Feb 10

Olympiakos open talks with Arsenal over signing Joel Campbell


Greek champions Olympiakos have opened talks with Arsenal over the permanent signing of Joel Campbell.

The Costa Rica youngster, who is spending the season on loan in Piraeus, wants to stay in Greece after becoming a key player at the Karaiskakis Stadium.

Campbell, who joined the Gunners in 2011 from Deportivo Saprissa, was granted a work permit last summer following a season on loan to Real Betis, but Wenger still decided to send him to the continent for another term.

As Gooner Talk exclusively revealed on Saturday, the 21-year-old is now subject of preliminary negotiations between Arsenal and Olympiakos – with the latter keen on engineering a permanent move to Greece.

“It is a matter between the two clubs. However, from the beginning it was difficult, since Joel belongs to a big club like Arsenal and this, as you know, makes things more complicated”, said Campbell’s agent.

“It’s a critical year for Campbell. There is also the World Cup ahead. But, as I said, he is happy in Greece and Olympiakos.

“He would not be happy to be in one of the top leagues but to stay on the bench”.

A buy-out fee in the region of 8 million euros (£6.6m) has been reported for the versatile forward.

18 Responses to “Olympiakos open talks with Arsenal over signing Joel Campbell”

  1. wam says:

    I hope this doesn’t happen, Joel needs a chance at Arsenal.

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    Are you fu**ing kidding me.He havnt played a single game for Arsenal and now he wants to sign for Olympiakos becase he isnt guarenteed a starting place at Arsenal.HOW About trying to force our way into the it,it isnt actually that difficult with Bendtner leaving in the summer then we are Down to one striker,should be possible.

  3. steve gill says:

    Campbell is a very skillfull player v quick and scores goals as a highly unknown entity he could have surprised uk defenders aqn supported our drive forward an drive for the prem

    … he’s much more exciting than bentner ….unfortunately wenger buys these players and never plays them ….plus he has this dogmatic formula
    …if you don’t fit that formula he’s not interested… he shouldve brought back campbell ages ago …

    however that’s whats wrong with Arsenal they have a predicatable formula that is good when it is Barca

    but not when your Arsenal when you have sloppy Monreal …and lazy Ozil…and Giroud who doesn’t score and isn’t hungry enough

    …the team is short of players …
    as usual wenger should have pushed on freshened up squad in Jan…and brought the prem home to n London ..

    Campbell will do well at Betis…. oh and…

    wenger will never change he has missed out on so many good players over the years Hazard , Mata , drogba , Ronaldinho , Imabrimavich to name a few…. because he is the quintessential Fagin …….penny pincher….

    wont spend a penny even if our prem life depended on it… !!!!
    He’s a waste of time …the club only wants to make money an feels that pretty football…. a few one two’s and passing teams to death without cutting edge ie goals will cut the mustard it wont !!! Arsenal are not interested in trophies whatsoever….

  4. steve gill says:

    Why wont wenger freshen the squad cant he see their knackered ..

    .theo injured
    ramsey injured ..
    . flamini on a 3match ban

    plus we have 1 striker…isn’t it obvious were short of midfield plus 2 strikers short.

  5. steve gill says:

    Wenger said there were no players out there…. well one striker was telling the media how much he liked Arsenal an wanted to come and has scored about 19 goals already compared to girouds …10
    (that’s a guess cause I cant remember the last time he scored but I know its not more than Jackson Martinez )

  6. wam says:

    He’s quality, we should turn down any offer. Big surprise they want to keep him, they will be in his ear trying to get him to stay – wait till Arsene tells him he’s in the Arsenal first team squad next season.

  7. Eric says:

    Remember Campbell is going to play against England in the World Cup, is a good time to see if he can stay in Arsenal and play for the first time or sell him for a good price.

  8. Radge says:

    Prefer the look of Sanogo. Campbell has been been kicking around for ages, hasnt been able to play due to work permit situations but still with Giroud as a very competant No2, Sanogo (who looks very Lukaku/Henry blend)and another more dynamic, mature CF surely to come in this summer…Campbell hasnt a chance in hell at getting a start.

  9. Mark says:

    I hope that we don’t sell Campbell. I think that he is a really promising striker and we should bring him back next season and give him a decent amount of game time to see how he fares.

  10. steve gill says:

    Campbell dribbles and is dynamic
    wenger doesn’t want dribblers just passers…Arsenal are really predictable!!!!

