Arsenal set to receive £1m as Arshavin deal nears

Written by Chris Wheatley


Andrey Arshavin is on the verge of rejoining his former team Zenit St Petersberg on loan before Friday night’s Russian transfer deadline, according to Sky Sports.

The Russian midfielder has made most of his 27 appearances this term as a substitute and has fallen down the pecking order at the Emirates, with youngster Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain impressing in recent games.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger responded to question’s about Zenit’s approach in his pre-North London Derby press conference, saying:

“I have no proof [to see if they’ve contacted Arshavin personally]. I do not check the phone bills of Andrey Arshavin so I don’t know.”

Arsenal are expected to receive a £1million loan fee for the 30-year-old in a lucrative deal which is likely to cost Zenit around €100k-a-game in wages.

Zenit’s midfield star Danny is currently ruled out for the rest of the season, meaning Arshavin should be able to get plenty of game time ahead of this summer’s European Championships.

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So Arsenal will get €1m and 100.000/matches?

b johnson

can we loan out walcott as well?

This would be a strange and negative move. Arshavin has significant value in Russia. He remains the national star and was instrumental and bringing the world cup. If Wenger had given up on him, then he should have been sold to the highest bidder Anzhi in January, when we had time to adequately replace him. That sale may have brought in over £7M, whereas now we will be fortunate to sell him for half of that. Despite his attitude, fitness and mental fragility, we don’t have another player as capable of conjuring something out of nothing or feeding van Persie.… Read more »

Seems like a big risk to let Arshavin go considering out recent injury problems…


[…] are swelling about Zenit St. Petersburg making a move for Andrei Arshavin. The deal is apparently a loan until the summer with a loan fee of £1m, with the possibility of a permanent deal later on. There are a lot of different opinions going […]



Completely agree. I’d like to see him taking Ramseys place (central attacking mid-field behind RVP) for a few games.
he’s a very clever player who’s been wasted at Arsenal playing wide left.


It seems that Arshavin wanted to go rather than Wenger trying to get rid of him. Andrei wanted 1st team playing time to get into Russia team and Wenger didn’t want to stand in the way.

Marty Price

Another silly move. Ryo is out on loan, and Zenit would probably play him through the middle where he belongs. He is a senior player on a squad with not a lot of heart or experiance…oh well we are getting used to senseless stuff like this unfortunately.

i don’t like how wenger has managed any of arshavin’s time at the club. his departure is as perplexing as the rest of his arsenal career. wenger doesn’t make any sense. maybe wenger’s decided to just focus on the next generation. get rid of the remnants of the old team faster so that the new guys can bed in faster. but if that’s what it is, why loan out miyaichi? why are almunia, squillaci, diaby, denilson, vela and bendtner still on the books? maybe he’s trying to free up some space on our wage bill. arshavin was on big money…up… Read more »

If we make top four or not the squad needs a massive overhaul in summer.

Almunia, Squillaci, Diaby, Denilson, Vela and Bendtner are still on the books because we pay them £60,000 a week. Who is going to pay them those wages plus transfer fee. Arshavin is most likely to leave in summer with Chamakh because they still have a massive appeal in France & Russia. Diaby it more to do with his injuries rather than the quality of player.


if i were wenger, i would say publically to those players mentioned above: ‘do you want to sit here on big money and never play, because i will not play you any more, or do you want to go somewhere and make a name for yourself in this sport. up to you.’ he should name check all of the above players and make a very public challenge to their position. that’ll get them moving.

This doesn’t make any sense. I understand getting rid of Arshavin but wouldn’t it have made sense to sell him in January and buy a replacement? Now we are just losing a midfielder that could have come into the team if needed (injuries etc). Don’t forget, 2 weeks ago, Arshavin provided the assist for Henry to score the winner against sunderland. I understand Arshavin prob. wanted to leave but wenger’s first priority should be arsenal not the players. Our small squad (in terms of quality) is now even smaller. While I agree that Arshavin should have gone only if we… Read more »

I still prefer keeping Arshavin till the summer because Arshavin’s fav position is in the hole behind the striker (number 10 position) and has never played here for arsenal. Doesn’t it make sense to try and play him there to give van persie more service esp. since our plan A is not working and playing with walcott is like playing with 10 men.

Mark X


I would add Almunia to the list of player that we should offload in the summer. I would keep Gibbs and Diaby though. Both have had a lot of injury problems but I believe are worth persevering with for one more season at least.


Arshavin was a gazidis signing …wenger did not particlarly want him. + he is part of the problem.not the solution . His effort or lack of it on the field was pathetic and it is/was spreading to the rest of the team….good riddance


Nasri Is going nowhere
Cesc is going nowhere
Arshavin is going nowhere

Gazidis has already stared on the. RVP is going nowhere statements. We all know where tha one will end


Wenger tried to get rid of Arshavin in January but like many of Arsenal’s other players, there are no takers.
That tells a lot about the quality of Wenger’s signings.
Wenger, get out!! NOW!!

Arsenal fans are so fickle!! Always moaning moaning moaning!! Wenger can’t do anything right apparently, well piss off!!! Arabs in was a pile of shit. By loaning out arshavin, he’s got rid of a shit player who has been replaced by chamberlain rightly so, he’s received 1mill and saved 100k on wages AND he’s put arshavin in the shop window! If he does well for zenit and Russia at the euros, then we can sell him for higher! Wengers clever!! You lot are dumb. Arshavin brought nothing to the team…it’s fair play sayin he shud of played in the middle,… Read more »

wow, everyone is a better football manager than Wenger now, amazing. you guys are incredible.