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Arsenal confident of extending Alex Song's contract

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal are hoping to avoid another ‘Robin van Persie’ contract situation by tying Alex Song down to a new long-term deal at the club.

The Cameroon international’s existing deal is worth around £55,000 a week and expires in the summer of 2014, although Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has refused to set a deadline on Song’s future – meaning talks could drag on into the new year.

But Arsenal are determined to keep hold of Song and have now opened early negotiations with the deep lying playmaker. Song, 24, has been offered a pay rise and a new contract until 2017.

“We know our fans want a trophy and we are very close to winning something. My message to our fans is: Believe in us. This team will get better”, Song stated in the summer of 2010.

“I am at the right club. Forget Barcelona, Arsenal is the best club. Arsenal have given me everything and I love this place. If I had to leave I would break down and cry. It’s still my dream to win the league here.”

Kieran Gibbs, Laurent Koscielny, Bacary Sagna all see their contracts expire in 2014 along with Song, with Arsenal confident that the latter will put pen to paper on a new deal at Emirates Stadium.

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Why would you pick a picture with Nasri in it?


He is mentor,d mst passionate member of dz squad

South Yorkshire Gunner
South Yorkshire Gunner

Song is no Fabregas or Nasri..

Get shut.
No discipline.


@Alex: how is the picture important? surely it resembles the difference between committment and mercenary.


nasri is shit if it wasnt for wenger he would be a nobody wudnt even have a job! song is amazing we need to tie him down and now, he is only getting better


South yorkwateva you are a sad knob. go get a hug. Fabregas and Nasri cant win the ball the way Song does. and he can still pass. thats a plus not many DMF have. so dont compare. he’s one of the best midfielders out there. AlexSong everyday anyday.


Song is the key in our midfield, tying him down to a long contract now is a great idea. the way is has developed in the last few seasons it has been amazing and long may he continue to develop in this way


We also confident that rvp would stay… *sigh*


Boy, really brilliant midfielder. The video says it all. Real heartfelt commitment.


Wow! this guy is xcellent and he excites me so much, he has an eagles eye view and he is our midfeild general. Its good news coz in games without him we do struggle in the middle of pack since covers our defense. Let’s indeed tie him for the long term.


On his day he’s an absolute monster in midfield. When he’s not on his game he’s lazy and wasteful. Concentration and motivation in the next couple of seasons will determine whether he ends up a legend or just a decent player.


55k? That’s too poor. I recommend at least 90k

Lightin Leopard
Am I the only one that think Song is the 2nd player of last season.. amongest the current squad.. the only player we should be concerned about extending thier contracts r Persie, Song and Kosielny! Saying hes not fabregas>> well mr his passes last season were better than fabre’s.. and nasri cant even be compared to him in terms of passing! and another thing.. hes the most developed player in arsenal in the past thee season and I for one think he will continue to do that!! Hope he renews.. at last something good comes from within this corrupted board!

Classic non-story, supposition,speculation and inuendo, this piece told us nothing new. Not one comment is on this non-story only on whether Song is any good, it is posts like this that give genuine blogs a bad name, if you want you blog to go the way of the paper media, keep posting nothings such as this.

South Yorkshire Gunner
South Yorkshire Gunner

WillzSonginho. Obviously he a player you identify yourself with be it the haircut or the mediocrity.
He’s mediocre pal, average at best.
Ask man city or utd or even chelsea if they’d want him.
Answer: No


South Yorkshire Gunner, I thought Match of the Day and Sky Sports football get shown in the part of the world you live ?, you obviously havent watched Song in years or you are on cheap drugs… ( or both)


@Alex: Because Song owns nasri


@southyorkshire gunner.u cal song average,funny how whenever we play d clubs u mentioned their so called midfielders go missing,song runs them down,and in any case,he won more tackles than than yayah toure,mikel obi,raul meireles last season,and had more assists…

Marty Price
His uncle Rigobert Song always maintained he was not a center back but a midfielder. He has become an excellent midfielder, but Arsenal is not going to pay him what he will be worth in another two years or even another year if he plays like he did last year. He will be moving north too, unfortunate, but that is the reality at Arsenal these days as they prepare them young and lose them when they should be hitting their prime. Whenver Song missed a game our defense was even shabbier then it normally is. Vermaelen was inconsistent last year… Read more »
primitive energy

South Yorkshire Gunner>>>Wonder if you have ever seen Song play. U must be from a song-less world!!


whats happening with santi carzola are we close to signing him or are we in talks with him


@South Yorkshire Gunner:
so I guess you’ve asked them? nonsense! that’s only your poor opinion.


We had only 1 song we sang last sizon n that was Songinho without him we always almost lose games so hw could u say hes average midfielda? If u want further improvement on him then its only to shoot into de net to score 4 himself but hes not selfish n to avoid anger in the field coz these r his weaknesses £55k is not worth Song . Until i c Cazorla in Emirate i wil then b sure of this rumour. Gunnersss!