Feb 01

VIDEO: Arsenal new-boy Monreal impressing against Barcelona


6 Responses to “VIDEO: Arsenal new-boy Monreal impressing against Barcelona”

  1. King Beez says:

    Hope he starts against Stoke instead of Santos….

  2. NachoMan says:

    Top player, best signing in the transfer window by a million miles. World class LB, absolute bargain at £8m – some rumours say it was only £6m + add ons. Amazing!!!

  3. jimmy says:

    lets be honest this performance was average at best… But still very excited by this signing, heard good things. lets hope he settles early into the premier league

  4. tonyb says:

    great signing,at 8m?seems like wenger’s found the plot that everyone thinks he’s lost.Sort out the defence,we,ll win the cup and finish third

  5. Art says:

    I heard he was 8 mil + 2 for santos to leave :)

  6. David says:

    Reminds me of a mature version of Jenkinson. Giroud will be happy that we have a fullback that can cross as Sagna has been driving me up the bloody wall lately. I mean, have you ever seen a guy fail to cross beyond the fullback as much as Sagna? As for Santos.. I am sure he can cross, but if he gets that far up the park it’s good night Vienna for the defense.

    Should link up well with Poldi!


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