Aug 25

Song’s departure could rejeuvenate Abou Diaby

What we are hearing at the moment is the typical anti-isms that always seem to come out to after a player leaves to ensure they are not missed. We, the fans, propagate this and it makes us feel better. The so-called ‘unprofessionalism’ of Alex Song is only an issue now that he has left. It did not bother us when he made 11 assists last year, and yet knowing a player with such conduct has gone does provide an abstract relief. I like knowing that, for the most part, the squad is full of hard working sportsmen.

To not sell Song would have been a danger to the squad balance since Robin van Persie was one of just four or five ‘old school’ pros at the club. He works hard, lives for his family, enjoys having responsibility. Song was not from that from that mould, nor was Adebayor, Bendtner, Pennant, or Bentley. Wenger, in selling two so very different people, has cancelled out the social impact on the squad.

What Arsenal will miss is the ability of Song to ease a man out of possession with his athleticism. At 17 he was just as big as he is now but had little stamina. Desperately unimpressive, sluggish and lacking concentration he could go down as one of Wenger’s best finds. He must have superb on the training pitch because in the early periods he showed next to nothing.

A loan at Charlton Athletic invigorated him. Suddenly we were talking about the young African spraying the ball from left to right against Manchester United. Alan Pardew, manager there at the time, said he did not want to embarrass him but he could have been wearing a United shirt that day such was his quality.

Arsenal are on the look-out for one more midfielder to fill the void left by Song – but where does his departure leave the Gunners’ tactically?

It seems that Mikel Arteta or Diaby look likely to play in the deeper position. Arteta could spray passes from the position of a quarterback, whilst Diaby’s power suits could suit the position the way Yaya Toure did at Barcelona. In fact, being the glue between defence and attack could not only reinvent Diaby but protect his joints from attritional box-to-box competition.

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19 Responses to “Song’s departure could rejeuvenate Abou Diaby”

  1. Franny says:

    Jeez… People need to forget Diabolical.

    Over 160 games and 4 decent performances. All hr does is take the ball and slow things down so much that we can’t do anything anymore.

    Take off the tinted specs… He is rubbish.

  2. James says:

    Jesus, he’s been at the club donkeys years and only ever had a handful of great games. Just another example of Wenger refusing to let go of a crap player, not that anyone would buy him on his stupid wages. When are people going to wake up and stop accepting the mediocrity Wenger has been serving up for a good 5 years.

  3. WillyG says:

    He’s in the same league as Squillaci and Denilson. It’s a crime how Wenger can let him put on the Arsenal jersey. And he’s being paid almost as high as RvP and higher than Alex Song. It’s enough to make those two ditch Arsenal.

  4. jordan says:

    you lot are stupid. all you have to do is look at Laurent blancs comments on him. FURTHERMORE. Wenger knows what hes doing. duh

  5. doomers paradise says:

    jordan you dont need to respond to trolls. blanc is no fool neither is wenger.

  6. davi says:

    I saw him play for France once and he was a completely different player. He played with real urgency and basically dominated the midfield. He’s done some great things at Arsenal but I don’t think he’s ever played like that. If we could get him playing in that way we wouldn’t miss Song much, but who knows if that will happen.

  7. davi says:

    “Arteta could spray passes from the position of a quarterback”
    I don’t know where this comes from. I haven’t noticed Arteta playing many long passes. He tends hang back and keep things simple (short passes), from what I’ve seen. He’s been playing more like Busquets than Xabi Alonso.

  8. Oguntuase Amos says:

    Some fans comment on players as if those players are not human. Diaby is only unlucky to be plagued by injuries but such was RVP before he got over it. Give Diaby another chance because injury free, he is a class act. Anyway, some fans ought to visit Psychiatrists because their comments sometimes border on insanity.

  9. PutFoot2ball says:


    If the link doesn’t show, search “Artistry of Arteta” on youtube.

    You might change your mind.

  10. WillyG says:

    To put Diaby in the same sentence as RvP is pure stupidity. RvP was often injured, but when fit, put on a world-class show. Diaby was also often injured, but when fit, played like a donkey.

  11. LFS says:

    @davi: not a definitive source to rate a player but I hope you can enjoy this video:

  12. LFS says:

    @PutFoot2ball: ha! I was going to post that same video. It’s great and he does spray passes like the best quarterbacks do.

  13. Deejay says:

    why do ppl think diaby is quality.. i can count in my finger his good performance. with better team he is even worse…
    ramsey was recovering last yr but still think his worse was equal to diaby… we cant wait for his form once in 10 games.

