May 05

PICTURE: Arsenal reveal new shirt before Norwich match

Arsenal’s 2012/13 kit was revealed in the club’s shop earlier today.

The Arsenal shirt appears almost unchanged from this season’s offering, apart from navy trim around the neck and sleeves.

As has been the norm since 1995, the design was thought up by a mixture of Nike and Arsenal’s commercial departments with many Gooners still undecided on whether the shirt is ‘better’ than the current 125th anniversary kit.

What are your thoughts about Arsenal’s new home shirt for next season? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


48 Responses to “PICTURE: Arsenal reveal new shirt before Norwich match”

  1. We should all just boycott it. That shirt is atrocious. We are not Manchester United and our badge doesn’t have those dimensions. No ArsenaI fan should buy it, or accept such subpar design work form Nike who’ve completely lost the plot with some kits, and done remarkably cool things with others. We should demand more.

  2. StevenageSpur says:

    Black armbands to mark the death of Arsenal in the Champions League – hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Noel says:

    Its terrible.i for one will not buy that!!

  4. StevenageSpur says:

    @Özgür Kurtoglu: Any shirt with red in it is atrocious mate. I would never ever wear a red shirt in any situation – the colour sucks big time! And I’m not just saying that cos I support Spurs. Apart from Arsenal apparel how many Gooners own clothes with red in them? I rest my case.

  5. ryan says:

    Looks horrible! They should keep the badge we have now, looks much better, this shirt looks like no effort has gone into it at all, I for one won’t be spending £50 on that

  6. @StevenageSpur: Yeah…it’s not exactly the red in that shirt that’s the problem or what’s bothering me, but whatever. I wear red quite often, but that’s hardly the point. But perhaps, more importantly: do you have nothing better to do with your time and life than post on websites devoted to Arsenal, a club you very obviously don’t support? Come off it.

  7. wycliff the gooner says:

    why the black arm band? it doesn’t look smart. :(

  8. Adah!!! says:

    Funny! Is this the best that we can come up with? This is really not an improvement, we are not just going back in respect to play but our innovation is amazingly aweful!!

  9. Frank says:

    When the captain wears it, there would be three arm bands!!…..phew! atleast the black socks are not there. I was so worried about them being a reality.

  10. RudyGooner says:

    Stevenage spuds u shud shut up

  11. del says:


    Have spurs ever won the EPL NO. will the get 3rd Place NO.

    Spurs only make an noise when ARSENAL dont do well.
    England did not want Rednapp. the twitcher.

  12. Fredrik Aas says:

    This is shit. Is this real. Hope not, looks awful

  13. wayne medina says:

    Worst shirt in years!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be buying that load of rubbish.

  14. Harry says:

    fucking awful we dont deserve this, would be great to change to adidas/puma or any other but nike are designing shit kits for us

  15. Tappy says:

    That is without question, the worst Arsenal kit I have ever seen, even the yellow one from the 90’s was better, coupled with todays performance, I feel like drinking myself to death

  16. jay says:

    but guess what… no one at arsenal does anything, we hide here in bloggs and get stuffed by arsenal all the time…
    crap football… but who cares
    people losing their jobs… but who cares we keep people on our books paid that we don’t need and use…
    we only protested once and that was at the Man U game and i so prayed that wenger would resign then or get sack…. with a lucky run everyone thought that it was all good again…

    oeps no , no , no,… you forgot wenger has not left the building…. lets keep our sea ramsey and gervinho … because they are so much better than the OX…

    next season, Van Persie gone, no champions league and …. our new Man united lookalike jersey…

    what do we say again… we do things with class….

  17. zizou says:

    Not a good jersey to waste money on

  18. Khual says:

    Man that totally sucks, the aniversary kit is much better than this

  19. Khamis Abdhalla says:

    First of all i want to know, what does the black collour means?

  20. truly tht shirt look bad can’t imagine wearing it.gunners 4 even

  21. johnnyh says:

    Dat shirt is crap… come on now.. how come were still with Nike adidas do much better kits,,,, and it looks like a utd kit we don’t for black.. there was a pic last wk of a new kit with a strip across the chest really nice come on sort it out arsenal

  22. RedCurrant says:

    Well if RvP was thinking of re-signing, he may well change his mind when he sees this. . !

    Pretty Gopping.

    No dount it will grow on us LOL

  23. RedCurrant says:

    @StevenageSpur: Wear lots of white do you, pimp?

  24. RedCurrant says:

    @RedCurrant: I meant DOUBT! Beer talking. It still looks cr*p though!

  25. GoonerGreg says:

    arent the colours red white and blue on the sleeve in that order the colours of the french flag?

