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Would you bring Thierry Henry back to Arsenal in January?

Written by Chris Wheatley


New York Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry will train with Arsenal in a bid to keep up his fitness during the MLS winter break – prompting reports that he could make another sensational return to the club in January.

The 35-year-old could be brought in as a back-up forward in January when Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh head to the Africa Cup of Nations.

During his first stint with the Gunners between 1999 and 2007, Henry became Arsenal’s leading goalscorer of all time.

It is also believed that the ex-France international could return to the north London for a third spell as a player, although any deal is dependent on New York Red Bulls’ terms and agreement.

“This year we lose Gervinho again as they are playing the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row. So we will be confronted with a shortage – particularly if (Marouane) Chamakh should go. Then we will be short”, admitted Wenger.

Henry returned to Arsenal earlier this year for a loan two-month spell with the club, scoring two goals.

Arsenal have a tough set of fixtures in January with games against Southampton, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool providing stern tests, while FA Cup clashes and a potential Capital One Cup semi-final could make the month even harder.

Do you think Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger should bring back Thierry Henry to Arsenal in January?

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11 Comments on "Would you bring Thierry Henry back to Arsenal in January?"

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Is the pope a catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Are Sp*rs shite? OF COURSE we should sign TH14 again!

angel gooner

I would still buy klass-jan thou lol


i would love have him at Arsenal again. i think he brings a lot more than just his play. He should be an idol to many Arsenal players and can motivate them to play their hearts out


dont you lot know if TH comes back Wenger has another excuse not to spend on a big star striker? Same old again. WEnger has to go.

Samson Okpe

I’m a huge fan of henry,but at d moment his time is up.Although he scored couple of goals last time with us,i think he struggles with his fitness last time and his presence will hinder the signing of players during the winter break.


Dont sign him again!
as much as i love TH (Legend) there are 2 reasons why we shouldnt sign him

1 – It will be Wenger papering over the cracks… we need to sign another striker on a perm deal!
2 – dont let him risk tarnishing his reputation. Let him live on as a legend in our memories


Hell yeah! I would, and Pires, and Bergkamp, and Freddie, and Viera, and Gilberto and Laurent, and Campbell, and …. need I continue?

Peter King Oloo

Seriously? He’s the bloody, damn Thierry Henry for cryin out loud, is it even proper to subject him to a vote?
He shd kam back anytime he wishes, i would welcome him back even if he were 100yrs old- BECAUSE HE IS THIERRY HENRY!
That name shd even find space in the dictionary “The finest footballer that ever set foot in all of Great Britain. Ah!”

Peter King Oloo

I will be honest- BRUTALLY HONEST- if Arsene Wenger can get the bronze statued one on the pitch every season, i won’t be asking him for trophies.


I like to see him again b/cos he is a great man i love to see him play 4 arsenal.

Dave The Gooner

Can’t do any harm, just his presence will lift the team, but it shouldn’t be instead of signing someone permanently, still desperately need to sign another striker on a permanent deal to take the burden off of Giroud’s shulders.