Aug 29

Arsenal set to sign André Santos

Arsenal have agreed a fee in the region of £6million with Fenerbahce for Brazilian left-back André Santos, according to reports in Turkey.

The Turkish side confirmed to the Istanbul Stock Exchange that Santos is in talks with an un-named club, although Gooner Talk understands that a £6million bid from Arsenal has already been accepted.

Santos, who will provide competition for injury-prone Kieran Gibbs at left-back, is expected to fly to London tomorrow ahead of penning a 4-year deal with Arsene Wenger’s side and undergoing a medical.

The 28-year-old has played for Brazil on 22 occasions and joined Fener from Corinthians in 2009, while his signing will provide much-needed cover in the full-back position for Wenger after the departures of Gael Clichy and Armand Traore.

Meanwhile, myself and The Goon Blog will be hosting a Live Transfer Deadline Day blog from tomorrow morning, with all the latest information being sourced and revealed in what is expected to be a busy day for Arsenal.


75 Responses to “Arsenal set to sign André Santos”

  1. louis says:

    his good going forward from left back but cant defend. just like our whole team. good with the ball but very poor without it.

  2. gunnerman says:

    Fantastic News!! He is a very stylish player. Very CHEAP for a DECENT PLAYER!!!

  3. Damien says:

    Excellent. Another on the cheap signing. A average left back instead of a top quality one. WTF is going on at the club!?

  4. Geoff says:

    Never trust a Brazilian with two names.

  5. Dan says:

    @Damien: How do you know he is average? Are you telling me your an avid watcher of Turkish Football? He can’t be that average with 22 caps for Brazil – I think he will prove to be a decent signing.

  6. reece says:

    damien, name a top LB thats available? yeah idiot, also don’t judge people on the past but on how they play for the damn team

  7. Lambert says:

    Lads, if he cant defend, then why is he the Brazilian national team first choice LB?

  8. Nick says:

    He’s cheap because he’s coming from Turkey. And no player that is a regular starter for Brazil is poor. He’s quality, but not the answer to all our problems. We still need 3 more central players.

  9. scatman john says:

    never trust a brazilian with one name nower days…. denilson

  10. AG says:

    Some of the comments is that he is a decent defender. A few weeks with coaching at Arsenal and he will be useless.

  11. natty says:

    Mark my words, Wenger has gone mad and should be locked up in the basement at the Emirates. First the Korean now this guy, SHAMBLES!!!

  12. LewGooner says:

    Gilberto Silva – not a bad player with two names

    Damien – do you have that much knowledge of the player before judging him???
    I don’t but on arsenal action there have bee some arsenal fans from turkey and cyprus speaking very highly of him.

  13. jim says:

    he cant even wear his top the right way round

  14. Biscuit says:

    @ Geoff what about Roberto Carlos?

  15. Salsa says:

    this guy sucks

  16. Samuel says:


    Yeah to think he is buying Brazil’s first choice left back! What a mental! And also Monaco’s best player who fans of French football rave about and was to go to the champions! What is he thinking? Why isn’t he buying Messi?

  17. Morons everywhere... says:

    Unbelievable… Wenger signs an experienced brazilian international and people complain!? I mean WHAT. THE. F*CK. is wrong with our ‘supporters’!?

  18. JSP says:

    God help us!!!

    Wikipedia has him down as ours already. I bet the Turks couldn’t wait to update the website…..quick let’s get rid of the pile of poo!!! :-)

  19. Hifi says:

    What’s going on at Arsenal? They don’t have a sugar daddy owner, that’s what is going on. They are careful with the transfer and that is good. Otherwise they could end up to be another Leeds with the stadium payments on their back.

  20. frankie frankie says:

    Wenger has left it so late to sign a player i think this m,ay have been the best option out there at the moment. The fact that Enrique looks so good for liverpool makes it harder to understand why wenger didn’t try for him but i will take andre santos over traore and gibbs.

  21. JSP says:

    Surely alarm bells should be ringing at The Emirates. After all it’s a player we are interested in that Liverpool aren’t after as well once they see we want him!!!
    See they want Benihill from Chelsea now just because Arsenal have been linked with him!
    Joe Cole, Stewart Downing, Gary Cahill, etc etc. The Scousers do their transfer dealing like Moanrinho…lets see who Arsenal are after!!!

  22. Arsenal says:

    He’s the equivalent of Jose Enrique, and has been capped 26 by Brazil, hardly a bad player if you ask me. He provides experience and I think we can all agree, better than Gibbs or Traore (thank god for leaving). Not super star, but he’ll do the job day in day out.

