May 15

How to be a hypocrite – by Samir Nasri

Kudos to Sky Sporks News for this accurate graphic.


82 Responses to “How to be a hypocrite – by Samir Nasri”

  1. Jon says:

    The idiocracy of this man is to damn high ! f*cking c*nt !

  2. teehee says:

    F*** You Nasri

  3. ArsenalisYourDaddy says:

    For mental tranquility, I never read anything Nasri says EVER!

  4. Mark says:

    Will we be saying the same about RVP?

  5. Daniel says:

    Dat guy is a rascal lets 4get abt him pls

  6. GunnerMacedonia says:

    the lack of respect this guy shows is embarassing. arsenal made him the player he is today. no THANK YOU, no I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU`VE DONE FOR ME! NOTHING! ungrateful hypocritical cunt!

  7. Daz says:

    Can’t wait until Hazard goes to City and he’ll rot on the bench, little prick.

  8. pH says:

    Don’t be bitter. You’ve been insulting the man only because he had the nerve to change his job for a better one. Crime against humanity!!! With all the stick he got I don’t blame him for his comments. In a way you are only showing him how much he meant to you. get over it, we have our own players to care about!

    Arsenal fan.

  9. The cabbie says:

    Forget him he now plays for Mercenary City F.C

  10. lalaland says:

    who cares. it is true though what he says. some are celebrating 3rd place even though our 2nd half of the season was worst than our 1st.
    but yes…who cares – he can win trophies. 3rd place is better anyways. right?

  11. mesay says:

    this idiot guy talk rubbish and he will be on the bench next season any way

  12. bill says:

    you were forgotten a long time ago sir,sorry dick!

  13. paul merson says:

    Leave the guy alone. He only did what any one of us would of done if we had been offered a better job with more chance of winning something. Good luck Nasri. Hope to see you at the emirates playing for us. I think that he has had a terrible season for city and will be sold asap. No longer worth half of the 24 million!

  14. Lucky says:

    Leave nasri let him enjoy d trophy, dat ungrateful boy.

  15. Big Guns says:

    Arsene fault for developing kids and when they think they are superstar, they disrespect him. No need to worry anyway, Arsenal FC is a huge CLUB worldwide, who the fuck is nasri, look at what messi has done and he always remain humble, this dude is nobody he should be ashamed of himself, average mother fucker.

  16. enyie1 says:

    Can u c, cos of him i did not wan Man City to win d League, i no he would say so, am not worry, up gunners

  17. dino says:

    good point Mark, but RvP has class, even if he leaves this summer he wont say such rubbish. Look at Cesc for example, every gooner still respects him because he gave his best and alway maintained his locality to the cause. Mercenaries like Nasri on the other hand will try to find excuses to detract from the fact that they are just after the money.

  18. steve bould says:

    Nasri is now a crap player. did nothing all season. He will be loaned out until his contract expires

  19. steve bould says:

    Nasri is now a useless football player. did nothing all season. He will be loaned out until his contract expires

  20. aden says:

    Arsenal fans should leave him alone. Petite pute??? Boooo???? Why do that to him???? You guys should fuck off.. It’s his life and his career .. None of yours!!!!!!

  21. Bold99w says:

    Blame not nasri.arsene should be blame he should stop buying french players they are bunch of ingrate take flamini as an example.

  22. James says:

    pH – By your logic, Gael Clichy and Kolo Toure also left for a “better job” yet they avoid criticism and abuse as they displayed some class. Nasri deserves criticism for the comments he made and poor attitude towards Arsenal. Some fans chanting “Sami, you’re a cunt” does not reflect on the whole club nor make it acceptable to repeatedly disrespect the club that did a lot for him.

    Nasri demonstrates immaturity on a regular basis, so his comments are not in the least bit surprising. It appears it is he who needs to concentrate on his own club rather than keep talking about Arsenal and responding to a minority of Arsenal fans on twitter.

