May 13

5 reasons to be excited ahead of next season & Arsenal’s potential 2012/13 starting XI

Next season promises to be another exciting, entertaining and enthralling Premier League campaign for Arsenal Football Club.

Here are just 5 reasons why Gooners’ around the globe have reasons to be excited ahead of the 2012/13 season.

1. Arsenal are guaranteed a place in the Champions League group stage, meaning no qualification fixture will disrupt the club’s pre-season.

2. Jack Wilshere will return from injury. The future England captain is one of the most exciting talents Arsenal have produced in recent years.

3. New signing Lukas Podolski looks likely to partner Robin van Persie upfront. Goals are almost guaranteed from the exciting German and Dutch frontmen.

4. Deadwood will be sold. The likes of Sebastien Squillaci, Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Manuel Almunia and many more are on their way out the club, subsequently freeing up squad places and wages.

5. Big players want to come to Arsenal. Yann M’Vila has been heavily linked with Arsenal and could be one of several showpiece signings this summer.

Do you agree with the potential starting XI for next season? Leave your views in the comments section below.


73 Responses to “5 reasons to be excited ahead of next season & Arsenal’s potential 2012/13 starting XI”

  1. @Gooner_Nate says:

    looks like a great starting 11 but id rather see M’Vila start.

  2. Gary says:

    Just seen RVP’s post match interview.He’s off

  3. Ray says:

    As long as Song is in the side we will win fuck all.Back four exposed again because Song is a shit DM.Gervinho was a shocking signing would keep Yossi before the Ivorian Tony Daley.
    We are 3rd because Flappy played in goal for WBA.

  4. Daniel says:

    whats different about this starting 11 other than podolski and the assumption that wilshere will make a total recovery with no setbacks. Pretty tame isnt it ? hazard to replace walcott, and m’villa in for song..that would be nice.

  5. Jonas says:

    The OX off for Areta because without Areta we didn’t won the last few games en gibbs for vertonghen (if he comes)

  6. GOOONER says:

    The ox on the bench/instead of walcott and arteta or rosicky (now hes found some form)?

    Also if chelsea win the champions league wont we have to qualify as we will be taking the fourth english place effectively??

  7. bongo says:

    Actually if chelsea win we will have a qualifier to go through.

  8. WillyG says:

    Arteta has been Arsenal most important signing so he is a must in that 11 in my opinion…But keep this in mind the best eleven rarely ever play together…Injuries,Suspensions,Resting alos with the Euro 2012…Wenger need to improve the Depth of this squad..But 4 now lets enjoy 3rd Spot

  9. Gus_Caesar88 says:

    Could somebody confirm….If Chelsea win the Champions league, will we face a Champions League Qualifier in August?

  10. Skr says:

    Arteta is a starter surely? This has been the first game we’ve won this season without him. Song has been a huge liability without Arteta next to him

  11. ne says:

    i want 1 new right back, dm and creative midfield coming in.

  12. Drew says:

    Would like to see a rotation of Arteta, Ox, and Dempsey in the midfield roles. Get rid of Gervinho.

  13. Ks says:

    To be fair I think Arteta would be much better in the centre of the midfield. Arsenal sorely lacked a holding midfielder who has sense of the overall situation and one that really partners well with Song. Could see how much we missed him in the last few games. I’m not trying to discredit the Ox but we could use his pace to greater effects in other formations or even from the bench. COYG!

  14. Bakrima says:

    We hope that Arsene Wenger will change his negative attitude and sign some credible players and get rid of over fifteen of the most hopeless players he brought them to arsenal and ket paying them for no good reason you have metioned three of them

  15. fred says:

    third place means no qualification even if Chelsea win the cup. They take Spuds place in the cup

  16. Andrew says:

    The way we’ve played since the start of 2012 we could win the title if we start next year like it and avoid a similar start to we had this season. Podolski is capable of scoring as many goals as Van Persie so the future is very bright. We need to keep RVP though and buy some quality defenders, excited for Wilshere returning too as him and Oxlade have got a very bright looking future ahead of them for us. I love you Arsenal!

