Arsenal receive €3.5m bid for Carlos Vela

Written by Chris Wheatley


Real Sociedad remain frontrunners to sign Arsenal striker Carlos Vela after the Spanish side’s president flew to London for discussions with Gunners’ officials.

The Mexico international has impressed in San Sebastian this season where he scored six goals in 26 La Liga appearances.

Despite a handful of interest from Premier League and La Liga teams, Vela has his heart set on a permanent move to Sociedad who have already bid €3.5 million (£2.8m) in a prospective deal which includes a 50 per cent sell-on fee.

“He [Carlos] had a great time at Real Sociedad, a great season and would be happy to stay. It is being negotiated [with Arsenal], but we still haven’t heard anything”, revealed Vela’s agent Enrique Nieto.

Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay flew to London earlier in the week where he notified Arsenal officials of their offer, but will be kept waiting on a final decision from the north London giants until after this summer’s European Championships.

Vela, 23, joined Arsene Wenger’s side back in 2005, but has spent a large portion of his time plying his trade for other clubs on loan, including Salamanca, Osasuna and West Brom.

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We can’t sell him for that, if we do it shows how poorly run the club. The more we get on the players like Vela the more we will have to spend and a player who scored more La Liga goals from January than Falcao and Llorente is worth a hell of a lot more than £2.8 million.

We should be aiming for..

Vela £7.5 million
Bendtner £10 million
Djourou £8 million
Chamakh £7.5 million
Denilson £5 million
Diaby £7.5 million
Park £2 million
Fabianski £5 million


We need to get rid of the deadwood not haggle and be stuck with players we don’t want 5m for vela would be a fair price. We would never get 5m for fabinski


agree with you Will £2.8m for a player of Vela’s quality would be ridiclous. If we can’t sell him for at least £7.5m then bring him back, we need quality players like Vela staying at the club!



Would YOU as a manager buy those players for that much, with the wages they’re on? Get back on planet Earth.


i would sell for 5 mill plus 50 per cent sell-on fee

@Will: 7.5 for Diaby? Never going to happen, nor would the same price for Chamakh. The fact of that matter is that apart from Vela and Bendtner, the stock of the other fringe players in our squad has lowered considerably. The prices you mentioned would be reasonable if the players wages weren’t so high and if they were playing well. Diaby has also been injured for much of the past two seasons and when – if ever – he’ll be fully fit remains a mystery. Also players like Park and Denilson are a dime a dozen, so in order to… Read more »

Will are you being serious?? You are not gonna receive 25million for bendtner Djourou and chamakh as they are pony, you might of received something like that on football manager after a season but not in the real world… And 5 million for fabianski biggest joke of all, a keeper who can’t catch a ball!!

Ashade Akeem

Arsenal need quality players that can hold the midfield


Those are Championship Manager prices.Really the wages are the key things and interested clubs don’t pay these wages so we need to adjust the fee to get the liability off our books.If we get £25 million ffor these players and save an ongoing liability of around £20 million PA this will help us bring in four top quality players.Our squad is way too big.


Stan’s Arsenal look like they will always sell best players cheaply but buy overpriced average players as the cash generated will go into Stan’s American franchise as Arsenal don’t seem to be showing it. If the money really was there RVP’s contract would have been settled by now.


will, some more realistic transfer fees are:

vela – 5mil
bendtner – 5mil
we won’t sell djourou
chamakh – 5mil
denilson – 2.5mil
we won’t sell diaby but if we did – 4mil
park – i think youre quite accurate with that one
fabianski – 3mil

Actually selling Vela for 2.5m with a 50% sell on clause sounds like a good deal. He will likely play the next season at Real Sociedad where he will hopefully perform as well as he did this year before getting sold to the likes of Malaga or Valencia for around 10m, netting Arsenal a total of 7.5m. He would be off the Arsenal books and Sociedad (having agreed the sell on clause) would be motivated to maximise his future sale price. We cant expect to get a high intial purchase price for players that we are desperate to get rid… Read more »

The rule of supply and demand is the defining factor in sell
ing and buying players not thumbsucking Arsenal fan,s wishf
ul thinking,so Arsenal better take what the buying club off ers and sell the so-called deadwood already as the annual wage bill is escalating,by the month ,due to overpaid overra
ted players,Walcott,Wilshere,Ramsey,Sagna etc.?

The problem with the opening ciomments by ‘Will’ above is that he fails to look at the cost to the Gunners currnetly in terms of wages ? Our first priority is to offload the considerable liability in wages we are tied into playing many of these mediocre players. Considewring that we are paying most of them between the £40 – £60k a week mark, I’d revise he’s asking figures to thus : Vela – £3 mil Bentdner – £5 mil ( or anya mount if it gets rid of him ! ) Djourou – £1.5 / 2 mil ( he… Read more »
Danish Gooner

Put Vela in a return envelope, way to little money.

angel lawrence

no coach can buy thos prayer that amount les just valu vale for £4m. chamakh $6m johlu €3m fabiski $1m daiby $3m park $2M

iwaloye mathew

I too much like gunners 4 one things. Up gunners.


Get rid of the deadwood. We’ll save loads by not paying their wages too. If we mess about too much we won’t be able get rid of them at all! Slap Sell on clauses on them all though


I also think it’s not a bad deal. 50% sell-on clause is huge and therefore we will get only 3.5mln euros. But that’s a good deal and we should agree. He’s young and will develop, la liga is best suited for him.
I hope he will be the first of big overhaul in the club. Next to follow that are not good enough. Good luck to him.

As much as we’d like 7.5m for Vela its never gonna happen. 6m at a stretch would be more accurate. Real Sociedad are only offering £3.5m cos thats all they can offer. Arsenal already know that if they wait it out they’ll get more BETTER offers. Bendtner has a 12m price tag which before the Euros was negotiable, but if he puts in a good performance against Germany then who knows what we can get for him with the world watching. Especially after his two against Portugal. Djourou- aint going Chamakh- 5m or as part of the Giroud deal would… Read more »

vela …£7.5m


Not gonner to happen in this market condition. We should just sellhim and many other not up to standard players and youngsters. About 20 of them.
This will send a very clear and firm message to the squad…we mean business, buck up everyone.


Should aim to get £5m for him, but the 50% sell-on clause could turn out to be a good piece of business. Always obvious he had talent, and being more suited to La Liga, if his form continues, he could end up at a Atletico Madrid or Malaga for a sizeable fee.


Will has to be the most deluded arsenal fan ever and lets face facts, its not exactly a 1 horse race. Chamakh for 7.5 is the funniest. Oh wait, is it the 8 for Djourou. Too difficult.


Will we will not get anything like those figures for those players – I would accept half off every figure you have put up there just to get them off the wage bill