  23. ARNOLD JAY says:


  24. bobbyp says:

    Geoff, that was very funny fella. Made me laugh. Cheers.

  25. Clive P says:

    I am relieved Gibbs cannot last a season and we have a man at left back. I’m happy. Need Cahill, M’villa next to make 4 after our Korean friend. then back in January for a big name centre forward. We have to make Arsenal attractive again.

  26. Jonas says:

    we have to buy cahill not santos because we can let vermaelen play on the left -back!

  27. manuel says:

    well at least his 28 with 22 international caps which means his expeienced, and good with the ball.

  28. leitrimgooner says:

    waht the feck is going to happen next at the soap opera that is arsenal where is baines, a striker no one has heard of no CB or Cm my god every body knows what arsenal needs the players they need its been that way for five years its pathetic goining to the emerites is a pricy day out not to mention away days jerseys arent cheap sky to watch that tripe against man utd still thay wont listen to the fans im getting fed up and fast no ambition just worried about the bank balance mid table mediocoraty awaits

  29. Nick says:

    Great news! So much has been made of Arsenal’s need for central defenders and mid-fielders that not many have mentioned the need for a left-back. Traore has gone today and Gibbs has never looked good enough to me to step into Cliche’s boots… Good Luck Andre Santos!
    In Wenger I Trust 100%.
    Shame on you Gooners that doubt him. It’s the board who are to blame for not being more transparent to the supporters about how much exactly Wenger has to spend.
    10% of my salary goes on 2 Arsenal season tickets. The board should swallow their Old Etonion views about how to conduct business and consider that Season Ticket holders have a steak in the club too.

  30. GoonerGaz says:

    I know nothing of this guy, but he maybe on his way to Inter instead to replace Davide Santon.

  31. Jonas says:


  32. The royal arsenal says:

    This is so sad. He sucks and second rate like the rest of the current squad. Cheap bastards buying average talent.

  33. Oskar says:

    Don’t forget that he comes with Champions League experience as well! Great buy if it happens

  34. Van Plenty says:

    Dont tell me he will be loaned out to FC Salonica until the end of the season or Fernebache want 7.5m and Wenger decides to pull the deal.

  35. Jakup says:

    Santos! Probably a good choice in the given circumstances, but let me say few words at what is actually trully going on at Arsenal FC.

    As days go by, we have come to finally understand that it is not only Venger’s fault why Arsenal is crumbling down, and why they have applied the youth policy in the club. It appears that there is a consensus in the Arsenal board to continue with this policy with all its costs. The reason being: it is financially more viable than investing more money and winning silverware. This explains why Arsen Wenger is spared this long by the board, and that is because they are part of it. In fact Wenger is suffering in the public with his press conferences, to obscure the internal policies in Arsenal board.
    But where doe the funs stand in this triangle, and is there anything they can do to change this policy?
    Here is the answer: The policy the Arsenal board has applied, can survive only owing to the tickets the Arsenal fans pay. But Arsenal fans pay these tickets with so high price based on the ambitions and the standards the club had set in the past owing to a large number of Arsenal fans that have been paying the tickets, but also a good management owing predominantly Arsen Wenger. In the meantime, the Arsenal club has increased the prices, whereas the quality and efficacy of Arsenal fc has been going down. Fans have been suffering for many years now, and they have been let down. The club exists because of fans and owing to the fans. Therefore, Arsenal fans feel they need to do something, and they can. Here is what they can do: They can send a LAUD message to the board and to the Arsenal club, that they will not buy tickets, and they will not go to the Emirates stadium until the club policy has changed substantially. They cannot continue to use Wenger as a scapegoat anymore.

  36. kc says:

    Brilliant news!! Left back was a position we needed to replace for sure. I thought we missed out on a good deal for Enrique but all is well if we sign Santos. Now Cahill, Gotze, Park, and Bennayoun next and we’re in business.

  37. True gooner says:

    Thank you Nick- all this negativity jas affected our players and morale is far more important to a team then some £30mil marquee signing. Now admittedly a big name player can improve morale but we have to face facts-if there was a world class player available for £30mil then City, Chelsea., Malaga, that random russian club etc etc would have already signed them and given them £200,000 a week to boot. We can’t compete and I don’t want us to anyway-all those clubs are ruining the beautiful game and I don’t want to be a part of it. Arsenal have always been correct about how they play the game including with the transfer of players- and getting great players for sensible money is what Wenger does, and he is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best in the world at doing this. He may get it wrong sometimes but fat more often he gets it amazingly right. Having said this, I am extremely disappointed with our board-and they need to go. I don’t know if its Kroenke, Usmanov or the power vacuum that the two major shareholders have left, but it needs to be sorted out, and now. Arsenal is ours-you can’t take it away from us no matter what ‘buisiness plans” you may have. Arsenal play football and play it with the best of them dispite financial disadvantages, so either follow our ethos or get lost. Gooners unite, in Wenger I still trust. Arsenal for Arsenal and its
    Great history, culture, fans and players.

