee of around £3million has been touted for the Daegu-born player, who is expected to have a medical at Arsenal’s London Colney training ground later today.


52 Responses to “South Korea captain close to signing for Arsenal”

  1. Gooner Hass says:

    £80m in the bank and that’s the best we can come up with?! FFS Wenger, spend the money properly?!!! If this is true, I hope theres another big money striker signing being lined up

  2. Dunno! says:

    I am actually delighted with this signing because at 3 million and a player of his callibre as a 2nd/3rd choice striker is really good bussines.

  3. WillyG says:

    Cheap, Wenger’s kind of player.

  4. athlon29 says:

    What about the fact that he must serve in the South Koreaean military some time soon?

  5. HmmGunner says:

    Just give the lad a chance!

  6. Danish Gooner says:

    Chamakh on a free couldnt hit a barn door if it was right in front of him.Kaba Diawara,Wreh etc dirt cheap an absolutely hopeless.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR you tight french wanker.

  7. Iain says:

    WTF is this about- he is hardly prolific, 12 goals last year with NO assists.

    Why oh Why would we want or need to buy an average striker with worse figures than Chamakh???

    With the obviously poor bid we made for Cahill, all of this is the definite actions of a skint club, struggling to find money- which is of course at odds with reality. Enough is enough, we know what we need and if the club fail to deliver before the window shuts then I for one will be boycotting the purchase of any shirts or marketing materials

  8. thenry says:

    this is an excellent signing some of my friends in FRANCE RECKON WE HAVE BOUGHT A VERY GOOD PLAYER. HE HAS A HUGE ENGINE and will do all the chasing up front that some of our other strikers dont do.
    watch barca and u will see villa and messi chasing from teh front we lack that RVP and chamak.
    he is a good replace ment for bendtner.

  9. Patt says:

    Quite a good deal in that the player is decent, got experience and for back up could be pretty good! But we have 60 mil or more in the bank and we still need to replace fabregas and nasri!

  10. Rob c says:

    I have not seen him play but as with most Korean players the are high energy, full of running and usually good with the ball at their feet, he could be our “fox in the box” the we have been missing for some time. Arsene obviously rates him if the story is true and he is not normally that wrong so he will be a good addition leaving plenty of money for other signings, we hope!!

  11. Emma says:

    to hav medic at lille nt in north London. It’ll suprise me to see him at Arsenal.

  12. Rob c says:

    @WillyG: An astute signing, he is obviously good quality and comes for a low fee leaving plenty of money for the big name signings many of you supposed “Arsenal fans” are waiting for.

  13. Kipper says:

    Good signing by Wenger who will make it into a great signing for a former Young Asia player of the year. Talent and hard work makes a great players NOT big transfer fees.

  14. Adam says:

    If this is true it could be a very good signing. Very few people had heard of eduardo before we signed him and look how good he was.

    Danish Gooner, you’re the wanker! In Wenger we trust.

  15. Matt says:

    Look at the comparable second and third choice strikers at any other club; anelka, lukaku at chelsea; berbatov and welbeck (manure); tevez (man city) – How is this a competitive transfer??

  16. bc says:

    This smells of a deal for Hazard, with Arsenal buying this fella, then loaning him to Lille as part of the deal. Either that or we got a big fat custard pie over Hazard, so Wenger has returned one with sprinkles on!

  17. thayur says:

    what u guyz fail to realize is that the guy has an incredible work rate and he is also very hard working two traits that seems to b missing in the current arsenal team. And besyds he could be used as a second striker.

  18. rizki says:

    so, when wenger can sign the top player, huh?!
    where is kaka, sneijder, hazard, arteta, m’vila, and many more?! this is only speculation! please, make fans calm down and happy with our squad that have a quality and mental to win the thropy! this is what we need!

  19. Erik says:

    Godamnit, what is wrong with you “supporters” jesus f***ing christ, what a bunch of negative cun**s.

    Yes, is a typical Wenger signing, cheap and unproven, but so what? How many times has Wenger bought a relative unknown for nothing and turn them into great players? do you all just not have any type of memory?

    Who was the last one you were all moaning about? oh yeah Thomas Vermalaen…. the amount of moaning from the “supporters” was incredible, he is too short, rubbish, weak…. and now he is seen as one of the best defenders in the league.

    So give the damn guy a little bit of time to play before you moan, god sakes! moany whiny bitches FC is what this club is right now.

  20. krillegooner says:

    I think this could be a good buy! His work rate is great which we cant say about any of our other striker and he knows where the goal is…of course we wanted someone like benzema to come in but there arent that many good strikers available with experience etc and no african players is an option…now we go for cahill and hopefully hazard or marvin!!

  21. leftback says:

    He is a bargain at this price. His workrate is comparable to Park Ji-Sung at ManUtd, but has much better shooting and dribbling skills. He will fit in quietly well with Arsenal’s quick one-two passing game. Also, he will not require too many games to settle in the EPL as he’s got a good football brain.

    This is coming from a ManUtd fan in Korea. Good luck on Sunday.

  22. Savage says:

    I’ve always admired the energy and intensity of the South Korean teams. You look at how JSPark at United has always been a problem for us.

