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The midfield trio of Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla has excellent possession-retention capacity.

Arteta was not always the deeper lying Xabi Alonso type he is now. His current game is game building tempo, passing flank to flank, or playing 6 yard passes with centre backs to keep the ball when under pressure. When Henry was doing great things at Arsenal, David Moyes said he had a world class player of his own – Arteta. Arteta played further forward and was more a playmaker than an Alonso. Arteta would receive possession in the advanced areas of the pitch at Everton and taking the tough tackles in days where thugs like Ben Thatcher and Danny Mills were about. On the whole playmakers were probably tougher then than they are now. Bergkamp would be my prime example (a Rolls Royce champion with a razor sharp elbow and a nasty temper).

Arteta is clearly well schooled in the levels of aggression and hunger you need to succeed in England. What he lacks occasionally is pace to close down opponents or just the sheer size to lean weaker players off the ball, in the way Diaby can. In certain matches you need a measure of natural physicality. The ball retainers are there, the power isn’t. The league demands a player of that kind – though not always every game.

What Arsenal seem to want is a faster bully to sit alongside Arteta and win cheap balls, add more steel, power and leadership. Arsenal are currently monitoring several players of this type. It seems Wenger may have finally accepted that one of his all time favourites, Abou Diaby, will never fulfil his magnificent potential due to having a body that cannot heal or resist injury. Without Diaby, I gear Wilshere’s young body will be made to receive undue pressure and stress at a key time in his development. Kevin Strootman, Diamé of West Ham, and Marouane Fellaini have all been linked. If Arsenal want a game changing midfielder with a first rate touch, a massive frame and a big reputation they have to sign the last of the three. Apparently he has a £25m release clause. Another star who has learned how to beat to teams under Moyes’ tutelage, fans would treat him as a cult hero.

I expect Étienne Capoue to become a key target at some stage between January and the summer. He’s big, aggressive, ambitious, has a good touch and can play in defence or midfield. Watch that space.

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against Wigan, Arteta gave the ball away 3 times, played 4 suicide passes resulting in lost ball, and failed 2 ‘tackles’ in a 15 minute spell. he is NOT what we need

Jamie Arsenal

Wenger hasn’t signed a midfield destroyer for 5 years or so, he’s very unlikely to do so.

He’ll continue with the status quo and play Coquelin till he turns into a success like Song or another Denilson. This means said player will play through mistakes for years. Not what the team needs.

On Fellaini…Wenger will not spend 25m on anyone. No way.

Our price range has always been 10-15m. £15m being nosebleed levels. When our board members sweat profusely and breath into paper bags.

Jamie Arsenal
By the way, I’d spend 30m on Fellaini, he’s that good. I’d spend another 35m on Cavani and get Isco and Caballero from Malaga. Begovic is another option in goal. The goalkeeper situation is not ideal bc we have one good keeper. We are being linked with Luke Shaw, he’s a promising Left-back and ideal backup to Gibbs. This leaves the CBs. None of our defenders there convince me. Mertesacker is solid positionally but is slow and cumbersome. Top sides will expose him. Vermaelen has been inconsistent and same with Koscielny. They are not big enough. We need a more… Read more »
Fellaini is a top player, especially when you’re pinging 40 yard passes to his chest or head. In terms of tackling, strength, ball control, pace, dribbling, passing though, Diamé is ahead of Fellaini. I’d welcome either. Momo Diamé though, who averages more tackles per game than anyone in the premier league, for 4m? What a steal. Kevin Strootman is a very good footballer, can certainly tackle, but is in no way a powerhouse, which IMO we need. I’ve seen Strootman play a lot over the last year.. I’d say he’s a MUCH better version of Gareth Barry. Sure, I’d love… Read more »
Kieran Mac

I feel that if we had Fellaini since the start of the season we could have 6-9 more points and still be challenging for the title. He’s got that grit and determination which has been lacking (apart from Wilshere) at the vital moments in many of the games we’ve lost or drawn.



“Arteta was not always the deeper lying Xabi Alonso type he is now.”

I don’t think that is what he is. Arteta breaks up the play and passes ball between defenders and more attack minded midfielders. He has conceded he third most fouls in the league.

Andy Mack
Is Fellaini really a DM? Is our defense that bad (goals against says it’s not). Our problem is that we convert too few oppertunities, then we lose a goal at a silly time in the game and end up with a draw when we should have already been 3-0 up. Pod, OG and Caz are in their first season in the EPL so next season they should be much better. Jack hasn’t found his scoring boots yet but he will.Theo is slowly getting better in front of goal and Gervs touch since he came back from injury is really bad… Read more »