Mar 19

VIDEO: Abou Diaby returns from injury with goal against Liverpool Reserves

Kudos to CWDComps for the compilation.


5 Responses to “VIDEO: Abou Diaby returns from injury with goal against Liverpool Reserves”

  1. ameed says:

    when he is 100% fit in his day, he is world class !!! height , power , technique , pace , dribble , work rate , good shooting ( remember his gaol against derby county in the emirates )…..
    just look at van persie when he is injury-free !!! world class !!!
    for me diaby is perfect aquad player for us…by mile better than ramsey , benayoun , denilson , frimpong all combined together !!!!!
    when he will be fully fit…arteta has to be worried imo….
    no wonder why wenger keeping him at arsenal despite his injuries , just look at rosicky NOW !!! he knows what a talent diaby is…….

  2. gunner for life! says:

    OMG!thats what we missed Abou ‘vieira’ diaby!
    in diaby i trust!
    hopefully he’ll be up and running for next season without his injuries problems,quality and class!

  3. Paul says:

    I like Diaby, but I always feel he’d be a better striker or number 10 than an actual midfielder in the Arteta-type role. He’s awful at passing and average at tackling, but give him the ball to run at defenders and we could have a player on our hands again.

  4. GunnerMacedonia says:

    i bet that he will turn out a beast with one full injury-free season. he is the same as rvp, trust wenger

  5. Stuart says:

    He could become a yaya toure type player for us bursting from midfield and drivin the team forward


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