  26. John says:

    it’s disgusting, which demented bi-polar idiot designed this kit?…on the bright will save me money by not buying it!

  27. Hackney Gooner says:

    absolutely dreadful piece of shit kit. I certainly wont be buying one.Even Wiilshere, RVP and the Ox do not look impressed at all in the photo

  28. Law says:

    As if Nike is putting a black armband for mourning. 2 armbands in fact. Why Arsenal ok’ed with this?

  29. Harry Barracuda says:

    Given that the shirt launch date is tomorrow, I find it odd they would announce a launch and then “launch” it two days earlier.

  30. royal gunner says:

    @ StevenageSpur: We gooners can understand your frustration and jealousy towards us ..
    please try to spend more time on churches for keeping ur team up ..
    your team cannot match Royal Arsenal’s tradition and history and moreover a beautiful playing style..
    keep crying f … man…

  31. Ginger says:

    Puhleeze, Nike. Back to the drawing board on that shirt. How long did you spend on that? Ten minutes? I wouldn’t put that on my dog. Someone would be calling the SPCA.

  32. Alfred says:

    I think it looks fine. I’m just relieved the socks aren’t black.

  33. Steven (@weecoulter) says:

    Idiot work at Nike I think. And Arsenal are just as bad for accepting this shit!

  34. Khalid bass says:

    Very dead jersey!DEAD!!!

  35. ArsenaLeya says:

    Omg, why? Agree w/ others saying this looks like no effort. Is it too late for them to change it??? Oh well, guess I’ll be wearing this season’s for another year…

  36. james says:

    Most people on here are fake arsenal fans or not fans at all cause if you support your team you’ll wear whatever design they came up with. I’m a true fan so I will buy it.

  37. Harry says:

    just seen a pic with the armbands in blue, if they are blue and not black it looks very nice.
    its on the mirror website

  38. Harry Barracuda says:

    I was hoping to god it was a leaked fake but sadly that is the best they could come up with.

    I wouldn’t pay 3 quid for a knock off of that shit.

    Do they EVER consider asking the paying fans what they’d like?!

  39. art says:

    bad kit

  40. Gooner93 says:

    Absolute joke, cant believe the famous Arsenal kit of red and white is reduced to some kind of retarded man u style pyjamas! Whoever thought of this black and red step on sleeves and socks should be ashamed

  41. Ginger says:

    James, let’s pretend you are a fan, a TRUE one, of Jaguar cars. Bear with me here and let’s suppose money is no object. Okay, you have the latest model, then, the new one comes out with half the horsepower of your current one. Do you go out and buy it even though it’s been reduced to a Kia? Didn’t think so.

    Back to the shirt. If you buy this, all you’re doing is subscribing your money to furthering mediocrity.

    Oops, my dog just saw a picture of the shirt and is now lifting his leg.

  42. Jack says:

    Its supposed to be the same as was in 92/93 cup double season as someone said on twitter. we never ever had blue collar, there was some blue here and there. like socks for eg. so shirt is bad, socks are okey. shorts awful, should be red lol
    but i miss a little bit of gold on shirts. hope next one have some.

  43. James H says:

    Oh dear, Wenger’s comments yesterday are unsurprising and boringly apparent:

    ‘I believe that the summer will be quiet for many reasons,” he added. “First of all in England you have a 25-man limited squad number. Secondly the financial situation all over Europe is really bad and in some countries they have other worries than football. Therefore I expect it to be quiet.’

    how many times have we head this tosh? Surely bigger clubs unwilling to spend is a great reason to go out there and get some decent players? Anyone who expects M’Vila, Vertonghen or whoever can forget it I reckon. I was genuinely excited when we signed Poldolski and thought maybe Wengers changing his policy slightly.

    But now I’d get used to the idea of him being our only signing for a long time. To be honest as well, I dont think we were ever in for M’Vila, more his agent just flirting with us to attract other bids.

  44. Stephen says:

    The dark blue on the sleeve is shocking. Just keep the jersey plain and simple Red and White !!!!!

  45. Bimbola says:

    Y d rift because of d jersey. Uncontroversially Arsenal f.c. Has bin usin d most beautiful jersey in d last few seasons. Wot matas most are serious signings. 4 me, i go buy am

  46. Mr E says:

    I like it, and the band is blue not black.

  47. A-R-S-E-N-A-L says:

    Since when did the kit matter? Winning trophies is all i care about.

  48. Stephen says:

    @A-R-S-E-N-A-L: Of course the kit matters. Tell Barcelona to change their colours or Celtic to change theirs !!!


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