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Reports: Arsenal close in on highly-rated youngster

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal have reportedly agreed a deal with League 1 side Crewe for 18-year-old striker Max Clayton.

The highly-rated teenager is regarded as one of the finest prospects in the Football League and played for England at the under-17 World Cup in the summer.

Clayton, who was named the Football League’s Player of the Month for August, has previously been touted to follow in the footsteps of former Crewe starlet Nick Powell, another Gresty Road youngster picked up by Premier League club Manchester United.

According to the BBC Football website, Clayton is ‘an out-and-out forward who has been compared to Michael Owen’.

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Surely Theo is the out-and-out striker we should be comparing to Owen. Small, very quick, good finisher.

Lawrence sylvester

We are in need of a good striker if he can justify our need then he is welcome


For those in the arsenal board of directors.its about time walcot b given a striking role coz he looks caable in all aspects.


Agree with you sabre. Walcott is seems like owen. Even his idol is owen. Arsenal should give walcott chance for striking role



Arsene Wenger is not the arsenal board of directors.


Forget Theo, he’s not built to play through the centre in a 443. Anyone know got any videos of this Max Clayton?


Owen and Walcott have nothing in common. Owen was amazing inside the box,made great runs in and scored headers, was brilliant with his back to goal. Walcott has fantastic pace, but like Lennon has no nose for goal. How often have you seen Walcott make a run to the front post to meet a cross, the way Freddie Ljungberg did in his days. Walcott needs to get his head down and start earning his place


I thnk thats the best 4 the club, but i also suggest that it should consider Theo contract with keen interest, they should not just let him go for he has been loyal to the club over the years.

Uncle Mike

Don’t compare anyone to Michael Owen. I want our players to be healthy and loyal. We’ve had enough of the alternatives, which include Owen, whose whole career has been as if he were a former Arsenal player (though he’s not).

SA Gooner

I’m sure this kid is good but what’s happened with Campbell?


Any money wenger converts him into a fullback like he did with Cashley, Gibbs etc. who both started out at more forward positions.


Arsenal fans should not blame wenger,peter hillwood is the destroyer of arsenal team,whatever the money they got from selling player they banked it, i can’t see any reason to blame wenger for that,peter please don’t kill our club.

Smackdown happyslap

Theo would make a great striker. 11 goals and 12 assists from the wing speaks for itself. And all of his goals are welltaken. But point taken he needs to develop his aerial and fox in the box capabilities.


He was in the stands for Arsenal under 21’s game against Reading

Hard Ogura

I fail to understand why Wenger hesitate to give Walcott a striking chance, there are these capital cups and Champions league esprcially when matches have been won or leading by a reasonable margin. Give him a run and he tries out his luck. He is good and a danger to the opponents in terms of counters and keeping the defenders from going for set pieces in dying minutes.

He loves the club, there are very few players who play for the clubs they love.

Walcott is not as good as some of you believe. His main asset is his pace, however if you sit and watch him from the stands you will see quite often his brain and his feet are not talking. He starts running and does not take the ball with him, his finishing is starting to improve but he is no Michael Owen. If Theo truely loved the club he would sign the contract no questions asked. If he has not signed it by January I would sell him while we can still get some money for him. Please stop making… Read more »
I wish everyone would stop telling Wenger to give Walcott a chance upfront. Wenger see’s him in training every day. He converted Henry into a striker, and Van Persie, and moulded Anelka also. If he has decided not to do that with Walcott then its with good reason, he obviously doesnt see the attributes that are required. Wenger knows better than you do. Besides, he’s doing well on the wing, so I see no reason to move him about. He should stop looking at trying to be the next Henry and think more about Marc Overmars, they probably have more… Read more »

Wenger should give walcot oportunity 2 play as a striker. I just love this guy pace. Jackson gunner


Lets hope he turns out to be more Fabregas/Ox Chamberlin than Vela/Denilson. (Ramsey being somewhere in the middle)

true gunner

well said mate, i totally agree

Massively agree with adiiii83 and Stuart. As another who watches from the stands, it’s apparent Walcott is unlikely to be a successful central striker. He would make us a very one dimensional side. I’ve never seen him score from a cross or any type of lateral pass. And I think his running style lacks balance. He can’t make a cut when running fast with the ball, or always hit (pass or shot) it when he should. Notice he only runs slowly when faced up by a defender. Usually he slows our counters down a lot when he’s on the ball.… Read more »

And when will he start for Arsenal?After 4 years?
I thought we started signing proven stars after the signings of Podolski and Cazorla. Why don’t we sign 1-2 proven strikers?I hope we will come January. I think we have enough would-be strikers in our youth ranks.It is a different matter if Clayton is good enough to start immediately for Arsenal.


@sebastian ofcourse walcott is a saint having come from southampton

I’ve been watching Arsenal teams for more than 55 years and have seen the best and the worst in operation. I think that entitles me to an opinion. I love the gunners. Always have, always will. Theo excited me when we signed him. Since then I’ve kept a close eye on his form. Unfortunately he’s is inconsistent. He has blistering pace and an eye for goal but he is not a striker. I would pay the necessary to keep him as a winger but if he’s not happy with that I would sell him while we still can. We have… Read more »

Please! Arsene,leave league1 strikers coz they’ve never thrived at arsenal exept Henry. Go to spain,serbia or brazil.we wan’t a true talent+xperience.


[…] stop this morning has to be the report that we have agreed terms to sign striker Max Clayton, 18 from Crewe. Max who? The kid is highly rated and he’s been […]


This guy maybe good, but what about afobem when will get a chance, yes he is on loan at bolton, but wasn’t he once tried to be signed by barca?

Nisuhework brhanu

We need influenceal striker he is yang bet we will seen hem.


18 year old attacker? Think the best for him would be to loan him out for 2-4 years. Finish the rest of the season at his current team and then continue on loan to the Championship and after that the EPL.

Coz being a young teenage attacker at Arsenal never works out. Better to be loaned out and gain experience and playing experience.