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Kroenke 'dismayed' by recent performances

Written by Chris Wheatley


Stan Kroenke is ‘majorly disappointed’ by Arsenal’s recent performances and ‘isn’t keen’ on investing more of his money in the club until the Gunners match his own ambition on the pitch, a source close to the American billionaire has claimed.

Kroenke, who is Arsenal’s controlling shareholder, has been in London this week as his NFL side the St Louis Rams play the New England Patriots at Wembley Stadium today.

The 65-year-old attended an Arsenal game for the fourth time since his takeover 17 months ago during yesterday’s 1-0 win over QPR. He was accompanied by his son, Josh, while various high-profile friends of Kroenke’s were also invited into chief commercial officer Tom Fox’s executive box.

“We (Kroenke Sports Enterprises) have a record of reinvestment in our other clubs, and it’s there for everyone to see”, Kroenke insisted at last week’s Arsenal AGM.

Kroenke himself, nicknamed ‘Silent Stan’ for his reluctance to talk with the media, has made clear of his disappointment in the Gunners’ recent form and told a friend he ‘could not understand’ how they lost two games in a row to Norwich and Schalke last week.

Recent accounts at Emirates Stadium showed that Arsene Wenger’s side have around £70m swilling around in their transfer pot, while Kroenke also approved the sale of star striker Robin van Persie to Premier League rivals Manchester United in the summer.

Valued at around $5.3billion, Kroenke’s sports empire includes the Rams, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche and of course more recently Arsenal.

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Stan CUNTY, best do the decent thing and fuck off then


“Stan Kroenke is ‘majorly disappointed’ by Arsenal’s recent performances and ‘isn’t keen’ on investing more of his money in the club until they start winning silverware, a source close to the American billionaire has claimed.”

please, please tell me this is some kind of bad joke

Mark the Gooner

Kroenke hasn’t invested a penny or rather a dime in the club. He has just bought shares.

Arsene knows

Kroenke = loser


Doesn’t this tard know that you don’t get silverware in the 1st place without investment


his disappointment in the Gunners’ recent form and told a friend he ’could not understand’ how they lost two games in a row to Norwich and Schalke last week.

hahaha, how about you tell us why we always lose our players?


He’s not shown any ambition to win silverware at all. He’s in in for what he can what he can take out of Arsenal and that’s it


What sports empire? His teams are losers. He’s all about the money. We fans are at fault too for wanting an American instead of a Russian. Our Prejudice has fucked us.


Its always been about money for Stan and the board.
The board get rich by selling shares and those that stay make even more money on rising share prices.
They no that if the Russian took majority share holding in the club he would want them out in the end. With Stan its oh so safe but the fact remains he won’t invest in the club its a money spinner for him not a passion

peter hill-wood is the problem, he’s still living in the 70s and 80s doesn’t want the club to adapt to modern football modern. the idiot doesn’t know that buying big players also bring huge revenue to the club. look at our sponsorship deals compare to city, united and chelsea because we are now treated as small club to sell players for profits no one takes us seriously. Stan donkey was handpicked because of his history of no spending for the club. As long as motormouth peter hill-wood is around arsenal will still sinking. it only takes one text msg to… Read more »

Kroenke’s US franchises have won ZERO championships in the past decade but teams in the circuses in the US can not be relegated so the fans have limited choice. With Kroenke, Arsenal is doomed to mediocracy and no glory.


Stan is the real reason Arsenal don’t win trophies anymore, none of his sports club do.

Matty Barton

proof Americans don’t understand irony. Even more delicious in light of his NFL Rams getting destroyed 45-7 by the Pats at Wembley today.

Fuck off Stan. We don’t want your sort. Take Usmanov’s mney and invest it in Walmart or your Yank teams. They are all crap and could do with the cash you screwed out of Arsenal and her fans.


This Kroenke is useless to us. He offers nothing and puts nothing in to the club. He is basically a private equity investor and is just going to leech the transfer money and then try and sell his shares for a profit in a few years time. The previous shareholders really sold us down the river by doing this. What the f**k.


Sorry guys. He got his Football knowledge mixed up….(one is American Football (as the americans know it) while the other is Football as the world knows.

Marty Price
Now the sad truth comes out. He is a Walmart parasitical billionaire who is an egoist owner. His Dnever club lost it’s marquee player Carmelo Anthony and now cannot even sell a jersey. His football club the Rams, have turned into Lambs. His soccer team has the same players it won a title with and no investment. You prejudice against the Russians made his bid acceptable. He and the board do not understand that in order to be a marquee brand in the world today you have to win, and to do that you invest. Lets hope this arrogant shirtwaist… Read more »

Why would you want a americaan to invest ,US economy has gone to the gutters.
Stupeed decision by the board


The only reason they are starting to say this is because they are worried about the many empty seats that are getting worse at the emirates stadium. So they are losing money now they pretend to care a damn. We are not fooled by he’s antics.What he should do is sell his shares and ship out!! plain and simple. Keep THE FAITH!! KEEP UP THE PROTEST!!! SOMETHING WILL CHANGE!!! It is up to us Arsenal supporters to make a change!!

Mr Blessing N

Pls tell him that those who sow nothing reap nothing.We’re yet to see the impact of him being the majority owner of the club. He is a mis-fortune to the club n needs to divest his money for us to move forward. He wants vic yet he is a lazy investor.Life does not reward indolence as such.

Thomas Musvovi

Korenke is not serious. How can he keep Wenger and Gladis for seven yrs without achieving anything and now is complaining of two games. Korenke wake up and clean your boadroom.


When the arsenal’s american talks, be careful.

ugochukwu chiemezie

I pray that usmanov shuld tak over arsenal. Das my prayer since


Invested what exactly stan? Like Mark says all you have done is bought shares for your own gain and in the process taken our team backwards, if you hadnt of bought them, mr Usmanov would have and we would be in a better position now.

Thomas Musvovi

Koronke is not serious how can he keep Gladis and Wenger for seven yrs without achieving anything then is complaining about the poor perfomance of only the last previous two matches. Koronke you must shape up or ship out.

I wish it was only Kronke to blame for the steady downward spiral dince 2004, but you have to blame the P Hill-Wood who is hopefully the last parasite from the Hill-Wood family to ever be involved with our club, plus you also have to blame the likes of Lady Bracewell Smith and the other previous board members who were manouvered into selling to Kronke by Hill-Wood, the whole egotistical, money grabbing bunch could have made us one of the top 2 by selling out to Usmanov who would have invested huge m oney in players, but in perverse old… Read more »
Kroenke is the worst thing that ever have happend to arsenal, he clearly got no passion for the club or football. His speech at the AGM was really weird. He sat next to Peter Hill Wood, and still manage to appear as less intelligent. Kroenke and Hill Wood has to be removed if the club is to have any future at all, it really saddens me to say but thats the truth. The fans are the only persons that can get rid of these two idiots. The board have really failed us, by not investing more money in to transfers.… Read more »