  23. tobesky says:

    Samir nasri is just an ungrateful idiot, arsenal made him the player he is today. Can some just tell him to just shut his dirty mouth up.

  24. Todd says:


    Better job? why? He won 1 title? Or he won 1 title and barely got off the bench after contributing a whopping 5 goals? I do not think he has a better job, I think he will go down the road 10 years from now the way Alexander Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, and so many others went down: “I should have stayed at Arsenal.” We do need to move on because Nasri is meaningless. Literally, his title that he did barely anything to win as a “squad player” is meaningless.

    Arsenal fan.

  25. CB says:

    Well paid, City.

  26. Kareem . A . Oluwasegun says:

    Leave him alone He will learn he lesson in the of Hleb ane Flamine.

  27. Grizz says:

    Let’s be honest here, Man city do have some great players, Kompany, Aguero, Toure etc, but Nasri isn’t one of them !

    He contributed little for us, and has, and will contribute very little for City. 5 goals in a season isn’t top class, he has an over-inflated opinion of himself, he is quite simply a parasite living off the others around him.

    His time at city is “on the clock” and he will return to the french league next year, and then into obilivion,
    aurevior Samir you should be ashamed of yourself for your comments.

  28. Nasri Mercenary says:

    No we won’t be saying the same thing about RVP as he is respectful to the club and fans. Even if he does leave, he will not be antagonizing fans & insulting the club.

    The reason Nasri has gotten so much shit is not because he left but the total lack of class and respect he has shown to the club that made him or the fans. He is completely unprofessional and a top notch asshole.

  29. Hassan olatunji says:

    Leave that ingrate nasri to hell with him, he will end up like hleb and flamini.

  30. mohamed ali says:

    fuck nasri,i cant hate but i dnt like that c.nt,hope he ends like heleb..

  31. adeoye says:

    A river that forgets it source soon dries up. Goodluck to samir.

  32. Godwin Ben says:

    Wat does a diabolic nitwit lyk nasri hav 2 say? 4 a point of senscibility arsenal is movin 4orward wit or witout him so he shuld try 2 get his Ass ready 2 warm d bench cos city is nt stopin nd wont stop 2 get serious nd more senscibile players dat will humilate his career in d world of futbal in his entire lyf. GUNNERS

  33. Jimoh olaide badmus says:

    Bother not about whatever he says.he is an ingrate.

  34. craigy says:

    the guy has spent most of the season warming the bench, whilst earning massive wages, the guy is a greedy fuck,

  35. Sagir Ringim says:

    Samir Nasir is a provocative vagabond( Dan Iska).

  36. robgunner says:

    what a total wanker!!! Song gave us TWICE the amount of assists than him from DEFENSIVE MIDFIELD!!! Wenger was right to cash in, he was NEVER worth that much!!! TOSSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Chas says:

    Its not even the fact that you were a great player, because you wasn’t, you went missing when we needed you most.
    And remember the agravation you caused when you took Henrys seat on the French team coach and Gallas put you in your place, now i know why, because your not fit to wipe TH14 arse.

  38. N10 Gooner says:

    One premier league medal = 30 pieces of silver… Enjoy it Judas

  39. GoonerDave says:

    Why do you even care?
    Nasri is a great footballer, but he plays for a different team now.
    The comments he made tell us 2 things
    1- He loves Arsenal, make no mistake about it. He regularly over emphasises his “hatred”
    2- The fact that he would even attack our club is proof that hes not a true Arsenal player.

    Personally, Im looking forward to having Podolski available in Nasris position. He is strong, scores loads of goals, is committed and experienced.
    Who cares about Samir Nasri?

  40. Shevo says:

    The little prick will soon get what’s coming. The man has no class and never will. We made the cunt then he just went and whored himself out to the highest bidder. now thinks he’s a big man. The little pile of camel shit bench warmer should never walk again.