    Again, if true, Wenger is looking for players with greater pace and intensity. Gervinho, OC, Ryo, Frimpong – getting us out of first gear, and a good move in my books.

  23. head says:

    I’m really excited about this player. The reason his goals and assists were so low at AS Monaco was that every game he played in he was triple-marked! Park’s been on Man U’s watch list for a couple years now, and he nearly moved to Liverpool earlier this summer. He’s more of a number 10 than a number 9, but has the potential to be top draw.

  24. Jamie says:

    Typical Wenger’s signing. Hey, he did say he’s going to sign a striker, right? He didn’t say that it might be Benzema or any over-hyped players. What’s wrong signing a striker from a relegated club? I mean for £3M? Give the guy a break. I mean, he could be our fox-in-the-box. Rubbish!

    So there you have it, expect to see another Ligue 1 defender and a Ligue 2 midfielder in the near future, cuz Wenger only buys players from that league only. Spend like another £5M on them and yes, keep all the money generated from selling our players in the you-know-who accounts.

    This is what you call ECONOMY.

  25. Jamie says:

    Quality players doesn’t mean you have to spend £40M on a single player. But it’s perfectly okay to sign Championship-quality player at best in this South Korean ace.

    Keep on dreaming, fans. Now, Wenger is clearly lying with the fans. What happened to the transfer money promised to sign quality players? Hey! Even Stoke know how to spend their money.

    Arsenal looks like a Europe League team right now. Shit!

  26. jamaicagunner says:

    This is a very good buy u people don’t watch any other league but the bpl

    Finally rvp will have someone to help him with the free kick cuz this guy is
    A beast at free kicks

    He is also very guick and skillfull and amazingly he is extreamly good with
    His head
    I luv this buy
    Comon arsenal
    From jamaica

  27. sethorunzi says:

    This guy wrecked my country’s world cup chance with a well taken freekick that beat the goal keeper Messi rated high at the world cup for stoping him with over 5 stupendous saves. Also I really don care .. At least he is signing an experienced full international and not a kid wearing pants under a jersey… 3million or not I jave seen this give play, I will have him before chamark… Just hope this true plus Yann M’villa and Cahil, them am ok to have wilshere in an advanced role

  28. Iain says:

    I have no problem with his cost and I think he is skilful and mobile BUT I stand by my earlier comments because Park is not the best we could be getting with our cash, just the best deal. That should not be acceptable at the moment – we have sold two of our best players and needed to strengthen last years squad, which is now actually weaker.

    I dont want Wenger to spend gazillions, but am watching Juan Matas debut for the blue scum and he is electric, – just what we need and COULD have afforded.


  29. in arsene we trust says:

    god i hope dis doesnt mess up da eden hazard deal!!!

  30. GunnerMacedonia says:

    just watched chelsea-norwich, what a player juan mata, i feel so bad we didnt get him when we could. finishing, passing …
    i havent watched this Young dude before, but if wenger sees him as good, i am satisfied

  31. peter says:

    Wat majority of fans don’t know is dat d board has its anual administratv plans wich wenger is executing. Fans nid nt b unaware dat wenger is also a share holder in arsenal. Concerted eforts wl b geared towards profit oriented investment in d club. Wat we are seeing is a scripr interpretation.

  32. MG says:

    Many of you need to trust Wenger. Remember how much we bought Pires for? 7 millions pounds. Seven.

    Don’t judge a player until you see him play for the club. Most of the time, you have to wait and see, let them settle in. Chu-Young, if I go with my guy, like many have already done in these responses, appears to be a great buy and looks to be very helpful in the squad. This is just the beginning.

  33. Yiemann says:

    Stop judging players by the price tag you fuckin moaners! Torres is kinda shit with his price tag. With his work rate and incredible free kick, he’s better 2nd or 3rd striker compared to what we have now. More signing please

  34. madu says:

    wenger’s style i dnt no him bt the boss wants him then he b gud. dnt judge a player with price look at karl, vem this are all gr8 player

  35. gunner says:

    where is Elia,M’vila,Cahill or Hazard mr.Wenger? :/

  36. gunner says:

    i wish: cahill,elia,marvin and be happy 😉 but the lb…but nothing…

  37. Mukanya says:

    Spot on Arsene.Get lost all of you who think this is not a clever signing. You know nothing about this guy, So shut the fuck up or support Man City.

  38. james c says:

    if hes got the energy of park at man u then 3 million seems like a gd deal as a back up player but rite now we dont need back up players we need first 11 players to replace cesc fabregas and samir im a money grabbing cunt nasri.

  39. wale says:

    Kudos to AW, atleast he will be replacing Nicklas B. I think he should also go for a DM & a CB. They don’t have to be 50million pounds but atleast we should get decent players that will fight for the team.
    I’m beginning to appreciate that 4th position & i know very soon AFC will come through. I’m not really expecting a cup but every win will be a cup to me.

  40. chris from Cambridge says:

    Wenger reminds me of Kevin Keegan when he blew it at Newcastle, those years ago. He kept buying more and more strikers and let the defence take care of itself. Where is the midfield creativity with Cesc and Nasri gone ? We don’t have any.

