Sep 17

Rovers hand Arsenal another away-day defeat – Blackburn 4-3 Arsenal

Two own goals and a brace from Yakubu handed Arsenal defeat at Ewood Park on Saturday afternoon, continuing the Gunners unimpressive start to the season.

Arsene Wenger’s men opened the scoring after just 10 minutes through summer signing Gervinho, who slotted home from a superb Alex Song pass.

Nigerian frontman Yakubu levelled 15 minutes later before Aaron Ramsey’s intelligent run played in Mikel Arteta to put the Gunners ahead at half-time.

Arsenal conceded a shocking goal following the break, when Ruben Rochina’s free-kick hit Song on the knee, with the ball rolling into the back of the net.

Arsenal’s Starting XI & Subs

Sagna – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Santos
Ramsey – Song – Arteta
Gervinho – van Persie – Arshavin

Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Benayoun, Coquelin, Walcott, Chamakh.

Rovers manager Steve Kean, who has been criticised by supporters this week, saw his side go 3-2 up when Yakubu scored from close range.

A second own-goal from Arsenal was scored shortly after with Martin Olsson’s shot hitting goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and going in off Laurent Koscielny.

Arsenal pulled one back six minutes from the end when substitute Marouane Chamakh headed home from Robin van Persie’s cross.

It wasn’t enough though, as Blackburn held on to record their first win of the season and increase the pressure on Arsene Wenger.


51 Responses to “Rovers hand Arsenal another away-day defeat – Blackburn 4-3 Arsenal”

  1. goonersems says:

    How can you concede 4 goalas against blackburn.Another refund for the away fans

  2. Wenger says:

    Whoever the twats are that still believe in Wenger, you’re all wrong and it’s been proven. I was right 3 years ago, you were all wrong. Wrong and deluded. Stupid fucking idiots.

  3. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    Have to agree…..given the team today and the team against ManU and the quality of the Man U goals today is a worse result in my opinion. The inability to lift after half time throws up some real questions about Arsene’s management. The team that came out more fired up after half time won the game.

    At the moment Djourou is a defending disaster regardless of where he plays. Arsenal needed a versatile player who can cover full back as well. Santos will improve but on today he offers nothing better than Gibbs.

  4. Danish Gooner says:

    Shambles,derelict of duty,gutless,prideless,horrible inept,totally unacceptable,not worthy of their jersey.

  5. HmmGunner says:

    There is something seriously wrong with the mentality of this team

  6. gooner says:

    On the bright side we played our best offensive football for the first time this season. Arteta gave 300%. Walcott showed that he can be devastating coming off the bench, Ramsey is starting to find his feet.

    On the down side, he defence, as horrible as ever. And Gervinho showed his selfish side when he refused to square the ball to van Persie who was sure to put the ball in the back of the net to make it 3-1. Conceding goals from set piece season after season.

  7. stonroy says:

    Unfortunately it will only get worse before it gets better. Wenger’s dream has to come crashing down before there will be some real change. Doesn’t look like CL football next year.

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    How on earth can a manager like Wenger fail to understand that when you are down 4-2 with 30 minutes to go,you throw the kitchen sink at them,countless times we only attacked with 3 or 4 untill the last five minutes when we finally threw the kitchen sink at them and they were truly rattle,to little to late,AGAIN.

  9. mabz says:

    Terrible defending need 2 go bak 2 basics n learn 2 defend should get a defence coach asap sum1 like Keown or even Bould can do the job

  10. Bullett says:

    If wegner has any fucking shame he would resign, he is just living on what he has done for AFC, not coaching.

  11. Danish Gooner says:

    Gooner,Walcott were absolutely atrocious up to his sad one trick pony act again.

  12. Bullett says:

    I have lost interest in the team because of how bad i’m feeling inside, can’t believe the lost of 2 players have crashed a football club. Wegner got to go, the money in the bank can’t help now before January because we are lacking quality in midfield and in the striking position, too much average players..hopefully it’s not too bad until january.

  13. dee says:

    There is simply no excuse(s) for Mr. Wenger anymore, if I were in his shoes, I will just resign!!!

