Aug 29

Traoré closes in on QPR move

Armand Traoré will finally get his move to Premier League new-boys QPR today, after undergoing a medical at their Harlington training ground earlier this afternoon.

As first revealed by Gooner Talk almost a fortnight ago, Arsenal agreed to loan Traoré out when left-back Kieran Gibbs returned to full fitness during the current international break.

However, with that break now beginning it seems as if a permanent deal could be on the cards for the Senegalese defender, giving Arsene Wenger’s side the time to bring in a replacement before the transfer window closes on Wednesday.

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24 Responses to “Traoré closes in on QPR move”

  1. Charlie says:

    Not much time now to find a LB as well as Cahill and a midfielder! Here’s hoping for a frantic few days

  2. ASNLthruNthru says:

    should’ve sent him packing years ago.
    he was s**t against ManU

  3. arsenalwifebeer says:

    he is not the best but i dont agree at selling without replacing. that’s 2 left backs gone this season. Gibbs is always injured. unless of course Wenger has something up his sleeve

  4. james c says:

    agree with the comment b4 this 1 but at the moment he is the only left back we have we need signings and fast

  5. Leon says:

    Yes – fantastic idea Wenger you bloody maniac sell one of only two remotely experienced left backs. We had defensive frailties last season so what does this mentally retarded cretin do ? He sells our best left back and back up right back and signs a right back not good enough to break into the Charlton first eleven. Wenger will NOT sign any “super quality” players because he is a USELESS, INCOMPETENT and BLIND manager. Kroenke is the cancer of Arsenal sucking the life and spirit out of the club – he is even worse than Hicks and Gillet taking the money and pouring it into his American franchises. We DESPERATELY need Usmanov and Dein at the helm not what we have – Arsenal are dying….

  6. Gooner Steve says:

    If the plan was to sell Traore, why didn’t we buy Enrique for £6m instead of letting him go to Liverpool? A proven, experienced left back with Premiership pedigree who could slot straight into the side.

    Knowing Wenger, he’ll replace Traore with a 17 year old nobody from the Belgian Third division for £100,000 who might be good in 2015.

  7. YOUSSEF says:

    I hate comments like the one above.
    it simply shows that you don’t think before saying anything. Yes, it’s frustrating to lose 8-2 but please think before saying a word.
    You said that Jankinson is not a good player, when he has done some great matchs for us in CL and also in EPL.
    yesterday, the whole team was not good, so don’t say bad thing about a single player…
    Wenger will bring players and he started alredy with park, wait and see, we still have 3 days and you may change your opinion…
    It’s just the beginning and I really hope and I know that the future will be better

  8. Alex says:

    This only tells me one thing, perhaps he is planning to bring in a LB after all?

  9. danny o'tobs says:

    even if traore is a crsp,which i totally agree with.AW cant afford to loose another defender now.we are in tatters and wenger is making us more tattrous at the back.

  10. Adm says:

    One of the best riddance by Arsenal. Clearly shit against Utd.

  11. ken says:

    Wenger has decided on new tactics as Arsenal are unable to defend he has decided to sale all his defensive minded players and play 10 attacking players in an attempt to outscore the opposition

  12. ole says:

    @Alex: Listen Wenger is senile and don`t know what leaves the club, he sell him to make place for another CD and will use Kos/TV5 at left back when needed. AW has already fprgotten he sold Cesc and Nasri.

  13. martin cccc says:

    Let’s just look at the defensive signings AW has made shall we?

    Crazy horse….cant eve remember his name

    Look at what he inherited when he took over from GG


    Tell me if any off his signings have been anywhee near these apart from Sol Man

    I’m a massive AW fan but after yesterday he needs to look to see ifhe has come to the end of the road!!

    Berkamp& Keown 1 & 2 at Arsenal for me

  14. chris from Cambridge says:

    Fair comment. And another thing… Traore isn’t much good but who do we now have who can play left back ??

  15. Arsenal need to spend period

  16. Thabani says:

    I would like to write to Mr Wenger personally after yesterday. Anyone know I can do this? The whole Arsenal squad needs a revamp

  17. ter says:

    wengers gone mad its a simple as that. Its basiclly a whole sale of the players to make as much money as possible for the directors, while charging the fans the most expensive tickets in world football. Wenger can fuck of, so can the direcotrs and so can korenke and gazidas. The are all money whoring bastards.

  18. ameed says:

    Rumors coming out of QPR is that Armand Traore has failed a fitness test.

    The main reason for this is because I’ve heard that the fitness test involves a defensive test where QPR place a winger in front of you with the ball at his feet, and the objective is to win the ball at least once from 37 attempted runs.
    he failed all of them !!!

    can’t believe this guy is called a “defender” !!!
    we need leiton bains ( 15 m.p ) , cahill or alex ( 10-12 m.p ) , and hazard ( 22-26 m.p ) !! we got 3 days to do this !!!! and this korean stiker park will replace bendtner !!!
    next season…arshavin , rosicky , chamakh all should be sold in the first week of the transfer window , and new winger ( adam johnson ) and a new striker should be brought in !!!

  19. Usmanov says:

    SilentWanker-Stan is greedy bastard , real cancer who fucking dont care about trophies , only want fans money . Same all board , only weak lazy greedy wankers , fuck them .

  20. GOONER786 says:

    £60mil sale of Fabregas and Nasri
    -£5 mil purchase of Chu-Young
    -£3 mil purchase of Benayoun
    =£52mil for the board to pocket


  21. Michal says:

    WE are buying Brazil international Santos instead.

    This is taken from google translate …

    Fenerbahce defoliation continues. Yellow-blue suit, was the last to leave the name Andre Santos. Yellow-lacivertliler, reached an agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of Brazilian football player.

    Fenerbahce management Arsenal finally sends the Andre Santos. Yellow-lacivertliler’in, Brazilian soccer player with a 7 million Euro transfer fee for the English club reportedly agreed in return for

  22. Danny says:

    @arsenalwifebeer: André Santos is on his way to Arsenal… he will compete with Gibbs for the starting LB position

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