  41. chris from Cambridge says:

    I think the Arsenal business model must be … buy players who may / should appreciate in value – not depreciate. If so, the Directors should say so … rather than letting Wenger take all the flack.

    If it’s not the business model and it is simply Wenger not wishing to lay out real money … he is a xxxx.

  42. Nas says:

    1. Ryo Miyaichi (19 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? The Dutch media gave him the nickname “Ryodinho” after comparisons to Ronaldinho. He has also been branded the Japanese Messi – Source – (

    2. Gervinho (24 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? In his first season at Lille he scored 13 times in 32 appearances for the side. – He represented his country at the 2008 Olympic tournament where he was captain – Club career statistics – 163 Appearence / 50 goals / 23 assist – Source – (

    3. Joel Campbell (19 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? On 6 August Costa Rica media reported that Campbell was set to sign a five-year deal with Arsenal after rejecting Sevilla and Fiorentina – Top scorer CONCACAF U-20 Championship – Source – (

    4. Carl Jenkinson (19 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? Carl Jenkinson signed for Arsenal in June 2011, for an undisclosed fee thought to be around £1 million. – Internationally Jenkinson previously represented England, his country of birth, but later switched to Finland – He scored his first competitive international goal in a 6–2 win against Moldova – Source – (

    5. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (18 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? Oxlade-Chamberlain finished the season with 10 goals and was named in the PFA League One Team of the Year for the 2010–11 season – Oxlade-Chamberlain is the son of former Stoke City, Portsmouth and England international player Mark Chamberlain.[17] His uncle, Neville Chamberlain, was also a professional footballer – Source – (

    Close signing – Park Chu-Young (26 years old)
    Why he go arsenal ??? Park was named the Asian Young Footballer of the Year by the Asian Football Confederation – During the season, he was offered to Guus Hiddink’s PSV Eindhoven but a transfer fee couldn’t be agreed on – AFC Asian Young Footballer of the Year: 2004 – Source – (

    Still Uknown

    1. Yoann Gourcuff
    2. Eden Hazard
    3. Danilo Pereira – ” New Patrick Vieira ”
    4. Gary Cahill
    5. Alex – Chelsea
    6. Marvin Martin
    7. Kévin Anin
    8. Eljero Elia
    9. Per Mertesacker
    10. Christopher Samba
    11. Scott Dann
    12. Lucho Gonzalez
    13. Bastian Schweinsteiger
    14. Mario Gotze
    15. Mathieu Valbuena
    16. Alan Dzagoev
    17. Andre Ayew

    Thanks !!!

  43. stetopgun says:

    before coming on here moaning watch this man on youtube yes man not a boy if was a boy your be moaning as well he is very good
    how i rate him out of 20
    pace 18
    shooting power 19
    long shots 18
    work rate 20
    passing 18
    dribbling 15
    balance 16
    finishing 15

  44. stetopgun says:

    anyone watch game to Cahill dint look great he cut a few balls out and thats about it he looked luzzy and was out of position alot im not sure he is the one for us
    from what i saw i rate Koscielny more but thats just me but i dont think he be a big hit if we sign him we will see

  45. jamaicagunner says:

    These arsenal fans are so hard to please we by younng u complain we buy
    The cappo of his counntry u complain

    U fans are just so stupid wake ur arss up cuz guest what we are not man city
    We are not manu or the other 2 or the only team in spain
    Chelsea spent 50 mil on torres u. See how that’s working out

    Get real people or get a new team simple as that if u don’t like the way we run our club
    Feel fry to jump on the money train

    Arsenal for life
    From jamaica

  46. GunnerMacedonia says:

    any news? yesterday all these bombing information, and today nothing. keep us updated please.
    anyone seeing nasri? idk why i feel so much anger towards him, i was ok with him leaving. but seeing him assisting dzeko and then all those hugs… damn, i feel like he never loved playing for arsenal, he never had passion

  47. Kevin says:

    Poor performance so far Arshavin is just terrible.

  48. jamaicagunner says:

    I luv my club god know I do but if
    We don’t. Buy some help and no I don’t
    Mean 30mil help just some exp players
    To help out the already good players we hae

    Arsenal now
    Arsenal forever
    Arsenal for life
    From jamaica

  49. Jay says:


    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


  50. james c says:

    i taje is this website is just the same as the arsenal board and arsene wenger u post a cooment that they dont like that critices the board and it gets deleted so ill say it again SACK THE FCUKIN BOARD. WE ARE A CLUB IN TURMOIL AND WILL B LUCKY TO GET INTO EUROPA LEAGUE NEXT YEAR we arent gona finish above utd,city,chelsea and i ant see us beating liverpool either just prsy we finish ahead of tottenham.

    arsenal till i die but please spens sum money im not askin for 38 million on one player like aguero but there are decent players out there that will cost 10 – 20 mil and will dramatically improve our team.

    wenger forget cahill lets get samba and shawcross.

  51. Craigo says:


  52. Pozdny says:

    One Japanese, checked.
    One Korean, checked.
    Now, get that damn league title!


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