  14. Wolfgang says:

    Three games and 12 goals conceded.What the hell is going on?
    This man is a danger to Arsenal with his links to potential kid purchases. He has defiantly stated that he intends to continue his kid policy.
    If the latest defeat doesn’t sting him into some radical rethink,he should be removed. He has been given more than enough time to turn things round but still insists his way is the the only one.
    He should not be allowed to drag the gunners further down the table.There are many defensive coaches around but Wenger refusues to seek help. This is the giant sized ego of a man who doesnt want to admit hs is wrong. If no action is taken ,Arsenal could be fighting for survival in the epl.

  15. Nas says:

    But it was just not Arsenal’s day

  16. dutchgooner says:

    What a joke we are becoming. reckon any team will fancy their chances against us after today and cannot see how things will improve. Thought buying experienced players would make us mentally stronger but clearly not the case. Mid-table at best.

  17. yozza says:

    @Nas….are you having a laugh?Isuppose it just weren’t our day at Old Trafford or at The Emirates against Liverpool either…Can you not see how poor this side as become?Deluded,like our Manager….

  18. yikes says:

    you got to take a long look at the team, arteta’s game was up last season, ramsey is living off about four good games prior to his injury, second rate player, most of the team are. Wenger persisits with the same old same old and obviously hasnt a clue about defensive. thats a serious failing for any manager let alone premier league.

  19. GunnerMacedonia says:

    the main excuse would be Oh well, 2 own goals, a oal from offside, we were very unlucky … but what i saw werescared faces whenever blacburn had a set piece. wenger said they changed the way to handle set pieces, well OBVIOUSLY IT IS NOT WORKING!!!! in the past 3 games, it seems like our club can only play one top class half(remember swansea the chances, arteta playing as if he was always here, the goal, remember dortmund, goal, ok shitty defence from kos and mer, and today) in the second half it seems like they are giving up or taking the result for granted.
    i cant see positives today, i really cant, with this type of play i cant see us fininshing above 10th place. if wenger stays, and i hope he will, come january some changes need to be made. rosicky, djourou, chamakh, diaby out. its times like these i think about nordtveid, i believe he would have been great, cover for cb and rb, i am v e r y d i s a p p o i n t e d !!!

  20. crow says:

    Before the match the headlines were about Blackburn’s manager being under a huge amount of pressure from fans who want him sacked, but what does he do? Throws that pressure on his opposite number Wenger. How things change over the course of one game eh? If only Arsenal would give that sort of a response when they come under pressure which is something they are shy of doing.

  21. nd says:

    Two own goals!!!!….Arsenal need to realise that they are not playing backyard football.Wenger needs to stop playing nice and demand results from his players

  22. Bullett says:

    @dutchgooner: We need a more mobile defensive midfielder, Alex shuts off too often, plus ramsey is no where good enough to be starting so far, Arsene need to take his brain out of his ass. Barca play with goal scorers in the wide areas. There is no such things as wingers in the modern game, wingers are only mention in england. Why he bought the guy park, he would be tracking back. Wegner out, im confused

  23. Matty says:

    Theres only one change that will change things for the better …and that is for Wenger to be replaced URGENTLY before he drags us down so far the damage will be irrepairable.

    And before you AKB’s and in Arsenal we Trust blind idiots, start saying that the luck is against us and injuries are a problem etc etc…… didn’t we have a side full of first team squad players all acquired by Wenger??? And hey in this game you make most of your luck and today it was Wenger plus crap play from crap players that were the real cause of this defeat! Song’s own goal along with Yakubu’s 2nd were caused by bad defending, mainly by Koscielny who had yet another nightmare game as did Song who is so poor and so slow to react I cannot understand how he is ever allowed to pull on an Arsenal shirt. I hoped that we would buy 2 centrebacks and put Vermaelen in front of the back line and make him captainm but with Wenger there is never any plan for the defence, just the purchase of players, and normally average players who generally come from the Ligue 1.

    But Wenger is ultimately to blame. Who among you can un derstand why Djourou was bought on as a sub full back when we have Gibbs on the bench?? sure Gibbs is left footed but even if he was hopping on one leg he would be better than the hopeless Djourou…he is a crap centreback and an even worse full back! I also cannot understand Wengers lack of defensive coaching ability when he persists in the use of a zonal system when clearly we do not have the class to play this way. These tactics and results from set pieces have been going on for years now, and in fact we haven’t had a decent defense since the invincibles and the last of the George Graham defenders had left the club – I am now firmly of the belief that if Wenger had not inherited a side that was 3/4 of the way to being the finished article then he would not have achieved the success he did !!