  41. Hassan luqman says:

    Good evening my friends . I hope he realises his comments are procative sooner rather than later. We should remind him that we can only have one winner in a season. He his still young and naïve. Arsenal have never settled 4 second we are only going through a phase and every has surely passed through it. City went 44 years without an epl trophy and only God knows when another one will come. Next year will be different Godwilling.

  42. ragoon says:

    na$ri is a knob period! says he left because he wanted to receieve the ballon d’or. not ever going to happen. he left for cash.

    conveniently forgets that he failed to score the all important goal when put clean through on goal against birmingham. he was part of the failure in the team – simple. thoroughly hateful little man.

  43. Daniel says:

    Nasri won the league,but his performance can’t get him a ballondor nomination.Oh poor thing,an ingrate.

  44. samcess says:

    frankly na$ri is so crazy that i feel bored reading his comments.

  45. wale says:

    Not surprise of ur comment Nasri,bcs u mouth is just like dat f a RAT and an ingrate kid dat came out of no where and become some1,bcs of dis very team u mocking with ur RAT mouth fucker.

  46. Big Guns says:

    i hear u nasri’s wife

  47. fataye kunya says:

    nasri u will regret ur comment to the team that bring u up.

  48. KEVIN says:

    You can argue Arsenal fans are just as hypocritical as Nasri, you guys called him alot of names so he speaks back, now you cry and moan, and say he has no class?

    you cant prick a dog and cry when he bites.

    Anyway what he says is right anyway, Arsenal are celebrating finishing 3rd and finishing ahead of spurs,

    who can begrude anybody for leaving for more money and going to a club who has better chances of silverware.

    if i was offered more money at another company, I would take it becuase i know that one day i will get old or maybe made redundent or get sacked,

    like they say Its all fair in love and war ,so I say good luck to him good and Arsenal

  49. How does anyone blame Arsenal fans for being upset about the Nasri saga? They have all the right in the world to be because, first, Wenger took him from France where he was earning #10000 and paid him six times that. He played with unbelievable inconsistency with one good game today and three bad ones, for nearly three seasons. It was only in the first half of his last season that he played well consistently until January and then faded badly.

    Arsenal fans felt he still owed them a lot, and at a time he should have repayed them, he asked out, rejecting a 11000k pay rise to move to City at such a moment when Arsenal desperately needed to keep him given that Cesc had asked to leave. Who, for sure would be happy with that? And despite all that, he again aims at Arsenal, who gave him so much during his time there, and who received so little from him! I think that’s being disrespectful and stupid. He’s now 25, and a person of that age should be much wiser.

    Cesc, Clichy, Kolo and others all left but they never said silly things like that. It’ a shame! No wonder, he had a beef with Gallas and Henry at the National team, players he should have respected for their maturity and importance for France. That’s not the way to behave, Nasri, change your ways, as you are fast becoming a nuisance!

  50. Joseph Randy says:

    Samir Nasri will soon be Alexender Hleb, just watch closely.

  51. Xahir15 says:

    I am really surprised to see that this guy has not even a bit of respect to the manager and club who made him the “expen$ive” player he is today. Shame on him.

  52. RONALD says:

    ManCity was all about Hart,Kompany, Silva, Yaya and Aguero,I dont think he will play better next season,infact a new signing and he will be loaned out for good

  53. emmz says:

    guys let the kid be, he aint the first neither is he going to be the last to say that crap…let us enjoy soccer with the guys we gat

  54. steve says:

    Nano, let Hazard come,,,, u will spend more on the bench

  55. Aloysious says:

    I thought it was African players that are uncivilized look at adebayo a player of Nasris class should have never said that Arsenal made him who he is today he would have never been sold at the rate if it wasnt for Arsenal and Arsen.

  56. Vish says:

    We should be thinking Arsenal not an individual like him.He played for us and we thank him for that.He should now be concentrating on how they retain their title.He does not need speak about Arsenal.Arsenal were,are and always be great club where ever they finish in the league.