  17. tissiam says:

    i hope you are very wrong otherwise that would mean we didn,t buy any real quality players!!

  18. DaG says:

    That midfield would get dominated match after match.

  19. Martin says:

    @Gary: Even if he does leave, Podolski up front (with another striker or two brought in for back-up) and Chamberlain on the wing with Arteta in midfield is still pretty good. Obviously we need to replace the deadwood too. I think a little expectation management would bode well for Arsenal fans; City will probably run away with the league title next year but I think all the other competitions are very winnable. A bit more respect on the management’s part for the FA and Carling Cups would be nice. If we finish second/third next season with a trophy, that would show a lot of progression. Then going into the season after that, the likes of Vermaelen, Koscielny, Wilshere and Chamberlain will have another season of Premier League experience under their belts and maybe Financial Fair Play will have leveled the playing field with the likes of City. Here’s hoping.

  20. Sanmi says:

    If Chelsea win the winner in d Belgium league will play qualifier not Arsenal. We guaranteed group stage in d cl

  21. eric says:

    Arsenal will qualify automatically for the group stages and if chelsea wins the cup they would have to play qualifiers to get into the champions league because remember liverpool in 05/06 season when they won the champions league they finished 5th but got 4th spot and went through qualifiers at the expense of Everton.

  22. Deshola says:

    Good post!…Some arsenal fans never appreciate what they have!…kudos to boys for making us proud. They prevented totenham from making jest of us!..we deserve our win at west brom! Please note@Ray!…please learn to appreciate these guys!…from 17th to 3rd…weldone guys!..

  23. bongo says:

    NO!!! If Chelsea win they AUTOMATICALLY qualify and that means Arsenal will have to play the qualifier matches. Read the rules.

  24. 2forlols says:



    Please look up the facts before you make up shit

  25. Jack says:

    Its important that we sell every single player that is no longer needed and strengthen our squad. Not just make the numbers like we did last year. We need real defensive midfielder and a new striker, I dont think any single of the current squad is going to stay aparat from (hopefully) Van Persie. Its a dream but Eden Hazard would be quiet a signing.
    Thankfully this season is over and of course… mind the gap, neighbours.

  26. Big Guns says:

    AFC automatically qualifies for the champions league, Chelsea will play in the Europa League, they cant beat Bayern Munich without defenders and Ramires, all the players who are out are starters, no need to think about Chelsea, Arsene should be looking on midfield targets, midfield needs quality addition, we only have quantity in that department.

  27. Mark says:

    That is a team to finish 4th or 5th as RVP will go.We will not finish within 20 pts of City next season

    We need to sign Baines(Gibbs injury prone,Santos cant defend)Dempsey M’Villa and Ba or Cisse


  28. fred says:

    Here is official confirmation from

    The top four teams in the Barclays Premier League qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

    English winners of the UEFA Champions League finishing outside the top four places (but who qualify for the UEFA Europa League through their domestic Barclays Premier League position) go forward as Winners to the group stage along with domestic champions, runners-up and third place.

    No extra domestic place can be gained by winning the UEFA Champions League, therefore the team finishing fourth drops to the UEFA Europa League.

    English winners of the UEFA Champions League who do not qualify through their domestic position go forward as Winners to the group stage, with the team finishing fourth dropping to the UEFA Europa League. In this case, the national association of the title-holder is entitled to one additional place in the UEFA Europa League.