    Wenger must go and fast before this farce gets any worse!

  24. Gunzblazzin says:

    our defending is always the problem, we can always score but whats the point scoring 1 when we concede 3, the 2 own goals were very unlucky but the truth is its cost us 3 points, our defence is in a big mess, too many school boy errors.

  25. Boycie says:

    Today’s game proved that Fab and Nas were completely justified in leaving Arsenal. Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Spurs would have beaten Blackburn today and Arsenal should have. Before all you other Arsenal fans come on here and give me grief I’m an Arsenal fan of 30 plus years and for me enough is enough. This club is backed by two billionaires yet we struggle to find the quality that a team as big as Arsenal need and deserve. I can see Arsenal turning in to Liverpool after their glory years, it saddens me immensely.

  26. Nas says:

    @yozza…,Yes i still laughing…i’m not deluded with our manager reaction..he not playing on the field..who cares?? let’s talk with our player…what probably i can saying all arsenal players today are not be grateful to playing at arsenal…we are big club not a circus!!!!

  27. Stevie says:

    Well Arsene, we turned a corner and made a bloody big U-turn. At this rate, we’ll be scrapping to avoid relegation. After this game, every other team will believe we are beatable. AFC had better wake up. Time to stop living on past glories and believing in hubris. Take the lead, Arsene – square up to the problems and sort them out honestly.

  28. Nas says:

    @Bullett…, ye i really agree with you…he (ramsey) are not play maker but support our playmaker…but he think he are good enough..i think we need give him rest…one more where is park chu young??…maybe he watched t.v at home with laughing to our team..

  29. The Wenger Boyz says:

    Get rid of the zonal marking ffs. Liverpool were doing it last season and they were shite, Arsenal are worse at it! Where’s it gonna lead?…………………………

  30. Boycie says:

    For the record Alisher Usmanov is the second richest man in the UK worth a cool £12,400 million!! Then Kroenke and his wife are worth $5.9 billion!! And Arsenal penny pinch over Gary Cahill and who ever else is available on the market, come on do us Arsenal fans a favour and be honest about what’s happening with our great or once great club!

  31. Terry says:

    Guys, I am a Liverpool fan and always looked forward to watching the big 4 games -now probably top 6; Liverpool V Arsenal was always a great game. You always played great football and had some terrific players – Henry, Bergkamp, Overmars, Adams, Bold, Petit,Merson, Wright, etc. The last game was a complete anticlimax. Every team in the EPL strengthens every year. We fell behind swapping class for mediocre and look what happened to us .. Watching the match against Blackburn I just thought, were are the names to watch .. the class .. the match winners .. the quality you have always had. Arteta is class. So is Gervinho but they cant do it on their own. The rest would struggle to get into any other top 4 team. Some would struggle to get in the bottom 4 teams. The defence has no shape, no system, no team work – no wonder they are so disjointed. The reports that there is no defensive training or sessions to work as a unit are unbelievable – in any other profession it would be seen as gross incompetence. Maybe this game will help Mr Wenger see the light! Great games against you guys will be sorely missed! Come on guys – the league and all fan of all teams want you to perform again.


  32. Bullett says:

    Arsene Wegner spend all summer talking about cesc and nasri, take a look at Pep and Manc team. You had the chance to build a proper squad after the last game we played last season and you didn’t plan to do anything, you taught the kids were good enough, if Man U never disgrace the club, the panic shopping wouldn’t happen because you were away at a coaching meeting, just to show how you care

  33. Mic says:

    Why re fans blaming wenger? Do we need him to show the players wat to do on the pitch? We had every chance to kill off the game but as usual,we bring the opponent back into the game. The own goals can happen to anyone which is unfortunate but why do the attackers put pressure on the defenders,and wait for opponents to come back before trying to score again. You must be deluded to blame wenger for these set of players who re good but think everything will just be easy.

  34. clay says:

    where is chamberlein.. He is the highest purchase this season. Or did arsene wenger bought him for carlin cup? Stil cant understand why he wudnt use him. This team is not showin seriousness at all….

