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Rice: 'The players we have brought in are better than what you think'

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal assistant manager Pat Rice feels that the Gunners’ new signings are much better than what they have been given credit for, and admits the season has just started for the club after last month’s mauling at Old Trafford.

The 62-year-old took charge of the team during Tuesday’s 1-1 draw against Borussia Dortmund, with manager Arsene Wenger banned from the dugout due to UEFA handing him a two-match suspension.

Rice admitted after the game that Dortmund were as good as he expected and was delighted with how the Arsenal defence managed to fend off their attacks for most of the game.

“You can’t be a bad side if you win the German title. No chance. Dortmund proved that this evening. Even when they were a goal down they kept coming and coming and coming.

“It’s a high quality skill to be able to hold them off, thankfully all of our boys did that.

“It feels from my point of view that the season is just starting because things are quieting down.

“There’s a buzz in the dressing-room, because there was uncertainty before hand. People are now looking forward to playing and the players who have come in, contrary to what other people think, are bloody good players.”

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hes right, theyre international players with good quality. arteta did well tonight, benayoun got better as the game went on. nice result


Song is a monster, I think our opposition hate to play against Song. My MOTM


Rice or beans or whatever your name is, would wengerhave made such sub, bringing out all our attackers, thus giving dortmund’s defence the liberty to join their attack and finish us? You’re a big fool. No wonder wenger said before the match that” should we loose this game, it would be from pat rice”.

Dr CY Yung

Yeah, Song is a beast midfield!

Mojo gooner

@Vickie but did we lose this game? No, imo i think we did great considering it was a hostile place to play with 80,000 + fans cheering for their Home team, but one thing I could tell you is that we lacked creativity and the offensive firepower to seal this game away from home. Give this team time and we will start firing on all cylinders!!!


@Mojgooner: Amen, hallelujha. How positive/naive can one person be? We played well? In the first half we were good, but the second half was a stinker. The defence was good the whole game, but going forward we were terrible. When we go forward, the players have no plan or idea how to attack. Van Persie must be feeling pretty lonely at Arsenal these days;( And he will be gone come july 2012.

alex james
Arsenal desperately need another outlet up front because it’s only a question of when, and not if Van Persie gets injured, what happens then? And being an Arsenal injury it will be 2 months minimum when he does get crocked. And I think it was inevitable we would concede after he went off. Still we would have taken a draw beforehand and just to mention the German fans and announcer – fantastic! We never produce a racket like this over here do we? Only once at Portsmouth as an away supporter can I remember a home crowd really deafening me… Read more »
RVP my #1

The team hasn’t had one weeks training together. As soon as the new players came in they had internationals. Give them time to gel as a team. I think they will show improvement after awhile. They definitely need to rebuild their confidence.

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song great, sacker was good lacks a bit of pace and dribble but thats what we need a defender just to get the ball out. all in all if we were going to play like that should of just had a back eight. but yeh ex result it took a great strike to beat us.

With a lot of respect.. But… We lost the real arsenal.. Of course dortmund was good.. But our tactic is easily to read by other teams.. It seems we just count on the flank.. Luckily we hv song.. Arteta? Well maybe he needs time bcos for me his not really that good.. Youssi? He jus ran!okay thats good but he just ran..do nothing.. Mertesacker was good.. Maybe the new players need time to gel.. But our tactic is readable…please wenger do something..if the way we play like swansea or dortmund.. I think we cannot expect top four.. Champs? Out of… Read more »