Nervy Gunners squeeze past The Swans – Arsenal 1-0 Swansea

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal secured their first win in the Premier League this season despite an unconvincing display against Swansea at Emirates Stadium.

Russia maestro Andrey Arshavin scored the only goal of the game after a horrendous goalkeeping error from Michael Vorm.

With Swansea unable to break their Premier League scoring duck that now extends to four games, Wenger’s side held on to claim their first league win of the campaign.

The Frenchman has come in for growing criticism this season and three points will ease the pressure in north London after a miserable start to the campaign.

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Good to get this one out of the way, and encouraging performance from the new boys.


To be honest, we were top-class against united compared to this shit performane against Swansea, a good champion ship team. Its gonna be a long, long, long season. Mertesacker was ok today, altough slower then I thought. Arteta was poor and slow as well. Walcott is not a footballer, ramsey seems out of dept. And Wenger is the biggest problem, he is not a manager anymore.


A win is a win. 3 points are in the bag and will lift the confidence. It did not matter how. In the past Arsenal has played good football without a win; now they win without playing good football and you still complain!!!!! Ungrateful fans. If it was ManU, all of you will be infact praising how ManU grind wins out of nothing!!!!


Performance was a bit average but at least we won.


We are not going to finish in top 4 this season if we continue with this form.Wenger needs to change this formation since we no longer have capable players for 4-3-3 system


@Tuza: Yeah united are grinding out 8-2 wins against us, and are 3-0 up against bolton after 20 min. This is looking good;) Wake up NOW!!!!


good win. 2 points vital. performance means nothing. 3 players suspended and 2 of our best players still injured…


@pete: Our to best players are gone and not replaced.

what`s so special about walcott? ffs today was the worst game i`ve seen from him. he should sort himself out, alex will soon take over his place. arteta was poor? and slow? the fuck is your problem? he was good, reminds me of cesc a lot, + it was his first game, i am very satisfied with him and his combining with van persie. ramsey really pissed me off when he missed that ball when we were 3 on 1 in the final minutes. a win is a win, i expected a 5-6: 0 but three points either way. should… Read more »

@ole: why dont be grateful for the 3 pts..the last thing the team needs now is for its supporters to turn against them..seriously..

Gooner Paul

We were shit today as we have been all season.This is our real form struggling to beat relegation certainties.Thank god for Szczesny MOTM again as in every game before and the bar.

Ramsey has been shocking all season.Walcott what a joke he is.The Swansea full back had him in his pocket

If Swansea had a cutting edge we would have lost

Just watching Utd batter Bolton.We will be lucky to finish 25 points behind them and City


We have a manager who has lost all tactical knowledge and the inabilty to motivate it’s time for a change.


i still said Ramsey are Really bad..imagined 90 minutes play just passing a ball..stand to the ground..look a round …don’t has creativity…he thinking his similiar like fabregas….wilshere are really good than you….it’s still beginning..but please don’t spoil the games and makes some improvement on your training..


Last season there was even doubt as to weather we could win such a fixture. Give the team time to bond and work out communication, then judge. But… Frimpong is a hothead.


A journey starts from a single step. Let’s hope that this will mark our new journey.


We won , but hey so many people hate everything about this club. Hopefully some of these muppe%tts will head to City .


@steven: We don`t hate anything about the club, we just want AW out, and it will happen this year, so why not now? Bring in someone who has a plan, thats all we want. Trust me after the next six games AW will be gone.


A win is a win I will take shitty 1-0 win all season


Arsenal supporters make me sick! We grind out results, they we are shocking, we lose they say we are going to be relegated! No wonder the media is on our case! Guys these guys had lost confidence and we are trying to build it!

People forget that Swansea played some decent football and defended well..we missed 5 good chances today I don’t what some of you would have said if they had gone it..Arteta was great today, ben30 was lively when he came on, kosh was amazing

irish gooner

not what i was expecting performance wise,,,other than that 3 points is 3 points ,,,,,,big improvements needed especially from midfield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, i think Arsenal will struggle this season!!….sorry to be so downbeat about things but your unlikely to get an easier game this season except for norwich…with all due respect to these teams they dont have the real resources to compete, however saying that…..swansea played better football in patches than Arsenal…..i’d rather see some young guys develp than invest in certain players this season!!!…i think the arsenal supporters have been the biggest dissapointment….


@ole: arsene is the best coach 4 arsenal..no matter what hppen..he`s the only one who know the best for arsenal..in arsene we trust..
lets pray 4 da success of arsenal..glory2 4 our club..


AKBs make me sick!! I hope when AW get the sack before Christmas, they will follow him to PSG. We don’t need these kind of fans, who idolize the person but not loyal to the club, which has deteriorate.
They don’t care about the club, as long as AW is up there destroying the club, they are happy.


so because man utd have started the season well that means they will never have to win a game ugly?
last season they beat wolves 2nd from bottom of the table in the 3rd minute of injury time and people were saying such strong resolve when not playing well.
we did similar yesterday.
why knock ourselves? a win is a win is a win


I think they got finally what they desperately needed! That is a team without confidence right now and you just get that confidence back with points! We started really well, later we didn’t had enough maturity and drive in our game! But we got the points that is important!

james c

yea it was a shit game and we played shit but we ground out a result wen united or chelsea do that everyone says thats what arsenal cant do so im happy the season is off and running.

come on the arsenal


@ole – I think you are very naive to think that the Arsenal board will sack Wenger! If their main priority was to win trophies, I would agree but it isn’t. They love the man! What other manager will spend next to nothing every year but get into the CL.
The problem isn’t just Wenger, and I hope that the guy who takes over from Wenger has the liberty to do as he pleases, if not we are stuffed!

The biggest problem at the club is the big bag of moaners moaning all the time. Adding more volatility to an atmosphere thats already a pressure cooker situation. The away fans at Old Trafford were fantastic despite the result, but compare that to the fecking knobheads sit on the hands or pick their nose at the Emirates and then boo players. The young players are cracking up on the pitch because they don’t know how to deal with the constant criticism and media hounding and the experienced players are getting p*ss*d off and quitting over it. Support the team would… Read more »
Chris Chapman
At this stage, I think yes a win is a win and what was needed. I think the new signings did ok for their first time, with very really little team practice before. I am worried that Ramsay is just not up to the job at moment and with Jack not gonna be fit for a while this a real worry. The defence seems much tighter and Szczesny is proving himself more with each game. Apart from the last minute slip, his command of the box and comming and collecting crosses etc was superb. And that save in the 7th… Read more »

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