  29. willy mwachia says:

    really funny how song is seen by some as a liability. he has around 16 assists

  30. gunner says:

    i dont wanna be negative but there is still a pretty big chance RvP will leave

  31. Bonnie says:

    If we retain the likes of RvP,and add an attacking midfielder like Demsey,i think next season we’ll have something to smile about

  32. sepanta says:

    are you kidding song is totally shit player.the worse player i have ever my opinion you are not prson to arrange perfect team.we have arteta in hand

  33. NS Gooner says:

    We automatically qualify, as will Chelsea if they win the CL. First things first we need to sell the deadwood, then think about strengthening. My opinion is we need another striker (I would take Kalou), a defensive midfielder (Vertognen or M’Vila), and a back up keeper (someone over 30). In addition, I really want us to sign Kagawa, but I doubt it’ll happen, just the same as I doubt we’ll strengthen at all of these positions.

    Buzzing right now though, so I don’t care. How can you not enjoy St. Totteringham day?

  34. Billy says:

    I thought that line up was supposed to give us something to cheer? Song is a liability, so is Vermaelan, so is Gibbs and don’t get me started on Walcott. Arteta, M’Villa, Wilshere midfield, Podolski, Ox, RVP upfront and add Vertonghen and Baines to that defence with Sagna and Koscielny. Then you are looking at a team capable of winning things.

  35. ZenWhat says:

    It’s all about the bench.

  36. EIE says:

    this is still no where near winning the title team it seems Wenger and the board are just satisfied with just finishing third come on compared to the players Wenger used to buy these lot are just make shift players lucky to get third WE NEED A CLEAROUT AND ID SAY 5 QUALITY PLAYERS ADDED TO STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING THE LEAGUE NASRI CLICHY CAN NOW SAY THIS IS WHY THEY MOVED ON HAPPY WITH CHAMPIONS LEAGUE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND HOW WE GOING TO WIN THAT IF WE DONT STAND A CHANCE WINNING THE PREM AS FANS WE THINK WITH OUR HEARTS BUT THE GUNNERS BOARD THINK OF THE MONEY EIE

  37. george says:

    excellent post mate, we desparately need quality addition now and retain our stars, hazard, vertoghen, and one more right footed striker to re[lace chamakh. do we keep vela??

  38. Swansea Gooner says:

    M’Vila is a must. Teams cut through us too easy. Song is not a dm. He is our best dm.

  39. trugun says:

    I think Chelsea would have to qualify as a fourth place entry, If I remember right Liverpool had to do it when they won champions league and were out of the top four of the premiership.

  40. EIE says:


  41. Kingsley says:

    Kudos 2 our player weldon guys 2days game make me 4get our trophyless seasons 1ce again congrate 2 my fellow fans around d globe 4 does dat’re listen wrong info we’re into group stage if chelsea won dey’ll play qualifier luv u all.

  42. jibson says:

    @Gary: pls can u give the link for his interview

  43. Josh says:

    That squad is average compared to the top two teams in all top leagues. We need much, much more than that if we want to even win the FA Cup more so the league or champions league if we win the carling cup and get to the final of the FA cup which the squad in the pic can do im not satisfied liverpool achieved that and the still clasified as rubbish.

    All we need to do is spend around 55 million to transform our squad into title contenders.

    Kagawa/Hoilett/Dempsey we need to choose one

    Vertonghen/Jagielka/Rami/hummels we need to choose

    Leighton Baines definatly needed he will help gibbs and we can push santos up because he cannot defend at all.

    M’vila/Martinez/N’zonzi We need one

    and Finally a back up goaly we can depend on Robinson/Jaeskalinen/Gordon/Shwarteze

    Please Arsene just compare our squad to united’s and City’s and RVP’s gonna go and were gonna start from sqaure one again

  44. MistaKen says:

    I want the Prem. We are being left behind by City and Man U who both finished 19 points ahead of us. We need Hangerland and Cabaye as they have proved they have football brains. The other players being talked about for us look good but they are unproven in the PL.

  45. irish boy says:

    ok evryone is saying mvilla maybe one more. why not mvilla dempesy and junior hoillet and a left back. we had 14 indiviual errors resulting in goals this season. we would have lots of bodies in midfield as we pick up tons of injuries. loan out few young guys ryo ,chucks ,aneke, frimpong when he returns from injury and see wat they are like in the permier league. rvp is must as i dont think wenger will spend the money he gets for rvp on a high profile replacement

  46. SD-London says:

    Your first eleven is almost perfect but it has to be Arteta in place of the OX. OX still needs to learn one or two things as an understudy.
    We struggled without Arteta.