  57. pius agyei-twum says:

    nasri does not deserve the time arsenal funs are spending on him, he is just an average player nothing world class about him. lets utilize our time and energy on the players who deserve it.

  58. Adres Juan says:

    The thing that erks me about this is that while most goonars were disappointed with Nasri’s exit, most have forgotten it and remember some of the great games he played for us instead. My 9 year old has some fond memories of him and looked up to him. Now he says he hates my boy’s club, a bit difficult to comprehend and shows a lack of maturity and his responsibilities as a footballer.

  59. Prince musty says:

    4 god sake’ pple shld leave nasri alone. He has his own life 2 live’ arsenal {wenger} shld think on hw 2 manage d players by winining trophies and increase d weekly wages {motivation}.

  60. Edward Kikuli says:

    Hey guys we are gooner forever,Arsenal has its own history who is Samir Nasri by the way!!!he showed how disprectiful he is even to his father Arsene Wenger who made him to be proffessional, lots of quality players more than him played at Arsenal and go away to other clubs appreciating what the club did to them, the likes of Ian Wright, David Seamen,Gilberto Silver,Cesc Fabrigas, Mark Overmass, Patrice Viera……Who is Samir Nasri by the way??? guys relax and look foward.

  61. I hate him says:

    This guy is so hateful! What a classless bastard! Arsene Wenger and Arsenal made him what he is today and this is how he repays??? Such a rat. Like he made a difference at Man City.I hope somebody breaks his leg!

  62. D'oh says:

    @Aloysious: You twat.

    I’ll assume by someone of class you mean not black / African, lets ignore the fact that Nasri’s family are of North African descent (as are a number of Arsenal Players past and present). Of course the Europeans are nothing but class, see Terry. It’s ok I’m sure it was that uncivilised black Brit that provoked the poor English boy.

  63. moyeen says:

    city and real madrid is all about buying big.Any team or manager can win league c.league with money.Nasri got 180k arsenal offered 90k.this is not football this is money money money.Iam losing interest because of this.

  64. Iceman says:

    All i can i say to that is your a prick Nasri, no matter what u say, everyone knows u went there for the money. You havent played half as many games as you thought u would and in them very few games you had one decent one against Chelsea, anyone can walk into a Man Citys arabs riches or Abramoviches millions teams and win silverware, it takes guts to stay at a ‘nearly there’ team with no money, but as we all knew, you had none! And p.s When u had menningitis, noone would buy you, but Wenger took that chance and made you the player you are, so dont mouth off.

  65. gunstar says:

    Hahaha it was the little prick who didn’t follow his runner when qpr scored to make it it 2-1, and mancini clearly screams at nasri and calls him a fuckin* twat. And when hazard arrives back to benchwarming like flamini hahahahaha

  66. caleb Andati says:

    Na$ri is an adolescent boy who has not matured yet. I hate him.

  67. Goon DerBer says:

    I was so amused by this it nearly made me take up blogging on arsenal. There are 2 main types of key or senior players: the battlers & the coasters. A fantastic example of a coaster is Emile Heskey .. You know: the type of player who just does not want to be blamed. The fighters/battlers, on the other hand, are those who dig deep when the team is not playing well or the stakes are high, and often carry some or the rest of their team mates through difficult patches.

    The seniority fell on Fabregas and Nasri, and while Cesc is not an out-and-out battler, he is not a complete coaster like Nasri .. and we managed, but had collapses that our senior players could not dig us out of. Nasri just coasted thgrough the season, nowhere to be found when the chips were down for mancity .. RONALD was spot on: the real fighters there included yaya, aguero, kompany, hart, tevez, and some others. In fact, if Tevez had not had his long spell out, our dear Nasri would have been a bench warmer most of the season.

    The mancity manager is not a fool, and I predict the bench for Nasri, or a loan out .. but people that go on loan actually request it. I doubt this wimpy doazer will ever request that. He will be happy sapping the mancity muller, sitting on his bum and hoping for new trophies. I celebrated the day he was sold, and why do you think he cannot get over arsenal? .. ask yourself that.