  35. Reuben says:

    I cannot believe this absolute shite team. Guys lets not talk about the defence which is the obvious – we are having a crisis going forward with composure. Van Persie who is our most efficient finisher, is not getting any support and he is taking corners??
    Walcott is actually playing ok, two amazing crosses with no one to capitalise. Arshavins form is slowly getting better, but we need a striker like Benzema in this side. Defensively we are a joke and I suppose Nasri and Fabregas sensed this and done a runner.

    Wenger done his usual shitty deals and none have really come off. Mertesacker is almost inneffective and Santos is winger. Our team is caught between playing defensive – which we cant do – or playing attacking football – which we also cant do. I think Wenger has another few games in him but he may be gone any morning if you ask me. I will thank God if we finish fourth. But we need super focus for the Carling Cup/FA Cup to build momentum.

  36. trollz says:

    lol @ this team

    legit lol.


  37. Mestre says:

    I can´t believe this result. I don´t believe in Wenger anymore. He is old and not thinking right. He gave much to Arsenal but nowadays he is not improving Arsenal, and we can´t evolve with him. This is not a result for the 3rd most valuable club of the world. A total rupture is needed

  38. @trollz:

    this is truth,another humiliation thanks to you mr.wenger,please put the money what you have earned all these years without trophies and leave us!!!

  39. Daz says:

    Jesus I would be so happy if we got 4th this season and I’ve never been happy with just finishing 4th. Shocking defence Sagna and Verm only ones good enough. Need to learn how to kill teams off! Need to start defending from the front, close teams down and become much tighter. Need a dominant, fast, powerful and tall centre half. Need another creative midfielder to the standard of Gotze and need a striker good enough to come in for when van Persie can’t play. Still don’t think we should sack Wenger just because I can’t see anyone coming in and doing a better job he just needs to get his finger out his arse and realise he needs to sort shit out and stop being stubborn. Can’t rely on the youth system and bargain buys anymore need proven quality!

  40. Roy of the Rovers says:

    As the owners of Rovers would say – never count your chickens ! So it was an easy opportunity to get your season going was it.

    At least we Rovers fans know we are at best a mid table team and accept that -looks you lot will need to start to accept that too

  41. nd says:

    yet again we are blaming wenger….yes he did not by quality players in the transfer window and yes he is a little too cheap but there is one thing we are forgetting he isn’t the one on the bloody field!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Daz says:

    Oh and can’t believe we let that stupid fat bald thick, Steve kean beat us Jesus what an annoying arsehole.

  43. chooboy says:

    Why in hell are people having a go at Wenger? If he wins five on the trot he becomes the flavour of the month. No team has a given right to win all the time. This is a bad patch for Arsenal but that does not make Wenger a bad manager overnight. Agreed some of the players are rubbish but is the club going to pay 150K a week to get the star players people seem to crave. Arsenal could easily do a ‘Leeds’ and could have done if Wenger had chosen to go out and buy the type of players that excite fickle fans. One minute praising how good the kids are and will become, the next holding out the hangman’s noose for your most successful manager. Who is a worthy replacement? No one will come in and change philosophy overnight unless the club gets bankrolled. Arsenal fans might have to settle for a brief sting in the lower echelons of the EPL while rebuilding goes on.

  44. ole says:

    @nd: But he does pick the players on the bloody field, his choice his responsibilty so he has to go.

  45. ole says:

    @Mic: And who would you suggest is responsible for bringing these players to the club? I can give you a clew, its not you or me.

  46. GunnerMacedonia says:

    man utd will go whole season without a loss … congrats to them, good work by ferguson

  47. Don’t throw in the towels Gooners, it’s too early

  48. stevtopgun says:

    come on we was the better side first half we did not kill the game of as for rvp every one go,s on about how good he is he was shocking in the man u game and was poor saturday for all the money he is on he should be 2 footed he needs two mush time in front of goal he is no captain and going no where with him up front lets see park up there Vermaelen for captain whe he is out then song

  49. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @ chris wheatley Any true in the rumours suggesting keown to be our defensive coach? answer pls

  50. @GunnerMacedonia: They’re just rumours at the moment. I’ll post anything if I hear something concrete.

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