May 13

Happy St Totteringhams Day!

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17 Responses to “Happy St Totteringhams Day!”

  1. pistolpete says:

    Yes and we were about 10 points behind the tottering totties a few weeks back.BRILLIANT!!!!

  2. Dominic says:

    Anybody seen or heard from Spurs fans reminding us that the table doesn’t lie?
    Thought not, I suppose we’ll be hearing from them in a couple of month’s time with the usual cry of “This season we will finish above Arsenal.”

  3. KenZ says:

    A day to be happy indeed!
    But what a Polyfilla season!
    Wenger needs to convince Vertonghen to come here, pay the cash for M’Villa, and ensure Wilshere is injury free next season. With those 3, we can challenge Manchester. Without, we might not get away with it again!

  4. mcowusu dela says:

    come on Gunners.There is hope for next season.

  5. Senky says:

    All said manc cant match arsenal, ‘neither da spuds.

  6. Iceman says:

    How ironic that the tiny totts bleated non-stop right up until we spanked them 5-2, then they shut their gobs and winced as we went above them – from a 13 point deficit to guaranteed CL spot. I can remember when we were in 17th and every loud mouthed spud was bleating that we would go down. Well suck it up you sad mugs, because 18 seasons of finishing above you tastes just sweeter this year.

  7. gooner94 says:

    Arsenal will become the first London based club to win the champions league/european cup. Wembley 2013- you heard it here first COYG.

  8. MistaKen says:

    Spot on KenZ. Today’s performance was awful. WBA gave us 2 of our goals otherwise we would have lost. Vertonghen or Hangerland and M’Vila are needed or we will be embarrassingly exposed next season and wont get away with it!

  9. Lee. says:

    Apart from bringing in the players mentioned, AW also has to get rid of the enormous amount of deadwood currently on the payroll, because not only are they NOT good enough to get into the team, they are now standing in the way of any genuine talent that is coming through the ranks, that we now never get to see.
    Come AW do your job right this summer please or do the decent thing & step aside let someone else have a go who wants to take us back to greatness…..

  10. Sally says:

    Hi, we are so so so happy today, because Matthew’s birthday give the best luck to our beloved club! Have you ever watch bbc wonderland film Meet Britain Chinese tiger mum? We are the ARSENAL Loving family, and we prompt our team a lot in the program! Never say never, and never say give up, that is Gooner’s attitude!

    Happy birthday to Matthew! Long life ARSENAL football club! Bye bye Spurs! ( please to wait anther year!) Hahaha!!!

    Tiger mum Sally

  11. Tom says:

    Be careful what you Goonerphiles wish for.. According to Benayoun you’ll all be supporting Chelski next week. Obviously you don’t live in London and happy to bleat on about rivalry from thousands of miles away.
    Whilst no love for you the thought of seeing Terry & Lampard lifting that trophy makes me puke. Then the victriol from the Chelsea fans on the streets along with Abramovich moving them to iconic Battersea power station enough said ..

  12. rellends says:

    i’ll respond to this soon when i stop laughing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. think on this: the worst arsenal side ever still manage to finish above the best spurs side in 50 years. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha come on chelsea!

  13. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Mistakunt, you slobbering pseudo-gooner who is actually a sad Spudscum lover crying AGAIN because his beloved Tiny Totts weren’t good enough for the 18th year! Go join your AAA and Wenger-hating asses in the gutters you wallow in.

  14. eric says:

    Hope Chelsea wins Champion league and kicks spuds further into Europa league

  15. Ginger says:

    The only mildly surprising thing about this is that St. Totts Day came a bit late this year. I love inevitabilities, though, don’t you? Some things are just written in stone.

  16. James H says:

    Sounds like rvp is off after the interview he gave yesterday :(

  17. billthered says:

    Whilst it was good to see the spuds demoted to the thursday league of europe,I think a better scenario would have been Bayern to win and the spuds getting knocked out in the qualifiers.But now looking for some possitives Modric,Bale the Man City forward Van der Vaart and more might see their future elsewhere,so every cloud has a silver lining but I still think we should have been the first London team to lift old big ears.


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