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Why Wilshere?

Why Wilshere?

                In Plato’s dialogue Philebus, Socrates tussles with the concept of desire:

Socrates: We commonly talk, do we not, of a man “having thirst”? Meaning that he is becoming empty…. Then is his thirst a desire?

Protarchus: Yes, a desire for drink.

Socrates: For drink, or for replenishment with drink?

Protarchus: For replenishment with drink, I should think.

Socrates: When one becomes empty then, apparently he desires the opposite of what he is experiencing; being emptied, he longs to be filled.

So for Socrates, desire is an attempt at filling a void or emptiness within ourselves. There might yet be a Socratic element about Arsenal’s love for Jack Wilshere. What Gooners have missed-more than anything (but a trophy) -is a character of Wilshere’s mould. In an age of premature shirt-swapping and giggles in the tunnel, Gooners have been crying out for a nasty figure who will have words with the Welsh Messi, or who will awkwardly stand face-to-belly with the humongous Jonas Olsson. No longer will the North London faithful remain skeptical when their best player claims he’s loves the club, no longer will they retain their adulation in fear of losing it to chromosomal homes or little boys in heads. Arsenal FC finally have their hero, and with Wilshere in the ranks, you just have to feel that everything will be just fine.

3 Games that endeared Jack Wilshere to Arsenal fans

Tottenham (CC third-round): One way to endear yourself to Arsenal fans is to pronounce yourself in the North London Derby. It’s why Arsenal fans still fondly remember Lauren, and why Thierry Henry’s cast in bronze the way he is. In 2010/11, the jury was still out on Wilshere as a consistent starter for Arsenal. The youngster put the inquisition to bed in his quarter-final performance vs. Spurs. Jack played two wonderful assists as Arsenal pulled away from Tottenham in extra time and won 4-1.

Barcelona (home and away): This was the match Wilshere ran the world’s best ragged. On that special night at the Emirates, Arsenal’s very own sparkled. Ask any Gooner and they’ll tell you he kept Messi in his back pocket, made a fool of Xavi and Iniesta and stung Valdes’ fingers. We won’t comment on speculation.

Birmingham (CC Final):  By February, Wenger’s men were still competitive for four trophies. The first was going to be the League Cup. En face, were a physical, Alex McLeish poisoned Birmingham side drowning in the relegation deep end. Wilshere was by far the best player on the pitch. He was everywhere, rarely put a foot wrong, but the best part of his performance had nothing to do with football. His passion oozed in those 90 minutes. With every stride he took, it was clear how badly he wanted to win a trophy for Arsenal. After 90 minutes, us fans had nothing to show for it. Our new defender and new goalkeeper had produced a spectacular blunder that would onset a series of failures which would ultimately conclude our season. But then we saw Jack Wilshere crying. It made us happy – probably not because we’re sadists, but because in those few minutes, we saw how much ending the trophy drought meant to him. On the day, Arsenal lost the cup, but gained a true gunner and the value of a club legend is priceless.



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  1. Tumelo says:

    Jacko is the kind of player that clubs wish they can have, but seldom get, after the bellends and traitors who left the club for pastures richer, Arsenal deserve a Jack Wilshere, we gooners deserve a true Gunner for a change.

    Everytime he plays, something inside me believes even more in this team!!
    He plays for the team, and that, has already made him an Arsenal legend in my book, all the plaudits that he will undoubtedly win for my Arsenal?
    Those are just bonuses!!

  2. d says:

    wilshere will have no chioce but to leave in a few years time if the club carry on as they do.

  3. Wayne says:

    Jack will leave as soon as we dont qualify for the CL.Too good to stay at Arsenal under 4th place Wenger

  4. chris says:

    I think (hope!) that Jack has learned from the mercenaries that have left us over the last decade, and realises that after all is said and done, trophies won with “your team” and a statue outside of the Emirates will mean a lot more than having won more medals elsewhere (yes greedy badger, I’m looking at you).

  5. Fave says:

    He will be gone in 2 years, and I would’nt blame him. He won’t win anything under wenger. In arsene we trust ha ha yeah right oh!!!!!!

  6. jack fan says:

    Arsenal missed a true player in Bargkam, but luckily found this early in Willshare under an undeserved management of selfish shareholders and an obsulate manager. The passion with which he plays for the team, whole heartedly. I pity him for his efforts am afraid are in vain. Working with impotent coleagues, the only players left in Arsenal before the teams that know their worth snatch them are: Willshare, koscielney and cazorla.

  7. micious oxlade gasper says:

    well jack wilshere is the true legend. he do always playing like he want to lift atrophy at the of 90 minutes, oooooh!!! what a player. jack wilshere deserve to be our carputen because he have got everthing that we all need to see on the pitch.

  8. Paul says:

    I think he is profoundly over-rated. The fans love him because he handles his honest-Jack PR very well on the pitch (all busy and mouth, arms waving, with the odd hard man tackle) and off the pitch (with his childish tweets and constant supply of badge-kissing hyperbole to keep the fans happy). He is not a proper holding midfielder, he does not have the skill to fill the Fabregas role and he is not a winger. He is an average play who tackles fairly well, passes reasonably well, but lacks both speed and judgement.

  9. FCArsenal says:

    “…but because in those few minutes, we saw how much ending the trophy drought meant to him. On the day, Arsenal lost the cup, but gained a true gunner.”

    It oozes in every game.

    There is a camera shot of him with his head in his hands when Walcott misses a clear chance against Swansea.

    His dig at RVP not to cite him as a great number 10, instead mentioning Bergkamp showed the edges in his personality.

  10. tottehham fan says:

    @Paul: to be honest this guy is too good, you call yourself fcaarsenal fan but it seems you watch only 1 game in a sesaon, you suck


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