Feb 25

PICTURE PROOF: Arsenal are better than Spurs!


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  1. Gunner says:


  2. Arkadiy says:

    ‘… by far the greatest team…’

  3. Sahil says:

    I thought we (Arsenal) had thirteen league victories. Am I miscounting or only 12 have been represented for Arsenal to preserve symmetry?

    Also, can anyone help identify the other three Arsenal trophies?

  4. EIE says:

    Why include 2 FA Cups? Make’s it look stupid and meaningless!

  5. errol says:

    Says it all – a picture that says more than words could.
    Must win tomorrow, though!!

  6. cartel says:

    after suday, when spurs wipe the floor with the likes of arteta, song, walcott, and other arsenal “stars” lol, MIND THE GAP is going to be very appropriate…seeing it will be a 13 point gap….dont be worrying bout spurs anymore, worry about newcastle overtaking you…a team that was in the championship last season…..sums you lot up perfectly :)

  7. Alim says:

    Nice,Its kinda hard to predict,both team desperatly need the win but my money is on arsenal,the picture says it all.

  8. pajanee says:


    Sagna Kozzer Vermaelen Miquel


    Arteta Rosicky

    Gervinho Oxlade


  9. Gunners says:

    I thing this is not good becaues arsenal need atacking one and one midfile one deender one wold class stricker like rvp wakeup findaw one

  10. Jay says:

    Newsflash- Proof Spurs are better than Arsenal NOW:

    3rd Tottenham Hotspur 25 16 5 4 49 25 24 53
    5th Arsenal 25 13 4 8 48 35 13 43

    #Better in the champions league 2010/2011#

    #3 wins from last 4 in the league#

    #Spurs with simple route to the semi’s FA Cup (AFC Out)#

    #Levy refuses to sell, Kroenke sells everyone#

    #Arsenal 1 world class player- RVP#
    #Spurs 4 world class players- Bale, Modric, VDVaart, King#

    You guys are the new Liverpool its perfectic, carry on talking about history, your like my grandad who was a pimp in his day, and boasts about it, nowadays he watches Jeremy Kyle alone every morning in his arm chair(at least he has his memories aye).

    Enjoy the history, we will watch attacking football, you guys can enjoy Walcott, Djourou, Gibbs, Squillaci, Rosicky, Chamakh and Gervinho trying to string 2 passes together.

  11. Mark says:

    Hey Jay, What is Perfectic, Typical spud, You haven’t won the league in 50 years and you wont win it this year. And when Harry the quitter leaves at the end of the season the glory (what glory) days will be over.
    It’s more important for the spuds to finish above Arsenal than it is to win anything.
    That’s pathetic.

  12. Chubbytoad says:

    Ledley king a world class player?? WTF

  13. REDgoon says:

    @Jay Better in the champions league? Where’s the trophy for that? We didn’t get one for reaching the finals in 06. Still in the FA cup? No trophy for that either. Spurs 4 world class players? No trophy for that either. “Perfectic”? That’s not a word. We keep on carrying on about our history because we’ve won these trophies. You’re having your best season in 50+ years and you’re still third. I wonder if you’ve even seen a premiership trophy before.

  14. mj says:

    haha spurs are always gonna be an average team.. they look good this season coz were really bad but its ok… every dog has his day, let them enjoy this season

  15. Ibbs says:

    WHERE ARE YOU JAY????????


  16. manuel says:

    @cartel, yea spurs really wipe the floor today can i pls laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahashsahshhahahahahahah

  17. kerfuffle says:

    Phew we needed that……12 games left to secure champions league spot. A bit more fight better defending and no more injuries and we will do it……and the cherry on top would be to finish above Spurs. Definitely no room for gloating.

  18. harry says:

    VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT — remember you´ll always be in our shadow

  19. james says:

    1 world class player against 4 :p 5 goals to 2 what a world class player we have

  20. Rash says:

    Hahaha spuds better than Arsenal? Lol 1 season “maybe” finishing above Arsenal and all of sudden they are better than us? 5-2 hahaha take that on your face..DVDs anyone? Nah we are the mighty Arsenal, we don’t make children’s DVD, we make history!

