Feb 26

VIDEO: The last time Arsenal played Spurs..


4 Responses to “VIDEO: The last time Arsenal played Spurs..”

  1. azas says:

    lets hope spurs get another player sent off and then you might win it. 11 vs 11 though – no chance

  2. spudulike says:

    This video doesn’t include the most important moment of the match – when Adebeyor got sent off and left Spurs with 10 men. Until then, we were spanking your asses :)

    Looking forward to a great game on Sunday.

    May the best team win!

  3. Jayjay says:

    The game earlier this season was hard to judge due to the early sending off of Adebayor (it was 1-0 at the time)

    All I will say as a Spurs fan is if we fail to beat you then we dont deserve 4th at all. We are simply a better unit, alot more solid, with better tactical organisation….I cant see us losing at all but if we do then it will be because we played awfully and deserve to.

    You have a slight chance if Ade plays.

    As for this one man team nonsense, I have heard Arsenal fans go on about Walcott being better than Bale since 2010 and now suddenly because of Bale we are third and a one man team….so why exactly are Arsenal 5th with a fit Walcott?????

    In January Dempsey scored 5 of our 8 goals

    Between Aug-Dec Defoe was easily our top goalscorer until injury

    This is hardly RVP-Arsenal one man team stuff yet….he did it every game!!!

  4. Lodatz says:

    If only Arsenal could play against 10 men every week. They’d be champions!

    (what happened the last time Arsenal played Tottenham at the Lane?)


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