Aug 31

Arsenal sign Arteta, Benayoun, Mertesacker & Santos on Deadline Day

Arsenal have completed the signings of Mikel Arteta, Yossi Benayoun, Per Mertesacker and Andre Santos on Transfer Deadline Day.

After a frenetic day filled with high expectations and tensions, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger managed to secure the services of two new defenders and two midfielders – with Arteta joining minutes before the 11pm (BST) deadline.

Wenger, criticised by the fans for not investing in the team after the departures of defender Gael Clichy and midfielders Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, acquired South Korea captain Park Ju-Young from Monaco earlier in the week.

“It is a big opportunity for me and my family and I think it is the right time for me to take it,” new-boy Arteta told Everton’s official website.

“It is a big challenge, a different challenge, fresh for me and I want to see myself on the biggest stage, the Champions League.

Arteta, 29, has the ability to play centrally or on either flank which will provide Wenger with some useful versatility, although it would be a surprise if, after the sale of Fabregas, the Frenchman sees Arteta as anything other than a central midfielder.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have agreed to play Werder Bremen in a pre-season friendly next summer, in a move which was agreed as part of the deal that brought Per Mertesacker to north London.

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77 Responses to “Arsenal sign Arteta, Benayoun, Mertesacker & Santos on Deadline Day”

  1. Kay says:

    Chris, you’ve been doing a nice job. I too just confirmed the Arteta done deal on bbc. What a signing.

  2. frank says:

    Mertesacker trade No.1 !!!!!!!!good job

  3. Charles says:

    Now we have a midfield that will scare opponents. I’m so happy.

  4. thundertinygooner says:

    You guys did an awesome job today.Take a bow!

  5. Gabhan says:

    It’s still not Hazard, M’vila but overall it’s good business. Not much money spent and loads of quality coming in. Our season starts now!!! :-)

  6. kanyinsola says:

    thank God arsenal will now have a team
    benayoun, arteta, mertesacker, santos, walcott, vp, rosicky, chu yung park,etc

  7. Savage says:

    5 mature experienced signings, 4 internationals, 3 captains.

  8. Tajudeen says:

    Arsene should work on with dis beautiful signings thank u jesus

  9. John says:

    great news now lets see what Arsenal can do. I think we are at a bit of a disadvantage to win the league but a domestic cup is not out of the question.

  10. Linus paul says:

    Wenger what a good and great signing is that it remain cahill

  11. ef says:

    great singings, well done wenger

  12. BennyGooner says:

    I’m WELL happy with that ! Arteta will fill cesc’s boots perfectly … watch Benayoun go now he’s in a team that play creative football … AT LAST … SOMETHING TO BE EXCITED ABOUT :) C’MON THE GUNNERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Briggs songo says:

    Aw as made me proud,nw we can start wit FAcup n carling 4 nw.dis are d type of signing we need not upcoming stars dat we cnt keep wen they come of age.

  14. aadsd says:

    Anyone know what the total summer spend was & also net spend as well?

  15. Marty Price says:

    Thanks guys you all did good today. We have alwasy maintaine the board has limited Wenger, adn still does, but these are all good signings, not go and shutup Masri….I always would have taken Gallas over him, but water under the bridge.I agree that we still got a shoot.

  16. Gema says:

    Well done.
    Hope will be better to face the next 35 league games.

  17. Djourpoo says:

    Still not happy, spent a small amount of the cash we got in for 2 world class players. Replaced them with poor imitations in midfield who always get injured. Too little to late, no English signings panic buys……

  18. Kay says:

    Savage, maybe I can help further with ur countdown:
    5 mature experienced signings,
    4 Internationals,
    3 captains,
    2 midfielders& defenders,
    1 Striker,
    0 kid.

  19. Wat a signing,d best sign in five yrs.we can now say there is a team.pls sign more come january

  20. Tanks d prof.but u allowed us to shed blood first.

  21. Prads says:

    Just waiting for JW to get fit and join the party…good day at the office…finally!!!

  22. ak47 says:

    good job arsenal, well happy wit that. cant help but think about injuries tho, especially ben. talk about competition for places. yay

  23. obama says:

    what a happy day.fantastic job

  24. Yandi says:

    Make no mistake, we deserve a day like this!

  25. troy says:

    Yes, cause Cesc was never injured. Nice to see your backing your team up:P

  26. The Arsenal man says:

    Good signings…! Cheers Gunners!!

  27. Taye odetola says:

    Nw give me barcelona to take….nw goin 2bed wt laughter…chu young park,par martescker,santos andre,yossi benayoun nd mikel arteta ,all in a day..
    Would luv 2hav manu game replayed.

  28. trigger says:

    Am so happy to be an arsenal fan. Thank you wanger

  29. sosa says:

    Wow this is really great signing for us. Let the game begin now and we see who’s gonna fuck with us . Gunners 4 life

  30. Adeoba philip says:

    Wow good signings so far.0 kid,1 striker,2 midfielder and defenders,3 captain in each department.4 international with many caps,5 matured experienced signings.increadible.

