Dec 16

Demba Ba: ‘Arsenal are the kind of club who make you dream’


Newcastle striker Demba Ba has issued a ‘come and get me’ plea to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger ahead of next month’s transfer window opening.

The Arsenal manager is fully aware that he can land the Senegal striker for £7.5million due to a buy-out clause in his Newcastle contract.

Wenger is desperate for a proven Premier League striker after selling Dutch superstar Robin van Persie to Manchester United in the summer, while forwards Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh also depart for the African Nations Cup next month.

“I have nothing to say about those speculations [with Arsenal]. Nothing has happened”, Ba told Canal+.

“The media know Arsenal need another striker and they know about my release clause. They need to make their own mind up about it.

“Arsenal are one of those teams who makes you dream”.

With Ba’s current deal expiring in 2014 and the next transfer window looming, the Magpies remain ‘hopeful’ of tying the 27-year-old frontman down to a new contract.

Ba struck 16 times for Newcastle last season helping them secure European football for the first time since the 2006/07 season.

It will be interesting to see how committed Ba is when Arsenal come knocking – and for a measly £7.5million it could be a coup for Wenger if he decides to pursue the Senegalese in January.

Do you think Arsenal should try and sign Demba Ba in January? Leave your view in the comments section below.


19 Responses to “Demba Ba: ‘Arsenal are the kind of club who make you dream’”

  1. King Beez says:

    Full of BPl exp…i think we should get him….but he playes better in a 4-4-2 Formation…..Which Arsenal are afraid to use it seems.

  2. TripleDG says:

    Hope Arsene is listening…young and a striker that actually scores goals…..Cheap too surely a bargain…. Can’t be worst than Gervinho

  3. Xavier says:


  4. Xavier says:

    Wenger will probably now not buy him. I choose you, you don’t choose us!

  5. Tony says:

    Can we have a source to this story, as i could say Messi dreams of signing for Arsenal.

  6. John W says:


    Why no take Santon, Tiote, Krul and Colo while you are at it ffs. Just make the gap even bigger between the elite and every bugger else. EPL will soon become as bad as the SPL.

  7. Arsheed says:

    None of your players could tie ba’s boots up! Ba won’t leave nufc for a rubbish team like arsenal. TOO. TOON

  8. matadonis says:

    Arsheed why must you tag arsenal as a rubbish team?… Are you paid to be their fan?…. Just concentrate on your team and stop condemnin other team… Anyway, Ba will be a nice addition for arsenal

  9. Tarun Nair says:

    Well BA is good player as per my Knowledge. He is some kind like Giroud good in the Air and while holding and pressing he is complete a Material package for cheap and would turn to be worth buying..

  10. @Tony: Sure Tony. Ba was interviewed on French TV show “L’Equipe du dimanche”, on Canal+.

  11. Khalil says:

    @Xavier: LOOOL that comment cracked me up #wellsaid

  12. Xavier says:

    Arsheed. I’m sorry even demba ba seems to agree that arsenal fc is a better club than NUFC. It’s not about how we’re doing now but how we have been doing over the past years and quite frankly we have been a class above you lots. We have history, nothing you can say and BA as we have seen can’t wait to join us. Gooner!

  13. Lightin Leopard says:

    @King Beez: @King Beez: actually no.. since cisse came in demba’s preformance tok a huge dip! he operated better on 4-5-1 which aresnal r using right now… however, he has a long history of injuries… but still better than huntelaar and lorente 😀 Also, while we’re at it.. I’d like to get ben arfa and ALAN PARDEW to replace wenger

  14. sam says:

    jack wilshere makes me sick he gets a new deal and the no.10shirt for doin fuck all. hes meant to be the so called heart beat off the team if thats the case why are we losing so many games when hes playing? 1goal 0goal assiast dnt do fuck all for a young attecking midfilder. english media make him look alot batter then he is.

  15. mint says:

    No we shouldn’t buy Ba. The Arsenal need world class players not ones that only score 16 goals in a season then disappear for a month at the African cup of nations.why watch the pennies now when we’re supposedly in the money ? .

    @arseed . You tool lol your obviously about 8 so I’ll watch my language

  16. me says:

    i hate arsenal rumours, they make me sick. we probably should buy the whole barca team. Persie is a typical example of betrayal

  17. Munich Mag says:

    Wenger and Arsenal are on a slippery slope to nowhere. Unfortunately Arsenal need more than Ba to make up the gap to the big clubs.

  18. marco86 says:

    Ba would be too much of a gamble for us he cant even pass a medical because his knee is ticking time bomb he is a liability gamble serious injury is inevitable matter a time these medical people dont get things like this wrong i think we should go for Huntelaar much better option only we should learn from RVP and Nasri that no player has loyalty to us when push comes to shove and Man Utd City are cherry picking are best RVP betrayed us for Man Utd because they think they are much bigger better it makes me sick

  19. simon says:

    i think you need to realise times have changed permanently Aresnal are spent force and can no longer be considered realistic Premiership contenders you play 2nd fiddle to in London Man City Man Utd monopolise the league you are just 2nd tier with the likes of Liverpool Newcastle Spurs Everton .playing for 4th position .Why would any player leave any 2nd tier club to join Aresnal who play at fly emirates stadium its a sideways move.


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