Apr 15

Red Detective’s view: Thoughts on Ryo Miyaichi and Jan Vertonghen

Ryo Miyaichi could bring an X-factor to Arsenal’s attack next season if he is not sent out on loan. Polite, keen, irrepressibly determined and set to sell a vast number of shirts for the brand in Asia, his boyish looks will be a marketing dream. His direct runs taunt defenders whilst his courage on the ball mimics the style of a younger Andrei Arshavin. 

He has an amazing attitude, exuberant smile and a bit of the George Best about him. Kicks, flying tackles and close marking do not seem to phase him in the way that other young players seem to get frustrated by. Bolton look an average and workman-like side this season, and without his unpredictability, bravery and  raw pace they would be far worse off this year. 

Next season he could be competing for a wide role against a combination of players like Podolski, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, and even Junior Hoilett or Salomon Kalou. Wenger will not want him overplayed whilst so young, and I suspect the Frenchman will want to develop him on the training pitch to ensure he does not get a serious injury in his youth.

The reaction of a lot of Arsenal fans who see our being linked to Jan Vertonghen seems to be ‘we do not need him’, but that is a mark of always having had a small pool of top players under Wenger, and fans not appreciating the magnitude of the club. Granted, Johan Djourou would need to move on – to Juventus if the rumours are accurate. Djourou would excel in the warmer climes of Turin, and playing at a more measured pace would not expose his concentration issues as much as England does. 

Jan Vertonghen, meanwhile, may not set a game alight with flair – but is the kind of player that wins titles. A multi-positional athlete, technically adept at passing and tackling well;  Manchester United would use him in the way they use Park and (previously) John O’Shea. Reliable, hardworking players that show the requisite aggression to control games against lower teams and the also the ability to dominate possession against better teams. Wenger tried to use Eboué as such a player but found his temperament unsuited to it. Ray Parlour might be an example of a more successful player who occupied the role towards the end of his Arsenal career, and Coquelin could be a more current one. 

He has exceptional skills at intercepting passes, is two-footed and excellent on the ball. George Graham would probably play him alongside Alex Song in defensive midfield against teams like Stoke or Blackburn to strengthen the spine and dominate the aerial challenges. He. can strike free kicks and 30 hoarders every bit as well as Vermaelen too. In my view if Arsenal sign him, it is an indication of a progression in the foresight of the club’s management. Progression in terms of ambition and in understanding the necessity for squad depth. 

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10 Responses to “Red Detective’s view: Thoughts on Ryo Miyaichi and Jan Vertonghen”

  1. Hascim says:

    Finally a smart and sensible view on players of Vert’s calibre. Truth is we NEED him regardless of whoever we have or upcoming coz of the very reasons you stated above…

  2. ArsenalForever2004 says:

    A point that should be raised for a fair argument in this article as that Vertonghen, like Djourou, actually seems to have concentration issues. There was an in-depth Goal.com analysis on him early this year or late last year which basiclly said he is Beckenbauer with concentration issues. As a result, these problems need to be ironed out as he sounds similar to Djourou albeit Vertonghen is more versatile, far more agile (Djourou is fast for a defender but lacking in agility) and has a higher level of ball playing skills.

    The comments from Ajax fans appear to reflect this since they prefer him playing at DM rather than at CB which is a no no at Arsenal due to Song, Frimpong, Coquelin and the possible purchase of M’Vila. Nevertheless, I hope we have both Djourou and Vertonghen at the club by the end of this summer (stop judging Djourou by his performances at RB – he was never agile enough to play there in the first place) as I rate both of them highly.

  3. nishanth says:

    Great post. Vertonghen won’t great improve our first team but will add so much in terms of depth.We could sell Djourou,Squillaci and bring Vertonghen and promote Bartley

  4. Shivam says:

    Nice article, but could’ve been written without slagging Djourou off. He was brilliant last season, this season form has dropped and has been played out of position, that has affected his game. A question, shouldnt the comparison be made with Phil Jones, rather than Park? Park is a wide MF who tracks back a lot, surely you dont see Vertonghen in that role?

  5. Mark says:

    Agree with ye shivams comment that a comparison with Phil jones is a good one. Great article though, hope Ryo lives up to the hype as he is still clearly very raw. Vertongan can do nothing but improve us so why not sign him? We are 1 serious injury away from having an average defence again, Djourou and Squillaci out, vertongan in and we have improved the quality of our squad in an important area

  6. james says:

    To be honest I like Djourou he has all the ingredients to be a great center half tall, strong, good in the air, pacey and not afraid to tackle and throw his body on the line but the only thing he lacks is not concentration but maturity which only comes by playing consistently like Kosielny has had for those reasons I would keep Djourou and loan him out with an instant recall in the loan agreement.

    On selling a player Squilaci is the obvious candidate to make way for Vertonghen any way so let’s hope he signs.

    And I notice yet another Song is untouchable comment which frustrates me as much as the player trying to orchestrate or attacks when he hasn’t got the ability to do so. I don’t know weather the people who sing his praises as an automatic name on the team sheet realise that he is one of the main reasons we struggle to break teams down. The reasons, because he’s slow in possession and takes too many touches before he releases the ball, tries to make the most difficult pass at the wrong times which loses us possession of the ball and then there’s his lapses in concentration that see him left stranded up the other end of the pitch instead of tracking certain midfielders for one who was completely unmarked to tap in a winner on Saturday for qpr.

    We need a Gilberto, Flamini or Petit who does the dirty work infront of defense then passes the ball on to to let the attackers do their job or a player like Yaya Toure or Yang, M’Vila or play Coqeulin

  7. james says:

    Sorry bout the spelling typing on a smart phone is a pain in the Arsene

  8. daymee says:

    “IF” is the big word in “if” Arsenal sign him. Arsenal have always dithered in the transfer market and I think this summer will be no different. Arsenal will announce Podolski then all will go quiet. Another summer of high blood pressure!!

    I’m hoping this summer will be different but I just don’t think leopards change their spots like that!

  9. Adam says:

    Jan Vertonghen is an excellent defender. To describe him as a John O’Shea utility man is a bit of an insult. He’s not gonna come here and be happy to be 4th choice, he’s a player who would be a starter for a lot of good clubs in Europe. We won’t sign him imo and, despite him being a very good player, it’s the right decision. You can’t have four high level centre backs in Verm, Kos, Merte and Vertonghen (not to mention Djourou and where does Bartley fit into the equation?) and keep them all happy. You can only play two at a time. It just wouldn’t work.

    Would he improve our squad? Of course, but I don’t think we really need him. We have 3 very good centre backs and say what you like about Djourou but it was only last season that he was playing excellently for us. He’s had a poor season, mostly played out of position but there’s no reason why he can’t get that form back. He’s still very young. He’s also only recently signed a new contract which suggests he is going nowhere.

    Centre back is not essential imo. What we really need is a wide player if Wenger thinks Ryo is not quite ready yet and a central playmaking midfielder. We’ve shown a serious lack of goals and creativity from midfield this season and our recent up turn in form has coincided with Rosicky finding form in that CAM role. Although you wonder how long he can keep this up for at 31. If it was up to me I’d be looking at Andre Schurrle for the wide role and the wonderful Kagawa for the central role. Bild reckon he could be sold this summer as well! Podolski up front would complete a lovely Bundesliga trio.

  10. Nas says:

    What do you think and who we need to buy?

    IN –>
    Striker : Podolski
    Midfield : 2 more player ?
    Defend : Jan Vertonghen

    Out –>
    Striker : ?
    Midfield : ?
    Defend : ?


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