  31. Ilesanmi martins says:

    This is wat all arsenal has been waiting for, thanks to arsene wenger for the understanding.

  32. Ilesanmi martins says:

    Let nasri alone let him start blabing as if he was’nt an arsenal player before a tranfer.

  33. Whao amazing am 1 of d happyness person on earth becos no more hypetension bt joy wt d singing of arteta,per,santos,yossi and chu park kudos 2 wenger and arsenal board.

  34. Kole says:

    Hey! Hurray gunners. Who say there can’t be light at the end of the tunnel. Arsenal is back to live. Up gunners

  35. Dayo says:

    Good signings 4 arsenal but…………………………

  36. Joegbo says:

    At last we have a full team to compete with. But why after the biggest disgrace. Still thank you Wenger for the signings.

  37. ss1 says:

    Sorry to have a little moan, but I’m not happy this Summer,
    Its been pretty shit.

    We should have flogged fabs early, along with the below par arshavin,
    Chamakh, bendnter and co.

    Spent the money fine tuning the squad, getting mata cheep,
    Stumping up for hazard, annd thus convincing nasri
    To stay.

    Instead, we waited till we’re out oF the race to buy players
    I wouldn’t pay 10 quid to go see let alone 1000 pound
    Season ticket.

    Not ambitioous enough…no forsight.

    Its a shamem

  38. John udoh says:

    I tank u manu 4 making 2 look good today God we bless u sir alex ferguson 4 making our team arsenal 2 b part of d team dat wil collect d trophy dis season and bless wenger 2 4 is furstration job stingin

  39. BETGURU. says:

    Now Arsenal fans can have a say in the public.At least we have a matured team 4 once.Pls try and bring M’ Y,HAZARD,SAMBA,HONDA,CAHILL.They all belong here…EMIRATES is their home.Gunner!?! 4life.

  40. marc wallace says:

    it was more than 50 million, but obviously money for the lansbury and bendter loan might reduce that, and with 35 mil for cesc and 24 mil for nasri cover both of them alone so we are still in a good position! great day for th gooners

  41. ieuan says:

    arteta and wiltshire how awesome of a creative midfield and vermaelen and mertersacker in cd name me a better defence in the world

  42. Gum says:

    Happy Birthday to me, signings=great presents. can’t wait to see Arteta – Wilshere midfield.

  43. Ife Ade says:

    This is d arsenal i know from my early day of my life.since 1986-2002.

  44. mojo gooner says:

    great signings!!! i am really excited to see them play this season!!! what will the formation squad look like, here’s my formation:

    Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker Santos

    Walcott wilshere Arteta

    RVP Gervinho

    subs: Arshavin, chamakh, park, Kos, Jenkinson, frimpong, rosiscky, ramsey, gibbs

  45. samtos says:

    wow…….. Gunners r back on track again, lets make it hap’n, at least wt dis sign’ns we can lift a trophy dis season, it’s bin long since we took one.

  46. ajayi adebola says:

    Thanks you arsene, u’ve done a very good job. Let’s see what happens next

  47. Ekeh4gunners says:

    Now i can stand firm as an arsenal fan, this should have been done long before now atleast they would have integrated into the team and know each other very well. Anyway Gunners4life.

  48. k.boa says:

    i can’t imagine what just happened am honestly very happy i do believe these new bois can really help God bless us gunners n lets go out there n show who we really are

  49. John says:

    Starting line up : Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Santos, Song, Arteta, Wilshere, Gervinho, Walcott, Van Persie.. Others to chose from: Park Chu Young, Chamakh, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Diaby, Frimpong, Gibbs, Djourou, Koscienly, Squllacci, Jeinkinson, Fabianski… Pretty strong team if you ask me!!!

  50. Majek says:

    Wow,victory @ last,am the happiest man in the world i bet u,what a wonderful day ahead,cant wait 2 see Per,santo,Arteta,Benayou wit the lyk of gervinho on the picth,great job Wenger,Up gooner, cheers,tanks u Man U

  51. Afeez says:

    At last the GUNNERS are in shape for this season,thanks to united,am so happy with the signing.

  52. danthered says:

    Ok, give it up people, why don’t you!!!

    We’ve had nearly 2 months of transfer frustration and moaning. Time to move on. Look for the positives. The weekend’s game undoubtedly helped today’s dealings and despite anyone’s view that we have panic bought, we have got experienced internationals and at least 2 PL players. According to The Merse that’s a total of 3 since Wenger started.

    My thoughts on the game at OT was that belief destroyed us. Well, if that’s true, then these signings will address this. Players like Jenkinson and AOT will feel less pressure and integrate better. Those who should do better (Arshavin, Chammach) should feel more pressure to perform to the standards we expect.

    All in al, a step forwards. Let’s not get carried away and talk of PL titles…. No ones caught up MU since us many years ago.