  11. steve gill says:

    Fagin Arsene Wenger has a 100 year business plan to win a trophy … by that time we won’t have any fans left …. when he had the opportunity to win this premiership he completely blew it by not freshening up the team in January…..

    with the great Woolcott injured and us already short in midfield and up front….. cause sanogo isn’t ready and he doesn’t play Pod …. Ramsey out etc….. Flamini ….red carded… and please get rid of Monreal….

    can anyone tell me why he wont build this team properly ?

    Every single premiership fan / watcher /pundit and his dog knows and knew our squad was short …. Wenger keeps buying youngsters who are not ready …we need four solid proven players to add depth up front ,midfield and defence …we have no wingers …we have no one to tear apart any defence …we should’ve brought in Abdul Rahman ..
    a skillful unpredictable player

    ….our game is so predictable….pass pass pass pass it must be a perfect pass …pass till the other team gets tired …pass don’t shoot … pass don’t shoot unless you are two yards out …pass ….pass etc…

    He stagnates this team …with his stubbornness his transfer blindness….his scouting network … ineptitude….

    his tactics Ox could probably tear apart most teams ….take more shots ..but he plays him with the handbrake on ….like Mancini did with City and Moyes did with Everton …

    ….We need someone in the manager’s job to want to win

    not just to make money for the club …..

    because in reality if we win things

    we will make money for the club

    and definitely attract the best players to the Emirates speculate to accumulate
    …the fans want glory not pass you to death ……..its midfield.. buys always …..and there is no balance in the side no Patrick Viera / ya ya / to drive us forward not sideways or two steps back…..

    We need a manager who isn’t scared ……someone who is bold ….not in the boardroom on the pitch and the transfer market …….you can only truly build the brand buy winning things..

  12. steve gill says:

    Look at how some teams nurture there players but let them paly without the handbrake on … Barkley and Raheem Sterling our young players are good but there is always the feeling they can do much more ala Woolcott / Ox / and now the talented Gnabry … I want to see these players destroy teams … I think although Wenger is a phenomenal coach … these I want to see these guys explode on the pitch .. Im sure they can …look at Ox against Brazil in the Maracana!!!

  13. […] champions Olympiakos have already opened premilinary negotiations with Arsenal over the permanent signing of Campbell and the player himself […]

  14. steve gill says:

    After me bigging up Campbell what happened ?

    Let me put it this way ……
    Arsenal have played United twice this year
    how many times did they score against them
    a big Zero ……

    here comes

    lowly loaned out Joel Campbell
    and he scores a quality goal and puts in a solid performance
    in a European Champions League match,

    O but he’s on loan
    so are we gonna bring him back now his work permit issues are seemingly over

    it remains to be seen ……..
    and oh yes why did Olympiacos beat United

    cause they ran them ragged ….
    pressing quickly and relentlessly

    playing attacking football dribbling and passing

    doing the unpredictable

    not over passing, not giving defences time to organise ……………..

    but why do they need time because everyone knows Arsenal have to pass forty times before they even think about shooting.

    Football is about possession
    but it is more about cutting edge , penetration
    and what you actually do with the ball when you have it as well as when you don’t.

    Arsenal had a real chance this year
    Wenger and the squad did really well
    but strategic failings in the January window
    and tactical decisions on the pitch have
    given us familiar self inflicted body blows as in 8 previous
    seasons .

    A couple of savvy moves in the market would have done the great Arsenal squad / brand a power of good
    but alas it was not to be
    the word
    ambition springs to mind …..

    it remains to be seen what
    happens at the end of the season
    but it has been a roller coaster this year
    and I’m sure its set to continue.

  15. steve gill says:

    Three players Arsenal should bring to the Emirates
    Of course Joel Campbell , Jackson Martinez in the forward line
    an Hernannes in midfield or one of the Chileans that tore England apart.

    Arsenals football model ( playing style and tactics ) needs freshening up .

    Goal keeper is great when he is focused but we could probably do better back four is great but Monreal should maybe go left mid field ,or just go. Gibbs is much better but unfortunately a lot of injury sometimes keeps him out .

    Midfield is pretty good but not quite disciplined or robust enough and not as savvy as the Latino midfields but we still have an array of v good midfielders . So defence and midfield is pretty good 7 or an 8 .

    But the frontline strike force is particularly weak without Theo

    just imagine Joel Campbell on the left Martinez through the middle (centre forward ) and Theo on the right

    Hernanes or Ozil behind the front three
    our attack would be more lethal like Liverpools’ or Man City’s.
    Dynamic fast and very skilful and tricky .

