Jan 09

VIDEO: Thierry Henry scores on his Arsenal return against Leeds


13 Responses to “VIDEO: Thierry Henry scores on his Arsenal return against Leeds”

  1. Ben says:

    Wow wow wow shivers went down my neck when Titi scored….

  2. AFC13THFC2 says:


  3. Gaya says:

    nice but what a shame, we done have strikers

  4. damstar says:

    The KING is back again!!!!!!!! I Love Henry!!!!!!!…IGWE is back!!! oh IGWE means “the king”…:)

  5. Roland C Rozario says:

    It takes the CLASS of Thierry Henry to take Arsenal forward!!

  6. Kizito says:

    OGBUEFI HENRY is back.shame to chamakh and arshavin. IGWE U are a LEGEND (PURE)

  7. Tshepo says:

    Only took him 1 chance,best finisher.awww i missed that trademark finish,thank you Legend.

  8. Danny says:

    Typical Thierry henry goal.
    If tonight’s performance does not show that chamakh and arshavin have to leave i dont know what will. Get rid of them

    Chamakh 14 appearances- 1 goal
    Henry 20 minutes- 1 goal

    Nuff said.

  9. Heebraheem Ramsey says:

    The Legend Is Back What a Vital Goal From THIENRY HENRY tonight In a FA CUP match btw ARSENAL FC and LEED UNITED FC. Kudos 2 goal Scorer nd all other TEAM MATE.:>

  10. Azeez says:

    The king has returned, rocking a new beard, man looks slicker than ever, only more goals to come from him, i wish he would never leave really, just having him there is a huge psychological boost.

  11. meaner says:

    He made it look so easy. Walcott always make it look so difficult. Henry needs 1 chance, Walcott needs 20.

  12. chris says:

    took me back to my childhood (yes i am only young) standing at highbury watching him….. truly wonderful

  13. Okey says:

    Henry should sign a permanent deal, we really need him upfront because he can finish fine


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