Nov 17

PICTURE PROOF: Arsenal are better than Spurs!


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  1. LB says:

    Listen, I’ve been a Gunner for some 43 years now and we ought not to get carried away with anything here !

    Yep, always good to put the overly mouthy and bitter spuds in their place, but lets not fool ourselves for one moment. If spur’s had kept eleven players on the pitch, we may have only scraped a draw, I feel. That awful fickleness has crept right back into our play again and it defies logic ? We looked nervous and very tight for the first 20 mins of the game and it could of got worse than the one nil scoreline had Adebyebye not acted like the a..e we all know he can be ( thankfully again today too ). We have much to improve on and a little bit more steel to be added to the squad.
    This pathetic talk of us being preapred to let Theo go is utter nonsense … If the kid only wants another £10k a week, then bloodywell give it to him and right quick !! He injects the pace ( along with Ox and Gibbs { when fit } that Arsenal desperately need …. when neithe of these players are available to us, we labour, pure and simple. That utter prick, Gazadis and the swiftly losing confidnce Wenger need to get the young man around the neg table asap and seal the deal. it would be unforgivable to see Theo leave too !!

    Please for Giroud too – he is a quality player who’ll bag many golas for us in time.

  2. davi says:

    @LB: I agree with your assessment of the game but I take more heart from it. We haven’t been playing well since the last proper international break, despite looking very very good just prior to it, imo. We were showing great tenacity and were defendign as a team but that completely evaporated before/during the Norwich game. It’s not that the players are bad, it’s that they were lacking confidence or proper direaction or something, and it could be that a stroke of “fortune” (even though it wasn’t really fortunate) that Adeabyor gave us today could do wonders for repairing the damage and making us a proper side again. We haven’t seen that kind of flowing football for months and it really started as soon as Spurs went a man down.
    It’s not that it’s so impressive to beat a 10-man team like that – we certainly didn’t give a perfect display today – the good thing is that it could have important and positive knock-on effects for the side going forward.

    Agree on Giroud btw. This guy is vital for us at the moment, and deserves all the praise in the world for his recent form, especially given the large degree of unfair criticism he was getting for not immediately replacing RVP.

  3. hoopspur says:

    Face it, you’re an idiot. Before Ade got sent off we were controlling the game and your mob looked frightened. Granted later on you played like a team that had an extra man (hold on a minute – you actually did have). If we had scored the third when the ball from Bale went across the goal then you would have been worried big time. It didn’t and you got away with it.

    Face it and admit about it – it wasn’t as clear cut as you think.

  4. davi says:

    @hoopspur: It’s true that Spurs were well in control before the sending off but that doesn’t mean it would have remained that way for the rest of the game (there was still 70 minutes for arsenal to come back regardless of the ade idiocy). The truth is that spurs and arsenal are pretty close at the moment. If that weren’t the case, Spurs would have been able to at least scrape a draw but your players’ heads dropped in the first half and we had you on the rack. It’s the sort of mental weakness that both our sides show on occasion.

  5. davi says:

    @hoopspur: To be fair, your overall point is correct – it’s not like the victory really proves that Arsenal are the better side. I think everybody knows that in reality the 2 sides are very close at the moment.

  6. Thierry Bergkamp says:

    shut up what a load of crap tottenham are never close to arsenal everytime you think you are afc teach you a lesson you have had many chances to finish above us but never do! You should stop wasting your time and support arsenal becuse we’ll keep running tottenham probably as long as you live.

  7. ped says:

    bit like the end of last season … miles ahead of surs??? & that was with RVP..
    mind you any team looks good with a extra man after 20 minutes…

  8. Oguntuase Amos says:

    From the point of history, Arsenal is miles ahead of Tothenhami. It is possible for your arch rival to beat you occasionally but that does not mean he is better than you. The main goal of Tothenham is to finish ahead of Arsenal while Arsenal aims for a CL spot and if possible an EPL crown. The worst Arsenal team is always better than the best Tothenham team.

  9. Roland C Rozario says:

    Arsenal had the game under control…..except for just a few minutes of lapse in the goal by Bale!
    Arsenal’s performance must be their carriage going forward in the EPL and the CL!
    Consistency and composure is key in all games!
    Cheers Gunners!

  10. gooner4life says:

    Spurs fans mantra – woulda, coulda, shoulda!
    Its football, players get sent off, if u didn’t play the numpty then u may well have played 11 men for 90 mins. He’s still stuck on afc fans supposedly turning their backs on him, so he always plays like an arse against afc. Poor judgement by AVB I think.

    Adebywhore’s always been a liabilty.. Get used to it or get rid!

  11. john says:

    3 word, fuck off spud!

  12. wicked gunner says:

    What d ‘spud’ r u talking about, didn’t tote ham start with eleven playas like d arsenal, whose fault is it that Adesomething was spud nd got sent off! Come on, his rash tackle was just as good as his team so shut ur traps all ya spud tote ham shits nd accept ur spuding fate!!!

  13. Thierry Bergkamp says:

    lol even without van persie arsenal still won again 5-2 there is just no excuse for spuds. Spuds should stop buying ex arsenal players none of them will ever be good as sol campbell loll

  14. Derek Papworth says:

    We must not let Theo go!!! If Arsene and the board dont do everything to keep him, then they are idiots,with no foresite at all. Ask Giroud??

  15. Emiel Aiken says:

    It is only the deluded AVB and Spud supporters who can claim that they controlled a game that they lost ( 5 – 2 ) from start to finish.
    To win a game 5 – 2 without Van the ex man must be good for the team but it was how we won the game that is important saying that we have a European game in the week. It was good to see the Arse playing well an as a team. There was passion out there ( Wiltshire/Bale )but it was important to get on top quickly as AV mentioned that we too have won games and lost games when down to 10 men. So to be down to 10 men is not an excuse to loose and by so much.
    Come on you Gooners, pride of north London.

  16. David says:

    Actually it’s good to listen to your coach;whenever he gives u apiece of advice.Look at the former arsenal players,featuring asame league with arsenalfc eg adebayou ,clichy nasiry finally out side league players :songs and fabrigas all had indisplined characters and they intend say low sallarry yet areason is clear from arsene wenger;that’s why arsenal gate is open from august to august every season, mark u we don’t care for those who put theire long mouthes to wenger on money;is right coach at aright time.BIG UP THE GOONS ERSENE WE TRUST PAKA LAST.

  17. Arkadiy says:

    Ea-sy, ea-sy, ea-sy . . .

  18. Marem Marszałek says:

    Fantastyczna strona. Bardzo polecam!!!

  19. Mike says:

    It was certainly more clear cut than your moronic manager thought.


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