    Before he came, we were linked with him and that battling excellent left footed french kid in Newcastle .. Typical arsenal, we had to settle for the clown .. and let that great player go to the magpies.

  68. Goon DerBer says:

    So, Nasri .. Fool, you are paid to win the trophies .. not have someone else do it for you. If arsenal failed when you were here, it was because you were shit and were a core part of the failure of the club for the years you were here.

    Mancity has succeeded .. not because of you .. but because of the hardwork and courage of others .. Let us watch and see how your career progresses from here on ..

  69. Paddywhack says:

    Nasri wanted more money, yes – he was also ambitious, wanted to win trophies, he did – something he would never have done at Arsenal – we have become conditioned to believing that 3rd is a trophy. That will continue. Here is my prediction over RVP – he will leave, triple his wages and win trophies – only hope is he does not go to ManU – who knows though. I believe RVP is not motivated by money – he is a top player who wants to win things – that won’t happen at Arsenal.

  70. EMERY says:

    I always know that this guy is a hypocrite. he can say whatever he want to say, it is his mouth. He is doing this to mock van persie so he concentrate on winning trophies and shut his fucking mouth.

  71. Rami says:

    Nasri is only gloryhunter greedy wanker

  72. Sue says:

    Who really gives a rat’s arse what that mercenary thinks……

  73. Sean says:

    @Aloysious: Man you are way out of the line, why are you saying you thought Africans were the only uncivilized players and not expect the same thing from Nasri, was Kanu, Lauren, Toure, and Sagna not civilized? You are as pathetic as John Terry and Loise Suarez joint together you Spuds son of a whore. Get the fuck out of here

  74. Goon DerBer says:

    Yeah, I remember the name of that great french kid at newcastle, Hatem Ben Arfa .. Now, we did we ever go and buy this wimpy kid who will never grow up, instead of Ben Arfa? It makes me want to scream !!!

  75. I hate him says:

    @aloysious u and the ugly bastard u’r criticising here r one and the same. how can you throw up a venom like that and think you are better than that a$$hole? u’r a retard. a civilised human being will not insult Africans like u just did. and what a name by the way! u pompom!

  76. GunnerMacedonia says:

    anyone got some news on rvp? how the talks went, what he wanter, did he want to stay etc etc?

  77. hilson says:

    this guy is just an ingrate,a guy picked from gutter now has the gut to say rubbish to the club that made him what he is.if this guy is matured enough he would have dedicated that fucking cup to arsen wenger for bringing him to the limelight

  78. James h says:

    Yeah @gunnerMacedonia I’ve got ‘insider’ info on RVP. My mates cousin is the step brother of Van Persies agent. He gave him a ring last night and said van persie wants a donkey for christmas and a packet of pork scratchings. Wenger said to bulk at the idea of buying a donkey for christmas by proclaiming ‘we’ve got Diaby, he’ll be like a new donkey’

    RVP is now set to leave to Manchester City as their owners can offer a lifetimes supply of camels. This is what my mate told me and he said its 100% true because his cousin is related to the agent of RVP

  79. Benno says:

    To say he left to win medals and not for the money, and hat he has now proved Arsenal fans wrong shows no class. Which were you garunteed, thats right, the MONEY, you were payed 9 months before you had a medal, if Man City didn’t win the prem would you have returned those wages. I THINK NOT. No respect, no dignity, NO CLASS.

  80. aggrey namboya says:

    Leave the kid alone. Let him rot on the bench as others fight for glory on the field. shame on him.

  81. Gooner4Life says:

    This words of Nasri disgusts me. If it was not for arsenal, he wouldnt be where he is in now. No respect for the people that he should be grateful to. Shame on him. As DerBer said , I disagree with the comment on RVP as he will stay. Have faith people !

  82. The season is over, long live the summer says:

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