  47. 9jagun says:

    were is Aterta?

  48. george says:

    hoillet is good and would come cheap, b-burn is relegated after all, snatch him quickly. vetorgh &m’vila need champs football which we can provide, get them wth eriksen

  49. aj says:

    Stop trying to whip up a scare story, bongo.

    Arsenal are definitely in next year’s Champion’s League group stages, whatever happens to Chelsea.

  50. papy duru says:

    kudos guys graetjob. tanx for makin us proud, respect to all gunners fans let keep d faith. remain gunners.

  51. Detuma says:

    Put AOC among de strikers as he is promising n rush 4 Junior Hoillet add Vertonghen + Baines n this would mimic the invicibles comes next season. Thank 2 Koscielney 4 a winning goal n all our players Do u remember Wilshere’s bet 4 spurs ending b4 Arsenal? What if every player has that confident next season? The trophy will b ours. Though we trust in u Wenger,pls spent we know u r a professional economist n make a gud investment out of sth small what if u get sth big? U will win double trophies.

  52. femy says:

    firstly,i we say congratulation to all arsenal fan,kudos also to the players and entre crew. I think RVP talk should be resolve fast and other players also the shopping for new player should not be delayed so they can be part of preseason program,so to form a team.

  53. dukeofarsenal malaysia says:

    CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!….thanks for the heartening, anxious, suspenseful season Gunners. My heart almost went to zero beat yesterday. I hope 2012/2013 it won’t be the same. We can make it, if we have the believe like Pat’s believes. Please have some reinforcements Mr Wenger. Inject the youth gradually into the team and not wait till we have injuries. With Jacky,Ignasi,Rhyo,Campbell we do have the men to give the our campaign some bright light. So hope 2012/2013 the beginning of good seson for the Gunners.
    Go Gunners 4 Eva

  54. DocBrody says:

    I love Wilshire and the Ox, but they will have to prove themselves before I’d start them over more experienced players like Arteta or Rosiky (or other mid fielders we might bring in this year like Dempsey). Wiltshire in particular can’t finish (yet).

    I also think I prefer Santos to Gibbs, but that’s debatable. If Santos is fit, I think he’s better. He’s not fast, but he is very difficult to beat one on one, and mentaly he is tougher (even a bit ‘mean’) which i like. Plus, he can take defenders on and score.

  55. Ralph says:

    Congratulation to the entire team but wenger need to sign quality and early enof 4 d preseason

  56. Leo says:

    Arteta must be in our 2012/2013 first eleven squad.

  57. levs mileys says:

    Thanx to kosc 4 da goal,nwy next season looks bright 4 arsenal if at all the all the names mentioned have to come into emirates,lets also secure van persie. mvilla remy,dempsy and some fine names

  58. Davi says:

    Unless Mvila is signed, Arteta is vital to the arsenal starting 11, along with Song.

  59. Davi says:

    Just seeing Podolski in an arsenal lineup is exciting. He could form a great partnership with RVP, as he did with Klose for Germany.

  60. Gunningooner says:


    No walcott please

  61. dangoon says:

    You all forget Arteta, he is boss

  62. James c says:

    What about benayoun? I think we should sign him he didn’t do badly and would b handy to have on the bench?

  63. Kelben says:

    I don’t think Chamberlain would be ready on start. Obviously, he’s a exciting talent, but not really as good as Rosicky or Arteta in technical or tactical aspect.