    But cups and top 4 would see us back from the horror of extinction which moist other fans have been relishingnthe thought of.

    Well, scr*w them…. We back!!!!

    See you all at the Swansea game……

  53. Kind of mixed feelings: happy to have especially Aterta and Met. Still thinking why not this before the united game, and why not Chamakh on loan but Bendtner? NB52 is miles better than Chamakh. Smiling anyway!

  54. Osaheni says:

    I knew arsenal will reload its arsenals. Up wenger. Man.u and liv.pul pls come around now

  55. goonerfat says:

    love the fact that one samir nasri cover all the costs of all 5 of our signings.

  56. stetopgun says:

    what day i can not sleep thinking of hower next line up
    its like a dream team lol what you all think next line up going to look like
    i think formation will be the one of the old days 4-4-1-1 with vp playing a Bergkamp roll mertesacker is the new Martin Keown we all know vermaelen is the new adams santos the new and better winterburn lol I also think vermaelen should be capptain


    Santos Vermaelen(c) (if fit) Mertesacker Sagna

    Ramsey Arteta Wilshere(if fit ) Ramsey

    van Persie


  57. Mike says:

    Fucking hell. What a day!

  58. Frank says:

    5 five players in 2 day, nice 1.

  59. ole says:

    People, its better but not good enough, these signings came way to late, Arteta and Mertesackr is great, the rest is average/unknown. But at least AW tried, but the jury is still out…..

  60. Thank God at last we really make it,seeing new faces at emirate really motivate me nd give all d fans a greate hope,much thank’s to Mr.wenger & d board menbers,up gunner’s.

  61. GunnerMacedonia says:

    i am not happy, extremely satisfied yes, but not happy. we got two pretty solid players in midfield and finally strong defence. we are not short in any department now, which is always positive.
    how i wish alex or samba joined us too … oh well, there is always january 😀
    @chris why didnt you answer any of my questions on malouda and alex yesterday? i posted like 25984954 questions. what happened?

  62. NOtBad4TwOdAyswork says:


    sagna Mertasacker Vermaelen Santos

    Ramsey Wilshire Arteta


    Walcott Van Persie

    I think wenger should try something like this. as his starting 11 with park, Arshavin, Chamakh, Benayoun and co giving this new arsenal team great strength in depth wat do you guys think…

  63. fred1266 says:

    Andre Santos Exclusive –

  64. fred1266 says:

    i think Ramsey would be on the bench because Song is clearly the number one CDM

  65. NOtBad4TwOdAyswork says:

    @fred1266: thats true. however arsenal gave lost the flairr they once had. Wilshire can offer defensive abilities aswell as offenisive whereas song can only defend. However our defence is much stronger this year so a defence based holding midfielder will no longer be nessacary

  66. goonerfat says:

    I think we’re more balanced this year. Samir and Cesc was a big loss but Samir was playing out wide for us anyway, when Cesc was fit, and that is not his best position. With Gervinho, we have a much better wide player. But we cannot kid ourselves, that Arteta is a like for like replacement for Cesc. Let’s just hope that the loss of Cesc can bring about the same effect that Henry did because we were over reliant on both of these players.

  67. GOONER786 says:


  68. Awesome! Can’t get any worse at least……Come on you Goons. If these don’t work out, there’s surely the January transfer window coming up in no time….Do follow me on twitter ( @iamyesboss ) so we talk some more Gooner stuff. Before matches, during and after. Nice job Chris.

  69. xgoonerx says:

    arteta and benayoun are not to replace Cesc, they are to help Wilshere and Ramsey replace and/or be better than Cesc.

  70. Bazinga!!!!!!! says:

    @goonerfat: It’s going to show- teuth is these are really average players… not hating bu tthere is no real quality there. Arteta is good but nowhere near to cesc or samir! Should have got Sergi Roberto from Barca, cheap and he not got a place ther but he is better buy (age, potential) than arteta

  71. Mystery 2.0 says:

    Thanx for buying new players wenger but i new players new formation and strategy so how do u lyk my idea

  72. stetopgun says:

    @Mystery 2.0:

    nice but not great








  73. NOtBad4TwOdAyswork says:

    @Mystery 2.0: I actually kinda lyk that set-up. it looks very affective

  74. NOtBad4TwOdAyswork says:

    @stetopgun: Wilshire on the left Walcott on the right

  75. dan says:

    Gervinho is for the starting line-up on the right, Walcott/Park on the left. Arteta/Ramsey, Song and Wilshere in the middle. With the back four as expected- TV5, PM4, Santos and Sagna… Sounds good…

  76. Mystery 2.0 says:

    @stetopgan gervinho is perfect for the wing wilshere doesnt hav as much stamina bt afta seein park and RVPs performances ova the weekend i agree park plays ahead of RVP

  77. Arsenal new players Arteta and Benayoun are injury prone,therefore they may contribute less to the development of the club.


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