May 29

Arsenal mulling over Barcelona pre-season friendly

Arsenal are weighing up a pre-season friendly proposal from Barcelona which would see the Gunners vie for the Joan Gamper trophy in August.

The annual competition is named in honour of founding member, player, and later president of the club Joan Gamper, with Manchester City the most recent English side to have been involved against the 2010/11 Champions League winners.

Several Arsenal players have joined Barcelona in past seasons – ex-captain Cesc Fabregas finally signed for the Catalan giants in a much drawn-out transfer saga last summer.

Arsene Wenger’s side traditionally hosts the annual pre-season Emirates Cup at Emirates Stadium, but they opted to postpone the event this year because of the 2012 London Olympics.

Instead, Arsenal will visit Nigeria at the beginning of August after playing in both China and Malysia in July.


14 Responses to “Arsenal mulling over Barcelona pre-season friendly”

  1. ceredig says:

    with the right signings we can give them a good game.bring it on!!!

  2. Adeniran A Adeola says:

    I so much believe that, Arsenal fan will all look forward to that. C’om on, bring it on

  3. Jossy says:

    Wit good signings we can bring them down. Bring them on!!!

  4. weez says:

    we shud accept,couple of good signings bring on the barca

  5. You're all deluded says:

    You think without rvp we can give them a game? Yeah right. Even with him there’s no chance with our shambles in defence. He won’t stay, as the last 7 transfer windows have shown, Wenger shows no ambition and rvp wants trophies or to at least challenge which we won’t do. We also can’t offer him decent wages cos Wenger is a fucking Marxist. You’re too optimistic, face it we’re done for, we’ll be spoken of in the same breath as Sunderland soon.

  6. Gunningooner says:

    RVP WILL stay if Wenger makes signings @You’re all deluded, and he is mature enough to see how other people who have left have faired. You really think hed leave a place where he’s captain, highest paid, top scorer, a legend?? Thats a move even Hleb and Henry regretted.

    If Wenger Makes enough signings (i.e. M’Vila, Podolski (already made), Dempsey, Llorente etc.) Then he will Stay.T

    hats why he’s waiting to talk about his contract till the end of summer – so that he can then decide (based on the squad) what he’d want to do with the new squad.

    Stop being a pessimist, and we have been spoken in the same breath as even Leeds before – when Man City were buying a load of high-end players along with everyone else, and we just bought Vermaelen. We still ended top four, this season we ended top 3.

  7. Tommy says:

    All saying we cant give him fair wages so 130k week and 5mill signing on is a low wage?

    if you compare to manchester city and chelsea who are currently ruining the game by giving players insane wages! you think we should offer him 300k week and get like 10 more players for 200k+ every week? so we go bankrupt in a couple of years yes lets do it!….

    arsenal fans ar really stupid sometimes, and i wish we could be more realistic, like Liverpool fans they won the league moste times up til last season, and have don far worse then us, they sacked manager after manager and nothing helps, tbh all out there you really think we would be better of without wenger ? i do not

    and for all of those saying he doesn’t want to win the league but are aiming for 4-2 place every year must be plain stupid, of course he wants to win….

  8. edo says:

    the first action should be to get rid of the the following players chamack,squilach,djoulu,bentner,arshavin,almunia,fabiask,mertisaker,vela and denilson and the loan out miayich,park miguel and frimpong and then by vertoghen, Mvila,vom, belhanda,benayoun,giroud and Lioriente and then promot joel campbel, bertly,esfied and troure with these players we wil be able to challenge trophies

  9. Buzz3210(GOONER4LIFE) says:

    Oy deluded its called supporting your team unless you are better at it than Le boss put a sock in it.

  10. Abdulhamid Ellawule says:

    Next season should be one which we can challenge any team that comes our way. This is the season that we should beat any club that stands our way to glory. We can achieve that by signing some few players that will make us consistent both in the EPL and the CL. Good luck ARSENAL

  11. Andy Mack says:

    My stomach turns at the thought of us helping the immoral management of Farca (Farca DNA my A55!)raise money in the off season so they can try to unsettle players…. No

  12. kennah says:

    arsenal nid not only 2get rid of deadwood players but clueless fans who r always yeling 4nothing. I bet Arsene has taken arsenal 2the highest level I wonder y u big oofs call wenger all names that u dont even know the meaning. Let arsenal and ARSENE be!!!

  13. Will 49 unbeaten says:

    Arsenal are a club based on honesty and ran the correct way, we are not in debit and do not let the players control the club, I hope rvp stays but if he goes so be it, the club is what counts, I am a arsenal fan no matter who there to play, wenger has started to make food signing and so may it continue, you forget are money was tied up in the best stadium in the world, let’s all stand up and believe in the club the players and wenger

  14. Will 49 unbeaten says:

    Also last season we had a lot of injurys and cud not get a good run of are best starting 11, only Manchester were better than us in the league and they spend millions, when the fair play law comes in we will be the club to watch


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