  38. Youri says:


    His not in the first team, he is not even in the squad for the match against ghana. Inform yourself!

  39. aw says:

    hmm.. strange buy.. seems to be another offensive player as he plays left wing for FB >.< why, if we were after a lb, didnt we go after Enrique? Or Izaguirre or whoever who knows how to defend… yes, yes, lets give him a chance first.. obviously, but its a bit of a weird one for me.

  40. bc says:

    1 CM MVILA
    1 CF PARK


  41. LeePitt says:

    WTF is wrong with our fans??? I was at old Trafford and we sung our hearts out for team that lost 8-2 yet arm chair fans it on here slagging AW off all the time! Now we slag our manager for signing a LB who plays for brazil….. Shameless!!! Who was Sagna before we got him, who was trying to sign Vermarlern??? Cesc and Nasri I guess were shit too!!

    We need to start showing support not slagging off everyone….. Yes we got beat and badly and had some awful players and some not trying but do u really think the most successful manager in our history doesn’t see it??? It ain’t football manager when buying and selling we got players to shift who are on demanding big wages we trying to buy ppl like mata offering 75k a week and he goes Chelsea on 140k we offer Nasri 110k he gets 200k we sell Clichy for 7m who has 300 perm games and CL exp yet trying to buy Cahill but Bolton want 17m for a guy who has 3caps and no CL exp. Football has gone mad.

    Club needs to show ambition buy buying top players but we need to offer wage packets to keep them or we can offer money for all the players but sign none or go for samba’s and cahill’s of this world rather than Subotic or Hammels etc

    We are arsenal and we support them till we die!!!!!! AFC 4 life!!!!

  42. adam t says:

    Should of bought Enrique for £5M, but at least its a buy! maybe…

  43. Steve says:

    @Morons everywhere…:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!!! This is ridiculous!! What do people want. This looks to be a fantastic signing! I like Park too. Arsenal will be OK. People need to relax!

  44. john says:

    what a bunch of cheap skates the next i buy a ticket for the emirates i will put a bid in for £10 wonder if i get a ticket

  45. Clive P says:

    Football is becoming the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots’ – city v spurs, barca v villereal, Madrid, Man yoo v Arsenal…slaughters. We are in a position where we have to clarify our transfer strategy. Honesty is all fans want. I’m not one for 35m signings etc but I see no reason why Ashley young is playing for Man yoo when he trained over the hedge at Colney. there is plenty value out there still but we seem slow in our dealings. Jones, Smalling, Young ll targets lost. Sharpen up Arsenal. Santos is a good player. I’m happy if true. a back 4 of Sagna, Cahill, TV and Santos has a great balance. We need M’Villa as Song has just been signed up by Darren Dein and that means he will be off soon. Get Mvilla in and wait for Frimpong who is going to be a star. tough day today….lets hope the next 2 days brings some unity to Arsenal Football club

  46. pablo says:

    @Geoff: lol

  47. YOUSSEF says:

    I don’t understand you arsenal fans:
    you are asking for reinforcements and once it’s done, you are questionning the buy as if you are experts and you know all the players in the shut the fuck off and trust the man who put your expectations in the level you are now !!!
    don’t forget it, it’s because of him you’re asking for trophies…Think about it !

  48. bc says:

    What is wrong with peopl?, this fella has more international caps than Baines, Cissokho, Enrique, Clichy, Gibbs and Traore put together!

    He is also an excellent winger!

    £7m with Champions League experience

  49. Abe says:

    @jonas, salsa, natty

    I think you 3 tw**s need to shut your pie-***s, spewing garbage from start to finish, makes us wonder if u are really Arsenal fans. At the moment, we are trying to solve the current problem, so we are digging more to find who is f***** with the club, is it AW, board, Stan or combination of two of these?! We don’t really need this now from you, we know what we need 2 CB, 1LB, 1MF, 1 CF.

    We don’t need AW’s excuses, we have the money, we are still in champion, we need to spend and get quality into the team,if the deadline passes and we don’t get this [5-6 players], there will be repercussion, serious repercussion, mark my words.

