Dec 19

Wenger revealed as the FOURTH highest paid coach in world football


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remains the fourth highest paid manager in world football, according to a Brazilian sports list.

The data provided by a sports business company Pluri Consultoria revealed that the Frenchman bags a staggering €8.2m (£6.8m) a year, although it is almost half of what Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola earns €17m (£14m).

Other Premier League managers on the list include Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho (£8.3m), Manchester United’s David Moyes (£4.92m) and surprisingly West Ham manager Sam Allardyce who takes home a yearly pay-packet of £2.9m.

Gunners boss Wenger is expected to sign a new contract at Arsenal within the next month or so following prolonged talks over an extension.



9 Responses to “Wenger revealed as the FOURTH highest paid coach in world football”

  1. will says:

    So what ?

  2. gunnerfan says:

    With higher pay comes higher goals. It’s like a marketing manager
    who has to achieve certain targets. Failure results in the sack.

  3. Mike says:

    In the last ten seasons Arsenal have won 44 Premiership points for every million pounds spent. In the meantime Ferguson managed 5 points, while Man City and Chelsea accumulated a massive one point for every million they’ve spent. I can’t tell you about foreign teams but given Wenger has outperformed every other manager in England by a long way, he’s clearly worth every penny in my opinion. FYI only four teams managed more than 10 points for every million spent and the second best achieved only just over half (25.1 points) of what AW has achieved for Arsenal. I’m sure many people will offer ‘opinions’ but as FACTS go, it’s a difficult one to ignore.

  4. beje says:

    Wenger means everything for arsenal. He achive something no one did before. Arsenal are no longer booring, unique phylosophy made, Stadium and money, youths become stars. Wenger modernize arsenal.

  5. dcdc says:


    The facts may be as you presented but it’s your conclusions based on those facts that I take issue with. Are we to believe that Wenger’s points/pound “achievements” are supposed to satisfy us gooners, after 9 years of winning sweet FA. Not for me, thanks. Still, if you’re happy to settle for the points/pound award as a measure of Wenger’s and by extension Arsenal’s success, knock yourself out. I’d much rather have a lower points/pound ratio and a few more trophies in the cabinet. And that’s a fact.

  6. modeste says:

    When did points gained per millions spent ever become the benchmark of success in football. One can always spin statistics to make any claim wholly justifiable. In the end it always boils down to one thing: trophies. It is why teams play football, and by that count Arsene has been an abject failure. The only facts that matter is that he has failed to deliver a single trophy in almost ten years. That is the most damning statistic of all. At any other club , in any sport, anywhere he would be fired, except at Arsenal where he is about to be rewarded with a new improved contract. Even more troubling is his record in “big” games during that time. We Gooners can spin the numbers however we wish, but this season is bound to end like the last eight, trophyless

  7. dcdc says:

    Taking Mike’s facts on face value does not compel me (a lifelong gooner) to the conclusion that the last 9 years have been successful, as implied by Mike. I’d much rather have a significantly lower point-per-pound ratio and a few more trophies in the cabinet. Now that’s a FACT.

  8. Andy Mack says:

    I don’t think any other manager could have kept us in such a consistently strong position over the period that the ‘stadium’ financial restraints have been in place. Some may have gained some of the less important silverware but would likely have had us in the lower half of the table at other times (as was the arsenal way before AW). So as far as I’m concerned he’s the best manager in the world and worth every penny.

  9. Mike says:

    To those of you who are saying that my facts don’t stand up because AW hasn’t won any trophies recently I have to say that your conclusions are stunning. What you are actually saying is you’d rather have another manager who would actually win less points “in order to win a trophy”!!! The mind numbing absence of logic in your argument is breath-taking in the extreme.

    @dcdc – if you read what I said again, you will clearly see that I made no reference to he last nine years being “successful”. I merely stated facts based on the achievements of AW when compared with other managers. I suppose you’re another one who thinks it would have been a better idea to hire one of those other managers who would have got us less points……..quite bizarre.


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