    Campbell Martinez and Theo play with skill speed and exuberance that’s what we need at Arsenal.
    That would give us the opportunity to win the prem but we should have had those players now not next year or the year after.

    Every year we don’t strengthen while other teams do and either go past us like were not there or we just don’t compete for anything realistically not sure were gonna do that anytime soon , I think this could be Wenger’s last year if we don’t win the premiership. Arsenal are just ticking over maintaining what we have to stretching out for silverware.

    Stop trying to score the perfect goal and just score goals attempt to score goals and get those players to shoot not pass a thousand times.

  16. steve gill says:

    Joel Campbell scores another quality goal at international level , he plays with no fear close control and crucially scores goals. More excellent work by Campbell ,lets hope Arsenal bring him back so a top European club doesn’t snap him up in the Summer.

  17. steve gill says:

    It looks like finally Joel Campbell maybe on his way back to Arsenal …… take this with a pinch of salt as things can change …but having Campbell on the left Giroud Martinez or Remy through the middle and Theo on the right would be quite a lethal strike force lets hope Wenger gets it right for next season as the top 5 will all be looking to strengthen their teams big time next year …..we need to keep Sagna though he has been a very good and loyal player over the past seven years ……Come on Arsenal
    Oh yes, I’m hoping we can end this season with a flourish and lift the FA cup as it seems like it may be our only hope of silverware this season…… although I think the prem still has a few twists to come however we have all but thrown that away now we could’ve done the double this year if we didn’t have such a weak transfer window when we should’ve strengthened

  18. steve gill says:

    Another match day …another terrible loss! Arsenal are predictable not tactical. Back in the day our players were different and had a distinctly different outcome …..Let’s explore this a little… Cazorla although good , Wilshire although a good player … Rosicky although a tidy player ,I’m excluding(Chamberlain Ramsey) Arteta , Flamini they pass .. Pass pass, pass, pass……. I’m falling asleep with the passing sideways round and round triangles …our
    midfielders were very different much more direct Lundberg Overmars Pires Viera, Petit , Parlour ,Wiltord etc they all used to score that’s different about our midfield scoring is what footballs about….
    ( and defending of course I’ll talk about our lack of defending another time don’t get me started)….

    I can’t forget how many goals Freddie Lundberg popped up to save the day….. that determination our midfield had they use to score goals not pass pass pass pass and sometimes try to create … don’t get me wrong don’t get it twisted …I love the passing game …
    .but I like winning more and I do like to mix it up with dribbling past players …. long ball…possession football … aggressiveness …versatility that’s what Arsenal don’t have ..Muhammad Ali did that’s why he was known as the greatest !!
    Arsenal are not versatile…..
    they have become a one dimensional predictable team I used to love Arsenal’s will to win not wanting to lose ..that fight was the Invincibles Henry, Berkamp, Viera, Keown, Parlour, Adams fighters winners leaders and other Arsenal sides ….of that Wenger era …what happened ….( oh yes the Barcelona lite project that has become the death of the real Arsenal I love skill but not one skill , numerous and I like to round off skill with a good balance of steel grit determination experience ,youth, exuberance flair shooting and tackling ….Arsenal don’t tackle and they rarely shoot they tap the ball in from five yards … Modern football is good but I love shooting I love dribbling and most of all I love winning there is no balance in the team no strikers and crucially no left winger and no proper defensive midfielder … If I can see these gaps in the balance of the team definitely so can top premiership managers.

    Nowadays most premiership teams out fight us, out pass us,
    crucially outscore us
    and even the lowly ones OUTSPEND us …..
    …………………………………………………………….. methinks it’s time for an oil change.
    Oh yes this game against Everton wasn’t lost in the Jan transfer window it was lost in the summer transfer window ..as Wenger doesn’t even try to buy in the Jan window …what has Wenger done …let me put it into bite size for you …..
    he built up the Arsenal into a phenomenal team in the 90’s
    developed the ‘ Invincibles’
    then his most ambitious biggest project the Emirates he reigned over a great teams mostly developed a tremendous style of football but stopped building the team …

    then destroyed the team and has destroyed his reputation as a top manager
    … even if we win the FA CUP
    we need a new energetic manager
    one who has the cunning, the tactical versatility and crucially will to win
    almost at any cost …that is not A Wenger time for an oil change …..


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