  50. John says:

    Enrique would have been a safer option as he has PL experience the first question a manager should ask when signing a defender is can be tackle what’s his positioning like. These are the two most important qualities needed if he can offer something going its a bonus look at Sagna exellent full back not so great crossing the ball. The fact that we are signing an attacking wing back who is suspect defending sums up why the club got hammered by Utd its a f**king joke

  51. Arsenal1Again says:

    He is exactly the same as Gibbs but without the injuries. Gibbs is good at going forward and Gibbs is more like an out and out left winger rather than a left full-back.

    The Brazil team always plays with a pair of wing-backs 2-5-2-1

    Attack is the best form of defense. Santos signals a change in formation.

  52. Edub says:

    Some of you guys are a disgrace! Short term fans with memory loss! Arsenal have been punching above their weight for years and has been instrumental in bringing the club amazing players. You haven’t seen some of our new signings play and you’re already writing them off as failures!? Arsenal fans, really!? You need to go and support a team that can guarantee you silverware immediately. Man utd, Man city along with Chelsea are probably your best bets. Be gone! If the Guardian do a poll to see if we can get rid of the fake spoilt fans I will sign it and develop alias names to sign it again! In Arsene, Wilshere, Frimpong, Van Persie and all the others I trust

  53. Gil says:

    Andre Dos Santos Oliveira is a good player. Thank God we had him for cheap bcos he is coming from the Turkish league. And i bet u, i ve watched Park play, he is a brilliant striker with better strikin rate, good assists and good with free kicks. I think this is a time we get behind the team and support them

  54. Zizi says:

    Well said Edub.

    We’re supporters, so lets support teh club through thick and thin!! I remeber teh times when Arsenal finished 12th, we’ve been spoilt with this caviar football.

  55. Lambert says:


    Bro, he has 22 caps in the national team and won the Confederation Cup with them, plus has CL experience, so good enough for now.

    Baines was probably not possible (if he was, then I bet Citeh, Chelsea or sb else would lure him out), and yes, I would prefer Aly Cissokho, but Santos still seems to be a quality signing.

  56. Mikel aniekan says:

    I love santos he is very skillful on his overlaps dis will be a very gud addition 2 the team. pls more of dat mr wenger bring in cahill zarate arteta n harzard. dont 4get dat we will lose Gervinho in january 4 Afcon

  57. bc says:

    There are hundreds of great players outside of England and Spain you know, how people can think that Enrique is better than this fella is beyond me. We now have have 3 of the best 10 left backs in the world Vermaelen Santos and Gibbs.

    FFS, just chill. The cash is being spent, this is great hunting by Wenger and his wing play is something else. And yes i have seen him play many times, my best pal is a fenerbache fan and has turkish satellite.

    I am telling you he is the Brazilian Gareth Bale but with more tricks and without a Monkey’s Head!!

  58. Kaz says:

    He has actually been playing as a winger recently and scores lots of goals…… This lad is a good good signing

  59. irish gooner says:

    at last some good news,,we could be in for a few suprises by wednesday night,,,,,,fuck the useless so called fans who are already talking shit about this lad,,,he is 28 years old,,plays for brazil ,,,leave the scouting to the real scouts and stop taking shit on a computer pretending to know how good he is…..AFC4life!!!!! not just when we are winning!!!

  60. @LeePitt:

    It is refreshing to read well thought out and mature comments from some Arsenal supporters rather than the immature ijaculations of so many media hoodwinked pseudofans. Respect.

  61. Jacob says:

    I am so happy to night about the new of Andre Santos arrival,I just hope it is true,seen the guy a few times already,he is very slik,fast and ready to roll,I have been depressed since yesterday,I just wish we can bring in CahilL and may be a more attack minded midfielder if not wait till january for Hazard. For those who dont know Park the south Korean attacker,He is far better that Bentner and chamark

  62. Turkish says:

    Hi guys,

    I am a Fenerbahce fan, who live din the UK for quite long time so I know the both leagues.

    First of all Fenerbahce is in trouble at the moment thats why we sell players otherwise we wouldnt sell Santos.

    Santos has a great technique, his finishing is better than most of the world class wingers. You can search on youtube. His dribbling skills are awesome. 2:06 tells it all.
    However he might be a lazy player sometimes. Having difficulties coming back and he is not very strong. He likes defending more with his mind than his power.

    He played with Roberto Carlos at Fenerbahce for a year so he learned from him as well.

    I can easily say that he is much better than Enrique. I have been monitoring Arsenal for years and you never had a left back like him before. He has a different style. Real Madrids Marcelo is his substitute in the Brazil national team!