  14. abdul razak says:

    wenger and the board must buy the replacement of song and a full right back for the club because this season we want to win as much as tropheis or we should sack wenger and the board because they want to make fool of as. over ten years you hav’nt make any impact for the clua what a shame. folish fools

  15. mike says:

    Just wait and see,once Diaby gets one good season on board he join city or barcelona.We have being paying every week to be on sick bed he will not see we dont match his ambition.Keep your fingers cross but rembr you heard here first

  16. goonerbegood says:

    hello fellow gooners, as i was reading through my papers this morning i read about alex song spouting rubbish on the news paper telling the world he wanted to stay at arsenal for life,
    that arsenal was standing him up ,blah ,blah blah, listen mate
    i would understand and respect a man who says he went cos he wanted to win trophy’s but blaming arsenal for you leaving is pathetic , who is the person that signed for barca you ,not wenger, or gazidis, you and rvp are selfish in greats , you guys think we are fools, wenger is still at arsenal after all the approaches real madrid and barca had on him, wenger stood firm , you and rvp are selfish, imagine if all those years wenger stood by you guys , rvp getting injured constantly and song been rubbish until he became good, arsenal and wenger stood by the both of you ,like wenger has stood by diaby,( and i would not be surprised if diaby had one great season and left as well blamimg wenger and arsenal) rosicky,etc, people complain how we did not win any trophy but what they don’t seem to understand is, we had ,, cesc, song, gallas, almunia, clichy, nasri, denilson, diaby,rvp , flamini , hleb, etc did you guys win us a trophy ,you guys did not win nada, now you guys have left and everybody is blaming the one man that stood by you all, in greats after nobody wanted you guys but wenger believed in you guys ,you guys never delivered any trophy for wenger or arsenal , now all we hear is ooh i wanted to stay at arsenal for life but blah blah blah, spare us mate, you guys have left ,we have moved on, so pls you guys should do the same, but remember one thing, Arsenal is the club of the future,on a bright day you guys will wish you never left, now it doesn’t seem like it cos you guys are deluded thinking arsenal fc is finsihed but we are just getting started, barca can go to la caixa BANK and borrow money to buy you, man united can have their IPO bullshit , man city can have an oil rich man, but sooner or later when bush comes to shove, the mighty arsenal fc is never going to die, in fact it will grow, does rvp think that alex ferguson would have kept him paying his wages while he went to play for holland on several ocassions and got injured, does alex song think that barca would have had faith in him after all those rubbish years, does nasri think that man city would not think twice by replacing him if he became rubbish, but wenger stood by you all i have mentioned including cesc, it was cos of cesc wenger sold veira, these bunch i mentioned above did not deliver not even one trophy but now they make wenger and arsenal to look bad while cos of their incompetent nature they could not deliver not even a carling cup. you all disgust me and i will not blame wenger if he never gives another player too much chances he gave song , rvp,clicy, gallas ,adebayor etc, you are all a bunch of idiots and believe you me, the might arsenal fc will rise again ,and when we do get it right, you guys will be on the sidelines ,am sure talking crap about wenger after the sun,daily mail , sky have paid you guys like robbis savage.people like robbie savage saying arsenal is no longer a big club, listen to the mug, ask robbie savage which big club he played for in his career, ask robbie savage ho
    w many trophys he won as a player, better still ask robbie savage how many champions league matches he played in his career, better still ask robbie savage if he had ever played a champions league final ?? am sure he knows the answer.
    Wenger is a great man, a kind and gentle person , do you know how many clubs right now will sing wenger up if he left, i bet you if wenger left today, mancini will be out of a job, mancini ,just cos he doesn’t drink wine with other managers after games , they all hate him, calling him all sorts, jealousy, hate , envy, we have our way, we do things the arsenal way, those who will be patient believe you me, will reap the rewards and those who do not we will see you all on the other side.

    Lord Jesus i know today is Sunday, and am going of like this , pls lord forgive my comments if it offends you lord, it is just i could not take it any more ,people dissing the one man that means well to all ,instead of wishing him well they all complain ,calling him names which should not be, disrespecting my arsenal fc….

    This is how i feel this morning.

  17. dada says:

    hahaha…!!!!! we all love our club.Good to read all the little squibbles we are having…it shows we want arsenal to succeed. Whatever wenger does, we need someone in Defensive midfield still. Would fancy tiote though. Diaby’s not cut out for that position, at least not now. gunners rule..

  18. dada says:

    @ goonerbegood, stop the bickering…this is football and shit many players have arsenal given up on just because they could not bring in results or because they couldn’t get a shirt….plenty! At the end of the day the club wants money and trophies and so do these players..they’ve got their lives to live so deal with it. I miss rvp but wish him well, song…don’t miss him that much but wish him well…i do hope arsenal wins a trophy this season though…”EPL”..Gunners will succeed!!! Viva le gunners!!!

  19. Doublegooner says:

    I watched Diaby closely yesterday.

    He was shocking. Gave the ball away so many times, failed to track.

    Another player added to the £50/60k per week waste of money list.


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