    The picture sums up everything, nice one! And yeah Jay go hide yourself, Spuds will never be or achieve what Arsenal have done over the years..bye bye Harry 😀

  21. Mikel says:

    @cartel: arteta wiped the floor with modric, we gunner getcha, bithces. injuries and outrageous refereeing has put you in front of us this season. man u are gonna get you next week. no parker either

  22. Temitope says:

    people taught after Adebayor score penalty nuthing for arsenal again but wethin me i feel excited when arsenal play with sense that if even we loose i’ll still be happy that, they play with team

  23. mzithemba says:

    Even with a biased ref, we were all over you…spuds. Delighted that you and the so called pundits are eating their words. World class scott parker, thanks but i prefer Arteta. We’re still 5-2 world apart.

  24. nate says:

    wow,am delighted by arsenal beating spurs,but much more the fact that arsenal finally beat a combination of Mike Dean and Phil Dowd,so in simple saying, arsenal beat two teams at ago,spurs, mike dean and his friend.
    am happy with Rosickys passionate celebration it shows how much it meant for him to score and also for the fans.

  25. thegoon says:

    looooollllll! gunners comments are crazy am in stiches!
    we really mopped the floor jay and cartel, you better be thinking about finishing 4th cos man u will do it to you bad, and then we will join you sing” oh when the spurs come marching in, when the spurs come marching in, it means their wheels come off cos the gooners, shot them off so we march instead!”

  26. Rafirw says:

    @cartel: Haha bet he’s regretting writing this comment now. Hahaha.

  27. JOANNE says:

    @cartel: LOL how funny to read that.. WRONG AGAIN hahahahaha.. gave you a hiding !!!!!

  28. Jon says:



  29. Jon says:

    @Sahil: I count 13 league trophies including the gold one which represents the unbeaten season, and two FA cups to represent the two doubles won under Wenger.

    I’m sure the artist would have included the other doubles but we ran out of space and Spurs won’t rent their blank space to us.

  30. THFCTID says:

    Funny ole game, got rvp and theo in fantasy team.
    I fully expect you to add Europa Cup to the list next season. I can get hold of your sold out updated calendars blocking out Thursdays and Sundays from September..

    Don’t forget that if you cannot make Thursday’s or Sunday’s on a regular basis the TV stations will be broadcasting the MUPPETS for your entertainment half hour before start.

    Bon Chance

  31. JK says:

    @THFCTID: When you say updated do you mean they’re just the ones Tottenham have been using with “Tottenham” scribbled out and “Arsenal” inserted? I’m not surprised they’re sold out, Tottenham calendars that include European matches are such rare things…

  32. iceman says:

    Shut up jay. 5-2. Suddenly Spuds have 4 world class player and Arsenal with only 1 world class player? Vermaelen Koscielny and Mertesacker are miles away better than King. And Bale is going to be world class diver with his ape stunt. Read it out loud. Mind that gap. Better in champss league? Get real mate

  33. Yid says:

    according to some of you lot, outrageous refereeing has put us above you? (spurs fan)

    outrageous refereeing? LOL i dont know where to start with that? we are top of the fairplay league? and what? bale might have ‘dived/exaggerated contact once or twice this season but who doesnt these days? you can barely complain since the likes of Henry & Pires were the ones whom introduced diving to the PL.

    in the game the ref was barely biased 😐 yeah he gave the penalty but who wouldnt? he could have sent scnezny/gibbs off, and after the pen you were making some of the dirtiest tackles without bookings yet Parker gets sent off.

    arsenal fans are so single-minded

  34. david says:

    but at this moment in time spurs are much better than arsenal, yes you finished ` point above us but only because of bad ref decision, FACT: if all decisions had gone right way spurs would be 3rd

  35. david says:

    @iceman: lmao are you retarded? vermanlean might be better at the moment but king is injured and still plays , when fully fit he is far better. and the other 2 are just shit so dont even go there

  36. SeanGoonery says:

    Brilliant graphic. I just had to comment.

  37. Louis says:

    What about their other 6 fa, 4 uefa, 7 charity and countless division winning cups?


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