Nov 23

Poll: Should Arsenal sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in January?

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17 Responses to “Poll: Should Arsenal sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in January?”

  1. Pelotinho says:

    I don’t think he has much to offer. He is the same type of striker like Giroud. No need to have two strikers of this kind in the squad, especially for the style of football we (want to) play. And I don’t even mention Chamakh who is of the same type as well. We need a striker in the likes of Aguero, Benzema, Suarez. Somebody who can dribble past defenders, create chances out of nowhere and is a killer inside the box.

  2. Black Hand Ninja says:

    He has a decent record but we could do better than him, plus we already have Giroud who is similar. We need somebody more dynamic up top.

  3. phoenix says:

    guys what are you talking about….klass is a killer inside the box…he’l get u a goal almost every game…and he has a better all time strike rate as compared to van pu$$y..and he is not similar to giroud at all….he can score goals from nowhere…give him an inch and he’l strike…din’t you see him play against us?….he is a predator…sign him asap!!!!!

  4. Gooner says:

    i see the comments above and the name Theo Walcott springs to mind, why want someone like an Aguero, Benzema or Suarez when you have Theo wanting to play in that position and could be mighty effective.

    Wenger should try playing a 4-4-2 with Theo and Giroud as the target man.

  5. Young j says:

    He is a good player, pls tell winger 2 sign him

  6. bashar says:

    arsenal don’t need more strikers our problem is DMF & AMF

  7. Amol says:


    arsenal need a forward who’s very agile n not classic striker

    more of a false nine like saurez n messi….

    benzema doesn’t fall under this category…

    no benzema is good at scoring n also creating chances…but still benzema isn’t that agile n his first touch is not that good…

    jovetic is a player arsenal need…

    he can play anywhere in the attacking four positions

    played on right wing with giroud as striker
    he can cross preettty well for giroud as well as score himself….

    another player is schurrle…
    this kid is very versatile n immensely talented….would suit arsenal playing style
    he fast…he’s young…he’s not that costly

    £15-17million would be enough to get schurrle…

    well there’s taarabat…
    he’s epl experience….stats show he’s a bemusing dribbler n can get past defenders with ease….he’s good at creating n crossing
    n he can score too….
    £12-15millions would do….

    I know he not a wenger buy
    but if wenger gets him….just imagine how lethal will be arsenal attack

    cazorla is marked in every game….n arsenal wingers aren’t good at creating chances

    cavani is a complete attacker…he can score..nhes a deadly finisher…he’s creating ability is second to none….Tht makes him so dangerous for any opposition….nothing less than

    Isco….he’s Spanish…n he’s a creative work horse
    very good at scoring too…
    he’s said to be the next fabregas….

    but he’s far more agile n quicker than fabregas….

    James rodriguez….
    this porto winger is a real hotshot

    a good finisher….fast agile….n creative

    good with crosses….


  8. real g says:

    Def sign him up!! Klaas is a CLASS act…he is regarded by many dutch ppl as a better striker for the dutch national team than van per$ie! ..they prefer to play him ahead of van per$ie!
    plus due to that rivalry at international level…wouldnt it be great for arsenal fans to have a new dutch hero? who himself is motivated to do better than van per$ie!
    no better way to get revenge…booing or other abuse will do nothing to van per$ie as he is so arrogant! he is deluded and thinks the arsenal fans still love him and appreciate what he did to us!
    …so what better way to show him we moved on, dont care for him anymore and now have a new dutch player to idolise! and trust me, huntelaar could easily get 30 goals a season just like that scumbag up in manc land now!
    and who knows…rvp might get injured again and if klaas is at the arsenal banging the goals in every week whilst robin van purse-strings is on the injury table for half a season…wouldnt that feel like justice? i know id be satisfied and think we are better off without rvp! and have a big smile on my face!

  9. Rodman says:

    He will add another style to our attack

  10. gooner-my says:

    dude, if we sign him, seeing him scoring is as easy as van persie. he’s deadly, full stop. And it came at a perfect time, he’s a bargain now. i would say yes to signing him.

  11. Ramos4lyf says:

    I dnt c any big thing dat diz guy will offer us…. Dere is alots of striker out dere dat cn offer us sumtin different bcz he is more or less giroud type

  12. ny says:

    hi guys

    I know how wenger thinks.If walcott insists he he will play only as a striker then Huntelaar is a better option.
    The other think is , he has a strong bond to Emirates stadium.He scored the first goal in this stadium during Bergkamp’s testimony and scores when ever he plays here.

    So sign him up…………

  13. Emeka Okoro says:

    Why the heck not. Sure most Gooners do not remember that he scored the maiden goal at the Emirates Stadium when Arsenal took on Ajax in the first game at the stadium.

  14. Emeka Okoro says:

    Plus his strike rate is exceptional. We need to score goals to win games. We need to win games to win trophies.

  15. kostas says:

    @Gooner: Walcott is nowhere near the ball control/dribbling ability to those three. Not to mention the finishing ability. Although, I’d love to see him play up front and see what he can pull out.

  16. Aden says:

    trust me huntelaar brings a true strikers mentality in proven leauges not like giroud (ligue 1) annd chamakh and has played at big clubs in comparisen to those 2

    lets sign him

  17. Twoey says:

    Let Theo go and bring this guy in. I love Giroud but he’s a grafter and a link up man, not a world class finisher.


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