  64. teehee says:

    great team… but put in arteta/ rosicky for chamberlain because i think he isn’t ready to play and also needs to develop the technical and tactical aspect

  65. Abdul says:

    great formation, but I would love to see more experienced left back as i believe nor Gibbs or Santos has been consistent, i would like to see Wenger making new signing. Plus i think Arsenal is missing player maker, Wenger did not react to selling Fabregas and Arsenal was not creative at all this season, so i would really love to also see arsenal signing quality play maker, but i have no idea who that player can be.

  66. Patrick says:

    We nid 2 get rid of djourou,squiz,ramsi, chamak,arshavin shud b gvn a role on d bench, also benayoun,gervinho, walcot

  67. Patrick says:

    Metersacker’s height is not useful & he shud b on d bench,ramsi,diaby, chamak,squi,fab,almunia,bendtner,carlos shud go.let’s santos on attackin role. My team is rvp,podolski,santos on attack. Arteta, wishere, song in midfield. Baines,vermalen,mbiwa,sagna. Den szycheny. Sub.Ox,walcot,gervinho, mert,kos,m’vila,gibbs, rosicky,benayoun,arshavi,schwazer. Wit dis kind of bench,we can challenge 4 title, evn wen der is weaknex in d first eleven.

  68. AAB says:

    whats all this rubbish about song being not good enouth! he is one of the best all round defensive midfielders in the world and i have seen a fair amount of m’vila and he is IMO about on par with song if not worse from what i have seen and song is in a better leauge than M’vila. song was alowed to venture forward this year because of arteta sitting also. if we were to play wilshere and the ox in with him he would have to be more responsible and he will recognise that and AW will tell him this and he will be more solid defensivly. that midfield contary to what someone else said above would be a class on with the option of arteta, rambo, rosicky etc if needed. our defensive problems in my opinion are not because of the quality of the defenders they are with a lack of players staying back. AW needs to make sure only one full back gets forward at a time and that one midfielder is always sitting and song will do this job if asked no doubt. Our squad is a quality winger/AM E.G hazard or gotze and a quality LB(to replace the unreliable santos)away from winning things next year. Oh but we MUST keep RVP or we are in serious trouble mentaly as well as the fact we will be missing a World class striker.

  69. Azeez says:

    All i want u pple 2 knw is dat we shuld keep rvp by all means,wenger is our major prblm take it or leave it up gunners

  70. SF says:

    Man, I’m confused…perhaps arteta should be in the starting eleven, but I am not sure you to leave out of your starting eleven..perhaps for attacking. I would start Santos over gibbs

  71. SF says:

    We really need an attacking, visionary and technically sound midfielder, however there is no doubt in my mind that the current crop of players eg. rvp, arteta, song, podolski, jack or good enough to win us some silverware. I am very concerned about our defensive unit, perhaps one or two very experience new signings would be good, however if there is no addition for next season, I do believe that if we maintain ball possession and expose our defense unit much less, then we would concede far less goals than we did..All the back four that we have now has the potential to do better.

  72. Phil says:

    While knowing how Arsenal function, lots of big singings are unrealistic, there are a few weak spots in the team that could be reinforced.

    I would like to see Aymen Abdennour of Toulouse signed as a central defender. He excelled on a poor team last season, and his arrival would enable Vermaelen to be employed as a left-back if neccessary.

    While a midfield trio of Song, Arteta and Whishere would be a strong group, none of them are principally attacking midfielders, and the team needs and attacking player to link the midfield to the front line. I would be temped to sign Younes Belhanda from Montpellier. He would fit in well with a largely french-speaking team, and considering how injury prone Rosicky is, he would be a welcome addition.

  73. taylor says:

    next year i dont think we will win anything but the year after we will do, next year will be a gelling season, our dsefence needs to get tighter, song NEEDS to be a CAM and bring in m’vila for the defence, it looks like arsene is trying to emulate the invinclibles by bringing in more french players like giroud, and looking at m’vila, debuchy and now i hear ben arfa maybe looking for henry, vieira and pires?

    sagna vermarlean kosienly santos
    m’vila arteta
    walcott wilshere podolski
    van persie

    new goalkeeper?


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