    Good buy!

  63. Paul says:

    Enrique is better.

  64. Reuben says:

    U gunners fan u kan say it al ova again?

  65. Reuben says:

    Some arsenal fans dnt av d hrt n mind 2 have a patient b4 arsen is nt d rite man 4 d job bt now wenger is d best man 2 handdle d job, shameless fans?

  66. Alex says:

    Ball control and attacking are amazing. Big hopes for him

  67. tariq says:

    whoever blames the board n not wenger u better think twice!! lets assume that the board r cheap n they dont give wenger any money. he still could’ve bought PROVEN players like mexes (free), brown (4 million), barton (2 mill- i know no one wants him), parker (10 mil), arda turan (10 mil), mexes (free), forlan (10 mill), shay given (4 mill) there r HEAPS of more players that i can name but htis is just to name few of them, so whoever keeps on defending wenger better think twice! he doesn’t buy proven players just cuz he wants to show the he can buy unknown players from mickey mouse clubs n turn them into great players. We all respect wenger for what he has done but he takes us for granted n now were joke!! nothing against jenkinson but who knew abt him?? he wasnm’t even one of the best young talents in championship! he couldn’t even break into charltons’ first XI n now 1 month in arsenal n he already played against manchester united, liverpool n champions league football. I bet he cant even believe it. when was the last time we bought a player for a club as big as arsenal? liver, inter, ac ? henry, bergkamp don’t tell me silvestre. the thing is all of the players who come to arsenal view us as a step up n if we buy players from a top team it would probably be cuz they cant even break into their team, lassana diarra, silvestre etc. im telling you wenger buys young players so that he has an excuse after every match we loose “our players r young” sounds familiar right? 5 years ago every1 expected by now will have an experience team we had hleb 24-25 rosicky 24-25 van p 22-23 reyes 23 toure 25 senderos 22 then walcott bendtner denilson song djorou etc 16-18, so by now we should have a fully exprienced team but guess what the expeirenced players get sold n the kids walcott n djourou n song take over n r replaced with other wallcots n bendtners who r 17-18 yrs old like frimpong joel campbell n chamberlain. WE WILL ALWAYS BE A TEAM FULL OF KIDS AS LONG AS WENGER STAYS! HE THINKS HE OWNS THE CLUB N TAKES US FOR GRANTED + we pay for the most expensive tickets in the world to see the likes of jenkison chamberlain frimpong gibbs djourou (no disrespect) NOT the likes of fabregas iniesta xavi messi (best players in the world). dont get me wrong ill always support arsenal with or without wenger n the board n fans hast to realize that wenger is not bigger than the club as it may seem now that he is. whoever says in wenger we trust, i say in wenger we fail!.

  68. Daz says:

    We lost 8-2 at man united but we did score two goals including a missed penalty without wilshere and gervinho and any other attacking signings we might get. And our whole back four could be different against swansea after the break with sagna vermalen cahill/Alex/jagielka and santos now!.. And players coming back from injury and suspensions, a bad start to the season but things looking up for the Arsenal!

  69. Tiago says:

    I am Brazilian so I know him pretty well and I tell you: he is reeeally shiit!
    I don’t know a single person here that supports him even as a substitute for the Brazilian national team…
    You can’t imagine how happy I was when I found out he was not called up for the upcoming friendly against Ghana. Marcelo from Real is miles away from him!
    Bad news this one… really.

  70. Roland C Rozario says:

    The new signings are treackling in and they are good ones.
    I am sure at least 2 more will be in before the window ‘of opportunity to purchase’ closes!
    Lets keep our heads up and support The Gunners ALL THE TIME ……

  71. dan says:

    we want DAVIDE SANTON from Internazionale!

  72. Anon says:

    Andre santos is a good LB and atleast he has experience. Jenkinson and Gibbs are too young and need direction by experienced CB’s and considering Vermaelen is the only experienced good CB they always stray away from their positions. to be honest he is not ‘world class’ but the only ‘world class’ LB’s in the league are Cole and Evra. Thank god we signed him.

  73. Mitti says:

    According to several german Media, we have agreed terms with Mertesacker for a
    fee in the region of €11 million

    I’m pretty confident that this is legit and I’m very interested to see if how he performs in the PL. Imo he is a little slow/clumsy, but I’m still happy with this transfer

  74. ole says:

    @dan: No we don`t, Mertesacker is done, Santos and Park. Good work in two days, midfielder and a winger will be next and even another centre back;)Or not, its going in the right direction.

  75. @Edub:
    can say better than this brother, you hit the nail.


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