Dec 11

Which European giants could Arsenal face in the Champions League last 16?


Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Napoli means that Arsene Wenger’s side finish second in their Champions League group behind Borussia Dortmund.

The Gunners would have finished top of Group F if they secured a draw in Naples, but goals in the final 20 minutes from former Real Madrid stars Gonzalo Higuain & Jose Callejon changed the outlook of arguably Europe’s toughest group.

Mikel Arteta’s red card added to Wenger’s woes and the Arsenal manager will be rueing his team’s late defensive lapses when he sees the European powerhouses who they could have avoided in the last 16.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich, Atlético Madrid are the teams who could be drawn against Arsenal in the next round.


23 Responses to “Which European giants could Arsenal face in the Champions League last 16?”

  1. Horsen says:

    Which of the above team can they overcome? Arsenal is a useless team i dnt see them finishing above 5th in the league

  2. EIE says:

    Yet again Wenger has put a team out to hang on rather than win the game in the last game of the CL league stage.

    Will this arrogant manager ever learn?

    More interested in qualifying for the competition than trying to win the thing.

    Nice contract from Stan on the way.

    Wenger Out!

  3. SEL Gooners says:

    Professor Clueless cocks it up winning the group again, let’s get in a manager that wants to win things rather than massage his own ego. Where the hell was Walcott?

  4. Dan says:

    Are you serious???
    Why are you even a soccer/football fan.
    How fickle and unbalanced must you be… volatile and bipolar can you be to feel this strongly about Wenger and to have such strong animus towards the people who managed the club you allegedly support?
    Please get some help.
    The right reaction is, oh, well, we missed a chance to finish top, and bring the giants of Europe.
    On to man city.

  5. Michael says:

    Wenger disappoints soo much,we qualified but it feels soo bad after seing that the players deliberately refusef to score.Wenger is kinda bonkers sometimes!!!!!

  6. webby182 says:

    What on earth are you people talking about?

    What real Arsenal fan wouldnt have bitten your arm off at finishing Second when drawn out with Napoli / Dortmond & Marseille.

    All in all this was a success, 12 points is a very good number of poiints from the group of death. The fact we come second means little when the Champions League is you will have to face the best teams regardless.

    This could of bean a whole lot worse!! If we’d gone out like poor Napoli with 12 points it could have ruined all moral running up to Christmas and destroyed the team.

    Lets draw Bayern, bring it on!!

  7. EIE says:

    Soccer? Fan? No mate I’m neither, I’m an Arsenal supporter, I actually go and have done for 40 years, we will never win anything under Wenger.

  8. Rob says:

    No worries about any of those teams – Arsenal can beat all of them. Wenger should have played Walcott but other than that no complaints about selection – we need to rotate with the games coming up.

  9. Phill says:

    I feel Napoli did their hmwrk quite well,limiting arsenal to lil possesion n quick to close down,these ppl criticising le prof must be spurs fans.qualifying frm ths group was massive n shud b appreciated.UEFA shud hwevr be able to prvd security,i ntcd our section of the pitch was almst empty frm fear of crowd trouble.

  10. Mjc says:

    To Horsen:

    “Which of the above team can they overcome? Arsenal is a useless team i dnt see them finishing above 5th in the league”

    Well I was at the games when we beat 3 out of 5 of those.
    And I will happily wager you £100 with £500 return that we will finish above fifth.
    Now shut up, and go get your toys back into your pram.

  11. Mjc says:

    You do realise that we have actually won something under Wenger.
    And if you’ve been going to Arsenal for 40 years, why, with all the very average managers we had in those years, would you be so disrespectful to Wenger. Was Mee a better manager in your opinion. Or are you bullsh*tting with that statement. I have a handy 1976 question that will prove or disprove your 40 years claim. Let me know if you’re up for it……

  12. Dedie says:

    In my opinion, Arsene is the BEST manager in the world from what he’s done and achieved in the football world… For Arsenal’s performance against Napoli. Frankly I’m shocked to see this depthless plagued with fatigue team qualify for the next round and still boast a 5 point clear at the top in the best and toughest league in the world! It’s just AMAZING! So guys please give credit to them!.. As a football fan, How on earth do you come up with rotten thoughts about Arsene and his boys?.. PICK ANOTHER SPORT PRICK!!

  13. cedric says:

    EIE i ll remember ur name u idiot thinking that we can not win something under wenger. go support aston villa

  14. papa says:

    Oh my god! Where d hell did u get guy? U guys don’t even deserve to be fans of worst club pls my dearest ARSENAL is simply too precious for me to lest in hands of subject criticism like the stupid comment u guys just made

  15. HenryyFan says:

    Come on Haters we are a top side. We will win Quadruple . Ohh Wait we are knocked out from league cup.

    No problem we will win Treble, This is our season. Ooh no we have to face a top European team. Shit.

    No problem we will win Double. Hurray. Ohh god we are facing Spurs . Doomed

    Ok we are the leaders, we will win the league. Yes we will.
    How dare people hate and doubt Wenger. He has won so many trophies for us in last 9 years. Ohh NO NO. He has not won any trophy.

    No problem we are crybabies, we will do well. Go on Barca B, do well

  16. Prince Joe from Nigeria says:

    Those blaming Wenger are clueless fans. i believe that no right thinking manager will like to lose any match, the game played last night is tactical and any manager could lose it.

  17. Dan says:

    My apologies, Mr. arsenal supporter.
    If supporting The Arsenal….as you said for forty plus years…..sounds, talks, and thinks like you do, then one needs to redefine the meaning of support. If you truly have “supported” the club for 40 +years, then I am assuming you are a little long in the tooth as I am. Therefore, in an effort of keeping this diatribe civil, because people in our age bracket ought to try to set a better example for the youth, I will say this to you sir…Wenger is not losing any sleep over “supporters” like you and in all honesty, he has forgotten more about football than you claim to know, hence the difference in class and IQ between you and the professor.
    With supporters like you, who dare I say, needs enemies? But I guess you add color to the fan base, albeit a shading tint. Maybe you should start a petition to have Wenger fired, maybe, just maybe, that will work.

  18. Randy king says:

    I suspect that we are having striker problem, Giroud is _5 striker he can’t prove a powerful striker he is feld up. Wenger is doing well, he remains best in europe, but something has to be correct before we go to the last 16

  19. EIE says:

    1976 go for it.
    Wenger should be the coach and teach the youngsters but we need a manager to make changes during the game and change tactics.

  20. nati says:

    You idiot!This can happen for any time because of fatigue when a team play game after game with in a short period of time.Arsenal will revive and will continue to dominate not only in The English primer league but also in EuropeIf Arsenal is going to finish 5th in the league as you think,Manutd will take the 6th position

  21. says:

    Wn or lose i will always be a gunners

  22. Olutunde Johnson says:

    I don’t even know maybe ds so called themselves arsenal fans are really a good fans?,why are they blaming wenger when we still have many strong test ahead of us ,like chelsea,mancity nd totthnam games is coming up nd it follow eachother,pls lets salute wenger for his ability to comes out of this group of death,sorry to NAPOLI nd up GUNNERS.

  23. Wengar should by a brillant player in january tranfer to boost player in round 16


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